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  • ASEAN’s centrality in managing conflict of claims in the South China Sea

    Madu, Ludiro; Sugiarto, Teguh; Suriansha, Reza; Sugiyanto (Dialogo / Research Center on the Dialogue between Science & Theology (Romania), 2017)
    ASEAN’s centrality has been the most strategic position for managing potential conflicts and building regional security order in the South China Sea. ASEAN’s centrality is of importance for managing regional major powers, such as the United States and China, in building regional security architecture. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea have escalated tensions and possible military confrontation between rival claimant states, particularly between China and Vietnam, and China and the Philippines. Other ASEAN’s member states involved in the dispute are Brunei and Malaysia. This paper seeks to analyze how ASEAN has sought to manage its relationship towards the US and China as a strategic path in resolving the South China Sea dispute. This paper proposes soft balancing strategy which involves various efforts of persuading the US to act as counterweights to China’s influence in the region. This soft balancing strategy is appropriate with several issues that ASEAN should deal with managing potential conflicts in South China Sea.
  • Some of the bases of the perception of the meaning between the Arab Islamic heritage and the modern semantic theory

    Alshamary, Ghassan Ibrahim Mohammad (Dialogo / Research Center on the Dialogue between Science & Theology, 2018)
    The research compares our Arabic linguistic heritage with the modern semantic theory today on three major issues: 1) the issue of meaning structure, is it a composite entity composed of elements or a simple entity; and 2) the issue of assignment, does the term refer to an external entity independent of the speaker or an internal entity of his or her perception; and (3) the issue of perceiving the meaning, or the qualities in which the meanings and role that different mental abilities can play in this realization. The research suggests that the answers given by our ancestors agree, in their broad outlines and in terms of general principles, the answers presented by the most prominent contemporary semantic theories.
  • “Heart” novel of Edmondo De Amicis in the Albanian language

    Sulaj, Manjola; Polo, Olieta (Dialogo / Research Center on the Dialogue between Science & Theology, 2018)

    Dilla, Minggus (Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Arastamar Bengkulu, 2014-10-31)
    A disciplined life is the hope of many people. But often humans fail to do it. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the important axis in human life. Namely how the spirituality. With a basis that spiritual discipline will produce disciplined people. Therefore through this article the Bible will contribute to a spiritually disciplined attitude to life.

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