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  • Los efectos de las redes ciudadanas en la campaña electoral del 9-M

    Franco-Álvarez, Guillermina; García Martul, David (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018-01-03)
    La campaña electoral del 9-M en España ha propiciado desde los medios digitales y audiovisuales un espacio de convergencia tecnológica orientada a potenciar la difusión de los mensajes electoralistas y a crear un espacio nuevo de promoción desde las nuevas plataformas emergentes, las redes ciudadanas. He aquí que la materia de nuestra investigación se centre en los efectos y herramientas que son utilizados por los partidos políticos con mayor representación parlamentaria. Para ello, repasamos alguna de las tecnologías empleadas durante esta campaña y su repercusión en el espacio digital. Así pues, proporcionaremos una metodología centrada en la observación del uso que se ha hecho de estas tecnologías durante la última campaña electoral. La metodología empleada ha sido el análisis cualitativo extraído de las entrevistas y los informes obtenidos de los distintos gabinetes de comunicación y los representantes implicados en la campaña institucional del PP (Partido Popular) y el PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español).
  • COVID-19 and Digital Financial Inclusion in Africa : How to Leverage Digital Technologies During the Pandemic

    Machasio, Immaculate Nafula (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2020-10-16)
    The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and
 resulting containment measures are likely to cause an
 economic contraction of about 2.8 percent in Sub-Saharan
 Africa (SSA) in 2020 according to the Global Economic
 Prospects. Among the many adverse effects in the global
 economy, the crisis is posing a deep threat to financial
 inclusion efforts globally. Lockdowns and curfews designed
 to curb the spread of the virus resulted in the closure of
 bank branches and halted operations of mobile money agents
 in compliance with restrictions. Government officials and
 health practitioners encouraged use of cashless and
 contactless modes of payment to reduce the risk of virus
 spread through handling of cash, thus creating new
 opportunities for potential adoption of Digital Financial
 Services (DFS). Small firms and low-income households can
 directly benefit from digital solutions such as mobile money
 services, online banking and other financial technology
 innovations. Recent evidence suggests that digital financial
 inclusion could significantly contribute to economic growth,
 reduce poverty and narrow income inequalities without
 necessarily causing adverse effects on financial stability
 given the appropriate regulatory framework. The brief
 focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on financial inclusion and
 the potential of robust policy responses. The authors drew
 on the Global Findex database to showcase policy options
 that harness maximum benefits from digital technology,
 promoting financial inclusion and mitigating adverse impacts
 during the pandemic and beyond. The poor and vulnerable
 groups, such as women, the rural poor and youth, are bearing
 the economic brunt of the socioeconomic consequences of the
 pandemic. Day laborers and those in the informal sector are
 also among the most affected categories of workers.
  • Los efectos de las redes ciudadanas en la campaña electoral del 9-M

    Franco Alvarez, Guillermina; García Martul, David (Universidad de Sevilla: Grupo de Investigación en Estructura, Historia y Contenidos de la Comunicación, 2008)
    The election campaign of 9-M in Spain has led since digital media and audiovisual an area of convergence of technologies aimed at enhancing the dissemination of messages electioneering and create a new space advocacy electioneering from new platforms emerging civic networks. Behold the subject of our investigation focuses on the effects and tools that are used by political parties with greater parliamentary representation. To that end, we look at some of the technologies employed during this campaign and its impact on the digital space. Thus, we will provide a methodology focused on observing the use made of these technologies during the last election campaign. The methodology has been qualitative analysis drawn from interviews and reports from the various cabinets communication and representatives involved in the campaign�s institutional PP (Partido Popular) and the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers� Party).
  • Formar en el horizonte digital

    Collebechi, María Eugenia; Gobato, Federico; Scolari, Carlos; Nakache, Débora; Urresti, Marcelo; Zukerfeld, Mariano; Cantamutto, Lucía; Rivoir, Ana; Necuzzi, Constanza; Mena, Marta (Secretaría de Educación Virtual, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, 2017)
    Collebechi, M. E., Gobato, F. (Comp.) (2017). Formación en el horizonte digital. Bernal, Argentina : Secretaría de Educación Virtual, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes.
  • Nepal Development Update, December 2019 : Envisioning a Future Data Ecosystem in Federal Nepal

    World Bank (World Bank, Kathmandu, 2019-12-12)
    Economic growth in Nepal remained
 robust, reaching 7.1 percent in FY2019. This is in contrast
 with past growth that averaged 4.1 percent a year between
 FY2007 and FY2016. The service sector accounted for 57
 percent of the growth, and the agriculture sector
 contributed an additional 24 percent. Higher remittance
 inflows and a surge in tourist arrivals translated into
 higher growth in retail trade, real estate, transport, and
 hotel and restaurant services. Good monsoons and increased
 commercialization coupled with improved availability of
 fertilizers, seeds, and irrigation facilities contributed to
 higher paddy, maize, and wheat production. Higher
 remittances also supported increased private consumption,
 while private investment expanded because of regular
 electricity supply and greater political and policy
 stability. However, public investment contracted as
 post-earthquake housing reconstruction slowed and national
 pride projects like Melamchi water supply and Upper
 Tamakoshi hydroelectric were further delayed. Net exports
 continued to underperform.

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