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  • L’impegno di papa Francesco per una fratellanza universale. Le novità del Documento di Abu Dhabi (4 febbraio 2019)

    Alberto Piola (Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, 2020-01-01)
    The Document on Human Brotherhood for World Peace and Common Coexistence, signed in Abu Dhabi on February 4, 2019 by Pope Francis and Ahmad Al-Tayyib, Great Iman of al-Azhar, is a development of the teaching of Vatican II and of the subsequent magisterium on fraternity which derives from the only Creator God. The article analyzes which idea of fraternity is proposed and which are the most underlined aspects; it also addresses the criticisms that on the Catholic side have been addressed to Pope Francis, especially on the way in which the Document presents religious pluralism. The Document is an important example of what the potential of interreligious dialogue is today and represents a common call to action to face various injustices in our world.
  • The opportunity (and legitimacy) of a new life. Food for thought dancing to the tune of «submission» by Michel Houellebecq

    Pacillo, V. (2016)
    The novel «Submission» can be read as the history of a conversion, the human path of a dissatisfied man who finds again ' through a conversion ' taste and hope in life and a dimension of equilibrium within the dynamics of existence. Reading the novel, the jurist can reflect on some issues concerning the relationship between the old and the new belonging of the converted faithful, the legitimacy of the proselytism and the validity of a purely formal act of conversion.
  • Dialog chrześcijańsko muzułmański w okresie pontyfikatu Jana Pawła II (lata 80.).

    Borkowska, Dominika
    Celem pracy jest próba przedstawienia historii dialogu Jana Pawła II pomiędzy islamem a chrześcijaństwem, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem lat 80. Osiągnięcia Papieża Polaka w tym zakresie miały ogromny wpływ na to, jak relacja między wyznawcami chrześcijaństwa i islamu wygląda obecnie. W rozdziale pierwszym skupiłam się na ewolucji nastawienia Kościoła katolickiego względem innych religii, w tym islamu. Wzięłam pod uwagę okres przed II Soborem Watykańskim, dokumenty soborowe, oraz dialogiczne inicjatywy Pawła VI. Drugi rozdział to ogólne podsumowanie działalności Jana Pawła II przed konklawe, oraz w trakcie dwóch pierwszych lat pontyfikatu. Rozdział ogólnie skupia się na „przygotowaniu” Jana Pawła II do dialogu. Natomiast w rozdziale III skupiłam się na latach 80. W tym czasie Papież odbył wiele pielgrzymek do krajów muzułmańskich, przemawiał do muzułmanów, np. w Casablance, czym trafiał w ich serca. Nawoływał do dialogu i miłości. Poddałam także analizie dokumenty Jana Pawła podejmujące kwestię dialogu międzyreligijnego.
  • Students' perceptions towards bullying in Mission Schools, Kuching, Sarawak / Audrey Letan

    Letan, Audrey (2017-07)
    The purpose of the study is to identify bullying behaviour among the students in mission schools in Kuching, Sarawak. The study attempts to identify the reason of bullying, the location of bullying, ways to discourage bullying, the prevalence of verbal and physical bullying and school safety issues based on the students' perceptions. The study adopted descriptive survey design. A total 235 students from four mission schools in Kuching city participated in this study. The information gathered is from Peer Relations Questionnaire - PRQ and The Nature and Prevalence of Bullying in Schools Questionnaire. The alpha Cronbach for the instrument are .788. Results shown that bullying was perceived differently by the students in respective schools. Students reported that the overall rate of the bullying prevalence were at moderate level. There is no significant difference on the prevalence of bullying between male and female students but there is a significant difference on the prevalence between verbal bullying and physical bullying. According the results, the students perceived that they are capable to response to the bullying behaviour and that the students agreed that both teachers and students must cooperate to stop bullying in schools. The result also indicated that the students perceived bullying is the most serious issue in school.
  • The Atheist's Bible: Diderot's 'Éléments de physiologie'

    Caroline Warman (Open Book Publishers, 2020)
    ‘Love is harder to explain than hunger, for a piece of fruit does not feel the desire to be eaten’: Denis Diderot’s Éléments de physiologie presents a world in flux, turning on the relationship between man, matter and mind. In this late work, Diderot delves playfully into the relationship between bodily sensation, emotion and perception, and asks his readers what it means to be human in the absence of a soul.The Atheist’s Bible challenges prevailing scholarly views on Diderot’s Éléments, asserting its contemporary philosophical importance, and prompting its readers to inspect more closely this little-known and little-studied work. In this timely volume, Warman establishes the place of Diderot’s Éléments in the trajectory of materialist theories of nature and the mind stretching back to Epicurus and Lucretius, and explores the fascinating reasons behind scholarly neglect of this seminal work. In turn, Warman outlines the hitherto unacknowledged dissemination and reception of Diderot’s Éléments, demonstrating how Diderot’s Éléments was circulated in manuscript-form as early as the 1790s, thus showing how the text came to influence the next generations of materialist thinkers.This book is accompanied by a digital edition of Jacques-André Naigeon’s Mémoires historiques et philosophiques sur la vie et les ouvrages de Denis Diderot (1823), a work which, Warman argues, represents the first publication of Diderot’s Éléments, long before its official publication date of 1875.The Atheist’s Bible constitutes a major contribution to the field of Diderot studies, and will be of further interest to scholars and students of materialist natural philosophy in the Age of Enlightenment and beyond.

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