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  • Graduated Response by Industry Compact: Piercing the Black Box

    LaFrance, Mary (Scholarly Commons @ UNLV Law, 2012-01-01)
  • ABC v. Aereo and the Humble Judge

    Stern, James Y. (William & Mary Law School Scholarship Repository, 2015-01-01)
  • The Multiplicity of Copyright Laws on the Internet

    Trimble, Marketa (FLASH: The Fordham Law Archive of Scholarship and History, 2015-01-13)
    From the early days of the Internet, commentators have warned that it would be impossible for those who act on the Internet (“Internet actors”) to comply with the copyright laws of all Internet-connected countries if the national copyright laws of all those countries were to apply simultaneously to Internet activity. A multiplicity of applicable copyright laws seems plausible at least when the Internet activity is ubiquitous — i.e., unrestricted by geoblocking or by other means — given the territoriality principle that governs international copyright law and the choice-of-law rules that countries typically use for copyright infringements. This Article posits that the multiplicity of applicable national copyright laws on the Internet is not as significant a problem for law-abiding Internet actors as some commentators fear. What makes the multiplicity workable for Internet actors are the realities — or inefficiencies — of cross-border copyright enforcement that de facto limit the number of potentially applicable national copyright laws. This Article reviews the solutions that have been proposed to address the multiplicity problem and examines the objections to the proposals that have already been or could be raised. The Article then analyzes the current realities of copyright enforcement on the Internet and contrasts the realities with the anticipated workings of the proposed solutions.
  • Fair dealing: We’ve got it, let’s use it

    Mark A. McCutcheon (Open Library of Humanities, 2016-02-01)
    This review of Rosemary Coombe et al's edited collection 'Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian culture online' (University of Toronto Press, 2014) sketches the global and Canadian copyright contexts that make this book so timely and important for Canadian academics, and critically assesses the book's contributions, noting highlights among individual chapters and arguments common to the whole. The review queries in particular a curious contradiction between the book's stated commitment to improving digital, public access to knowledge and its form as a paperbound volume with no digital Open Access edition beyond a handful of individual chapters made available by individual contributors.   Cette critique de la collection publiée 'Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian culture online' (Presses de l'université de Toronto, 2014) de Rosemary Coombe et al est une ébauche des contextes internationaux et canadiens de la propriété intellectuelle, qui font que cet ouvrage est très à propos et important pour les universitaires au Canada, et évalue de façon critique les contributions au volume, en soulignant des points marquants parmi les chapitres et les arguments individuels et communs à son ensemble. La critique s'interroge en particulier sur une curieuse contradiction entre l'énoncé d'engagement qui vise à améliorer l'accès numérique du public aux connaissances et la forme elle-même de l'ouvrage comme volume version papier sans édition d'accès ouvert numérique, outre quelques chapitres individuels mis à la disposition du public par des collaborateurs individuels.
  • Introduction to Part Two of 'New Fronts in the Copyfight'

    Mark A. McCutcheon (Open Library of Humanities, 2016-02-01)
    This article introduces the second part of 'New fronts in the copyfight: Multidisciplinary directions in critical copyright studies' (the first part of which appeared in 'DSCN' Vol. 4 [2014]). The article surveys recent and ongoing developments of note in the global intellectual property regime, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and relates these to the articles included in this second instalment of this series: "It's creativity, Jim, but not as we know it" by Carolyn Guertin; "Transproperty" by Daniel Downes; and the guest editor's review of Rosemary Coombe et al's collection 'Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian culture online'.   Cet article présente la deuxième partie de 'New fronts in the copyfight: Multidisciplinary directions in critical copyright studies' (dont la première partie a paru dans 'DSCN' Vol. 4 [2014]). L'article enquête sur l'évolution récente et les développements actuels qu'il convient de remarquer au sein du régime mondial de la propriété intellectuelle, comme le partenariat transpacifique, et les rattache aux articles inclus dans la deuxième tranche de cette série : « It's creativity, Jim, but not as we know it » de Carolyn Guertin; « Transproperty » de Daniel Downes; et la critique de l'éditeur invité de la collection 'Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian culture online de Rosemary Coombe et al'.

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