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  • Regulatory Imperatives for the Future of SADC’s “Digital Complexity Ecosystem”

    Abrahams, Lucienne (LINK Centre, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg, 2017-12-23)
    This article uses a “digital complexity ecosystem” framing to delineate the challenges
 facing regulation of the digital economy in the Southern African Development
 Community (SADC) region. The digital complexity ecosystem approach, grounded
 in the field of complexity science – and in particular the study of complex adaptive
 systems (CASs) – is used to illuminate the sources of uncertainty, unpredictability
 and discontinuity currently present in the SADC digital sphere. Drawing on
 examples from three regulatory areas, namely mobile financial services, Internet of
 Things (IoT) network and services markets, and e-health services, the article argues
 that SADC regulatory bodies will themselves need to adopt highly adaptive, nonlinear
 approaches if they are to successfully regulate activities in the digital ecosystem
 moving forward. Based on the findings, recommendations are made on SADC
 regional regulatory agendas and, at national levels, matters of concurrent jurisdiction.
  • Vybrané aspekty bezpečnosti informačních a komunikačních systémů

    Tupa Jiří, Doc. Ing. Ph.D.; Šimota Jan, Ing.; NOVÁK, Martin (Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, 2016-6-21)
    Předkládaná bakalářská práce je zaměřena na popis a vysvětlení vybraných aspektů informačních a komunikačních systémů v souvislosti s přijetím zákona o kybernetické bezpečnosti. Hlavním cílem práce je posouzení změn a dopadů v souvislosti s přijetím zákona o kybernetické bezpečnosti. Teoretická část popisuje principy fungování Internetu, kybernetickou bezpečnost a možnost obrany proti základním typům útoků a hrozeb na Internetu z pohledu uživatele a správce/administrátora. Praktický část popisuje pokus s veřejnou IPv4 adresou, který zkoumá četnost útoků, které jsou vedeny na zařízení připojená k Internetu.
  • Internet Governance amp Cyber Crimes In UAE

    Ayesha Al Neyadi; Alia Al Kaabi; Laila Al Kaabi; Mariam Al Ghufli; Maitha Al Shamsi; Dr. Muhammad Khan (IJSTR, 2015-08-01)
    Abstract Most people in UAE dont feel safe while they are use the Internet because most internet users have been a victim for cyber crime. Cyber crime threat rate has increased which has targeted on citizen privacy property and governments also the reputation problems. There are many criminal activities such as indecent acts Copyright issues Terrorist Acts State security and Contempt of religion. Cyber crimes due to several reasons such as they have lack of social intelligence they are being greedy and not being content also some of them have financial troubles these reasons usually exploited by criminals. Thus the decree will be a punishment or criminalizes formally on any person who using any kind of information technology and any others private life to blackmail or to threaten others online. In addition at the present time with the most detailed new cybercrime law that can be used to prove found guilty. As well the author discusses that the new cyber-crime law provides protection of personal information including banking information credit cards and electronic payment information.
  • Policing as a Service in the Cloud (Extended)

    University of Derby; Sheffiels Hallam University; Zargari, Shahrzad A.; Smith, Anthony (2014-10-22)
    Security and privacy are fundamental concerns in cloud computing both in terms of legal complications and user trust. Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm, aiming to provide reliable, customized, and guaranteed computing dynamic environment for end users. However, the existing security and privacy issues in the cloud still present a strong barrier for users to adopt cloud computing solutions. This paper investigates the security and privacy challenges in cloud computing in order to explore methods that improve the users’ trust in the adaptation of the cloud. Policing as a Service can be offered by the cloud providers with the intention of empowering users to monitor and guard their assets in the cloud. This service is beneficial both to the cloud providers and the users. However, at first, the cloud providers may only be able to offer basic auditing services due to undeveloped tools and applications. Similar to other services delivered in the cloud, users can purchase this service to gain some control over their data. The subservices of the proposed service can be Privacy as a Service and Forensics as a Service. These services give users a sense of transparency and control over their data in the cloud while better security and privacy safeguards are sought.
  • Использование информационно-коммуникационных технологий- главное условие модернизации информационной системы учета дорожно-транспортных аварий в Украине

    Парубин, К.; Parubin, K. O.; Парубін, К. О. (Legea si viata = Закон и Жизнь : междунар. науч.-практ. журн. – 2013. – № 11/4 (Noiembrie). – P. 137-141, 2020-10-26)
    Парубин К. Использование информационно-коммуникационных технологий- главное условие модернизации информационной системы учета дорожно-транспортных аварий в Украине / Константин Парубин // Legea si viata = Закон и Жизнь : междунар. науч.-практ. журн. – 2013. – № 11/4 (Noiembrie). – P. 137-141.

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