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dc.description.abstractYearbook, Providencian
dc.description.abstractEditor: Barbara Leinweber Assistant Editor: Linda Steel Photography: Courtesy of Mr. Don Breck 1 _________________ eciiccitiiiion We dedicate our Annual, The Providencian of 1963, to the Maryknoll Missionaries, our models in fulfilling Christs Command, "Go teach all nations!" fopewoRi) When Our Lord said, "Go, teach all nations, " he was speaking not only to the Apostles, but to all of us. We are, therefore, obliged to follow this command. Many of us will not become over­seas missionaries. However, by living rich Christian lives, we can spread the teaching of Christ in our own special way. O u r SISTER DOLOROSA Superior and Principal SISTER HELEN ANN Librarian and Vice Principal SISTER DENIS MARIE Music Department SISTER IMELDA Mathematic s SISTER ELIZABETH MARY Home Economics and Science facuLty i SISTER MARY MARGARET Senior Advisor MISS HEATH Junior Advisor SISTER MARIANETTA Sophomore Advisor MRS. McRAE Physical Education and Math 5 MOST REVEREND THOMAS A. CONNOLLY Archbishop of Seattle MOST REVEREND THOMAS E. GILL, D. D. Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle REVEREND ROBERT DILLON Pastor of St. James Parish REVEREND EARL LA BERGE Assistant Pastor of St. James Parish REVEREND THEODORE SONDERGELD Assistant Pastor of St. Joseph Parish OUR CleRqy REVEREND THOMAS PITSCH Pastor of St. Joseph Parish REVEREND JAMES DEADY Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish REVEREND WILLIAM SIFFERLE Assistant Pastor or Our Lady of Lourdes Parish 7 BETTY FRITZ Student Body Vice Pres. 4 Sodality 2 NHS 2, 3, 4 NHS Pres. 4 IRC 4 Annual 2, 4 Annual Art Ed. 4 Bowling 4 CCD 2 French Club Pres. 3 Fine Arts Club 4 Valedictorian 4 ERLENE GEISLER Credo Choir 1, 4 IRC 3,4 IRC Pres. 4 Junior-Senior Prom Princess 3 Choral 1 CCD 2 French Club Vice Pres. 3 Fine Arts Club 4 PAM HENRY Treasurer 2, 4 Sodality 3 IRC Treasurer 3 Annual 1,4 Annual Business Ed. 4 Junior-Senior Prom Princess 4 French Club 3 ORS Loo-Et 3, 4 Credo Choir 4 IRC 4 Choral 1, 3 Medea 2 Annual 3, 4 Annual Ed. 4 Bowling 3, 4 CCD 2 French Club 2 Fine Arts 4 BARBARA LEINWEBER JUDY KIDWELL Treasurer 1 Vice Pres. 3 Student Body Sgt. at Arms 2 Student Body Pres. 4 NHS 2, 3 NHS Vice Pres. 2 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 Auntie Mame 1 Annual 2, 3 Annual Assistant Ed. 3 Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4 Sodality Unit Leader 3 All-State Chorus 3 Trap Council 3 Salutatorian 4 JUDY JORDAN Pres. 3,4 Junior-Senior Prom Princess 4 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual 3 Ensemble 2, 3 Homecoming Princess 3 LISETTE JUAREZ Exchange Student from Guatemala Sergeant at Arms 4 IRC Treasurer 4 May Crowning Rep. 4 Fine Arts Club 4 m a x in e McP h e r s o n Treasurer 3 Loo-Et 2, 3, 4 Loo-Et Sec. 3 Loo-Et Pres. 4 Nursing 4 Choral 1 Spanish Club 3 May Crowning Rep. 3 class of FLORENCE QUITUGUA Transferred from St. Mary of the Valley, Beaverton, Ore. 4 Sodality 4 IRC Sec. 4 Sodality Unit Leader 4 KATHY SMITH Sodality 1, 2 Choral 1, 2, 3 Annual 2 12 1963 Exchange Student from Germany Credo Choir 4 IRC Vice Pres. 4 Recorder 4 Homecoming Queen 4 Fine Arts Club 4 ANGIE ZYBURA CHARLOTTE WIEBER Sodality 1 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1 JANE WASTRADOWSKI Treasurer 1 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 Sodality Sgt. at Arms 2 Sodality Secretary 3 