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  • A hierarchical context dissemination framework for managing federated clouds

    Famaey, Jeroen; Latré, Steven; Strassner, John; De Turck, Filip (2011)
    The growing popularity of the Internet has caused the size and complexity of communications and computing systems to greatly increase in recent years. To alleviate this increased management complexity, novel autonomic management architectures have emerged, in which many automated components manage the network's resources in a distributed fashion. However, in order to achieve effective collaboration between these management components, they need to be able to efficiently exchange information in a timely fashion. In this article, we propose a context dissemination framework that addresses this problem. To achieve scalability, the management components are structured in a hierarchy. The framework facilitates the aggregation and translation of information as it is propagated through the hierarchy. Additionally, by way of semantics, context is filtered based on meaning and is disseminated intelligently according to dynamically changing context requirements. This significantly reduces the exchange of superfluous context and thus further increases scalability. The large size of modern federated cloud computing infrastructures, makes the presented context dissemination framework ideally suited to improve their management efficiency and scalability. The specific context requirements for the management of a cloud data center are identified, and our context dissemination approach is applied to it. Additionally, an extensive evaluation of the framework in a large-scale cloud data center scenario was performed in order to characterize the benefits of our approach, in terms of scalability and reasoning time.
  • Securing E-Mail System of Web Data Base Using Cloud Computing

    The Pennsylvania State University CiteSeerX Archives (2013-01-17)
    Abstract:- Web data base security is more than keeping unauthorized users out of your network and viruses off your desktops. It’s not just about encrypting data or blocking spam, monitoring compliance, ensuring privacy or protecting company resources, important as all of those are. If you take the wider view, security means ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business information in side any web database. While line-of-business applications and back-end databases are crucial, more and more of that business information is in email on desktops and laptops, which makes it both convenient and vulnerable. It doesn’t matter where in the value or supply chain you are, you’re relying on email for all manner of vital communications.
  • Governing Bot-as-a-Service in Sustainability Platforms – Issues and Approaches ✩

    The Pennsylvania State University CiteSeerX Archives; Hong-linh Truong A; Phu H. Phung B; Schahram Dustdar A (2013-01-17)
    The emerging cloud computing models for Internet-of-Things have fostered the development of lightweight applications using cloud services for monitoring and optimizing devices and equipment hosted in distributed facilities. Such applications – called bots in our work – can be composed and deployed with multiple types of governance policies from cloud platforms to distributed hosting environments and they can access not only local data and devices but also cloud data and features. Therefore, it is a great challenge to govern them. In this paper, we discuss governance issues and state-of-the-art on supporting the emerging Bot-as-a-Service in sustainability governance platforms. Based on that we outline our approaches to policy development and enforcement for the Bot-as-a-Service model.
  • Secure Data Retrieval based on Attribute-based Encryption in Cloud

    The Pennsylvania State University CiteSeerX Archives; Chaudhari Swapnil H; Mandre B. R (2016-08-14)
    Cloud computing plays important role in the development of IT industry. It can help a small organization to headway their business. An organization can progress from small scale industry to large scale industry. “Cloud ” basically internet based data, network, resource storage. Meanwhile security, integrity, confidentiality requirement need must be achieve by cloud implementation. Attribute based encryption policy provides efficient encryption of data. Hierarchical implementation implies that an organization able to assign different privileges to users according to their role, using a top to bottom approach. Cloudsim has made virtual environment of cloud for developers. It connects to virtual resources according to user requirement of network resources. This paper describes the implementation of Hierarchical attribute base encryption scheme on cloudsim tool. Implementing attribute based encryption where rijndael algorithm used to encrypt data. Also paper include efficiency of encryption and decryption scheme used in implementation
  • Decentralized Access

    The Pennsylvania State University CiteSeerX Archives (2016-08-14)
    cloud computing administration with

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