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  • Globalance : ethics handbook for a balanced world post-covid

    von Weizsäcker, Ernst Ulrich; Stückelberger, Christoph, 1951- (Globethics.net, 2020)
    Without ethics and trust, our societies are in deep trouble. Corona is a chance to reflect. Stückelberger gives us an overview with a lot of background information. The book helps us to be aware of risks, opportunities and our responsibility. It encourages to more international cooperation. Many thanks! (Doris Leuthard, Former Minister of Environment of the Government of Switzerland, twice its President, Member of the Kofi Annan Foundation). - When the global village is facing disintegration and globalisation is heading towards the cliff, how can the human heart and ethics return to the trust of the global family? Stuckelberger is a profound observer and theorist of global ethics. He ignites the torch of people’s conscience. This book is very enlightening to provide a reference direction. (Cui Wantian, Entrepreneur in e-health, Professor of Economics, China). - An inspiring read, providing thought-provoking opportunities for Africa to re-envision its cumulative position and continental role in the new ‘globalanced’ world order Post-Covid. (Divya Singh, Prof. Dr, Chief Academic Officer, Stadio Holdings, South Africa). - One of the foremost global authorities on ethics, Stueckelberger, presents extremely interesting and new perspectives. This book is very relevant for various stakeholders in the global ecosystem, especially with Covid challenges. (Pavan Duggal, Dr, International Cyber Law Expert, Advocate Supreme Court of India). - Very few books provoke to think and to get insight. This book Globalance does it! (Alex Ageev, Professor of Economic Strategies, Russia)
  • Post-corona world : balancing international cooperation and national sovereignty

    Stückelberger, Christoph, 1951- (MGIMO University, 2020)
  • El Origen y el fin del hombre como fundamentos de un Desarrollo Humano Integral

    Sánchez Rojas, Gustavo; Castro Castro, Pedro Orlando (Facultad de Teología Pontificia y Civil de Lima, 2017-05-23)
  • Remaking society from within: An investigation into contemporary Islamic activism in Nigeria

    AbdulGafar Olawale Fahm (Elsevier, 2020-07-01)
    The changing roles of Muslim organisations in the dynamics of public relations in Nigeria can be appraised in the light of the recognition of the growing importance of religious associations across the country and within the framework of discourse on society, religion, and activism. This study investigates the meaning and practice of Islamic activism in Nigeria and how it affects socio-religious and national development challenges in remaking Nigeria. Drawing empirical evidence from the activities of Muslim organisations in the country through a qualitative and quantitative approach, the findings revealed how a localised and socially embedded construct of Islamic activism practices seen among Muslim organisations in Nigeria affirms organisations’ responses to the socio-religious reality of the country as well as development.
  • Fake News From The Islamic Perspective

    Siti Suriani Othman; Fauziah Hassan; Safiyyah Ahmad Sabri; Liana Mat Nayan (Universitas Islam Bandung, 2020-07-01)
    This paper discusses about fake news from the Islamic perspective. Derived from previous scholarly discussions and Islamic manuscripts on fake news, this paper attempts to provide what Islam has to say about fake news. The discussion starts with scholarly literature about fake news to understand the concept of fake news, followed by the issue of fake news in news sourcing. More emphasis is given to online news due to the fact that fake news emerges abundantly and easily on online platforms than before. Besides that, the role of technology in reducing or/and increasing the threat of fake news in modern communication is also discussed. The final part of the paper discusses specifically on fake news from the Islamic perspective.