Sodality Prefect 4 Loo-Et 2, 3, 4 Debate 1 Junior-Senior Prom Princess 3 Nursing 3, 4 Choral 1 Recorder 3, 4 Bowling 4 Girls' State Alternate 3 CCD 2,3,4 French Club 3 May Crowning Court 2, 3, 4 Fine Arts 4 BETTY TERNES President 1 Sergeant at Arms 3 Sodality 1, 2 Choral 1, 3, 4 Spanish 3 13 r> t c SENIOR FAREWELL SONG We have to leave you now; we must go our way There's no turning back now in these last few days. Hail our alma mater, hail those we hold dear. Long will we remember the fun we've had here. We'll miss all our friends now, you'll always be near. This is our commencement to our future life, We'll go separate ways now ne'er to meet again. Hail our alma mater, hail those we hold dear. Long will we remember the fun we've had here. We'll miss all our friends now, you'll always be near. 15 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS ClASS Jeanne Baron Kathy Brennan Peggy Crosby Bonnie Gilbert Mary Lou Betzing Joyce Burris Jeni Cullinan Geni Kemper Joanna Boemer Kathy Byrne Cathy Dearey Linda Klein Martha Bradley Phyllis Carbajal Joyce Farrah Mary Kay LaRose of '64 Mary Lobdell Margo Myles Lynn Peterson Laura Soden Kathy Mahn Connie Nicotra Mary Radspinner Linda Steel Kathy Martin Jackie Onslow Susan Schwartz Barbara Westby Judy Mattice Cathy Paradis Ruth Shinnick Sue Zutz 17 ClASS Janice Bonneau Teresa French Patrice Keller Mary Boyle Lucy Herdner Shirley Klein Rosemarie Lutz Jeanette Burkhard Kathy Hudert Laura Lacey Linda Margicin Janet Curtin Barbara Jamtgaard Mary Lee Clarice Mattes 18 PHOTO No I Av a i la b le Helen McCann Mary Margaret Mary Shields Kathie West Marlene McPherson Mary Shinnick Judy Stone Connie Swafford Francine Mortek Valerie Rambousek Pat Smith Cherie Lingo Carol Newman Linda Reynolds Sherrie Sorger 19 CLASS Of ’66 Brigid Byrne Cecilia Carson Mary Ann Champagne Genevieve Conner Sharon Creegan Deborah DeGagne Susan DeGagne Helen Dunegan Susan Gilbert Catherine Gregg Betty Hutchison Christie Keith Terri Kidwell Coleen LaLonde Susanne Larson 20 Barbara Bourcier Kathy Boyer m M 4w r Kathleen Zoll Sandra Stein Ann Theer Sandra Washburn Terese Smith Carolyn Sommer Susan Stein Nancy Newman Mary Ann Padden Barbara Peters Kathy Poe Mary Ann Wynn Margo Kendall Dee Sharon Long Caroline McDowell Julie Neth Mary Prentice Paula Radspinner Stephanie Raquer Susan Shinnick g s CLASS Ofp c eu s P. Henry, L. Juarez, F. Quitugua, J. Jordan, E. Scully. . Shinnick, J. Curtin, M. McPherson, . Lee, P. Smith. M. Prentice, K. Boyer, M. Kendall, N. Newman, C. McDowell. S. Schwarz, L. Soden, B. Westby, M. LaRose, R. Shinnick. Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL, Back row: Sister Dolorosa, Judy Jordan, Marlene McPherson, Laura Soden, Kathy Boyer, Jane Wastradowski. Front row: Linda Klein, Carol Newman, Judy Kidwell, Betty Fritz, Lucy Herdener. Student Body OfpiceRS STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Carol Newman-Secretary, Linda Klein-Treasurer, Judy Kidwell-President, Lucy Herdener-Sgt. at Arms, Betty Fritz-Vice President. 25 L fpench CLUB Back row: Janet Curtin, Mary Boyle, Cecilia Carson, Kathy Boyer, Barbara Westby, Sue Zutz, Mary Kay La Rose. Third row: Linda Klein, Diane Long, Julie Neth, Sarah French, Connie Swafford, Cathy Deary, Mary Lobdell. Second row: Carol Newman, Nancy Newman, Mary Shields, Mary Shinnick, Geni Kemper, Susan Schwarz. Front row: Sue Gilbert, Sue Stein, Cathy Paradis, Advisor-Sister Marianetta. Lucy Herdener, Francine Mortek, Stephanie Raquer, Mary Boyle, Helen McCann, Advisor- Sister John, Sue Gilbert. CteBate CLub s 27 PROBATIONERS, Back row: Cheryle Lingo, Pat Smith, Valerie Rambousek, Mary Lee, Teresa Smith, Susan DeGagne, Carolyn Sommer, Mary Prentice, Nancy Newman, Betty Hutchison. Front row: Mary Shields, Kathie West, Kathy Hudert, Susan Shinnick, Sue Gilbert. Sodality OFFICERS: Sister Mary Margaret-Moderator Geni Kemper-Vice Prefect Jackie Onslow-Treasurer Mary Boyle-Secretary Jane Wastradowski-Prefect Mary Margaret-Sgt. at Arms 28 UNIT I: Geni Kemper Jackie Onslow Laurie Soden Martha Bradely Janet Curtian Jane Wastradowski UNIT III: Mary Margaret Pentz Mary Boyle Helen McCann Barbara Westby Bonnie Gilbert Connie Nicotra UNIT II: Carol Newman Mary Shinnick Judy Mattice Florence Quitugua Kathy Paradis Phyllis Carbajal OUR LADY OF LOURDES CREDO CHOIR SAINT JAMES CREDO CHOIR music PIANO & ORGAN STUDENTS: Joyce Farrah, Kathie West, Mary Boyle, Carol Newman, Margo Myles, Judy Mattice, Mary Fleming. RECORDER STUDENTS: Mary Prentice, Jane Wastradowski, Angie Zybura, Carolyn McDowell, Kathie West. SENIOR CHORAL d e p a r tm e n t ENSEMBLE: Joyce Farrah, Shirley Klein, Linda Klein, Jeni Cullinan, Judy Kidwell, Judy Stone, Janet Curtin, Carol Newman, Judy Mattice, Mary Boyle. DIRECTRESS t FRESHMAN CHORAL The Fine Arts Club was organized this year for the purpose of encour­aging and promoting a r t and music appreciation. It is composed of Juniors and Sen­iors who meet every Friday under the direction of Sister Denis Marie, the club moderator. Among its activities this year was a trip to the Portland Art Museum to view an exhibition of Indian and Persian Art. DIRECTRESS 33 The IRC participated in many activities throughout the year. Among these was an Exchange Student Day when foreign stu­dents visited our school and told us about their countries. The main attraction was r e ­freshments. Frank and Sister Dolorosa. 4 —efam ------ Latin ClUB putuue riuuses Left to right: Valerie Rambousek, Maxine McPherson, Jane Wastradowski, Mary Kay La Rose, Kathy Hudert, Susan Schwarz, Phyllis Carbajal, Mary Lee, Connie Swafford, Pat Smith, Kathie West, Helen McCann. Seated: Ruth Shinnick, President. JouRnalism Susan DeGagne, Sarah French, Kathy Martin, Laura Soden, Lynn Peterson, Mary Kay La Rose, Advisor-Miss Heath, Cathy Paradis, Barbara Westby. 35 ANNUAL STAFF: Miss Heath-Advisor, Barbara Leinweber, Betty Fritz, Pam Henry, Mary Lou Betzing, Eileen Scully, Cathy Paradis, Kathy Mahn, Linda Steel, Kathie West, Mary M. Pentz. Annual Staff ANNUAL EXECUTIVE STAFF: Barbara Leinweber-Editor, Betty Fritz- Art Editor, Pam Henry-Business Editor, Cathy Paradis-Copy Editor, Mary Lou Betzing-Layout Editor, Linda Steel- Associate Editor. 36 Arbor da y The ceremonies, scheduled for May 1, were held May 3 due to the weather. As the Senior President, Judy Jordan, gives the shovel to the Junior President, Laura Soden, the traditional Arbor Day ceremonies are passed on to the Junior Class. FATHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET February 14, 1963 my heARt Belongs to Behind the scenes, Left to right: Sister Marianetta, Mrs. Boyle, Sister Mary Margaret, Mrs. Wastradowski, Sister John. Daddy always did dance well! HEAD TABLE: Left to right: Mary Lee, Judy Kidwell, Father Sifferle, Marlene McPherson, Sister Dolorosa, Judy Jordan, Janet Curtin. SophomoRe Seniop B a n q u e t SOPHOMORE ENSEMBLE: Left to right: Shirley Klein, Sherie Sorger, Janet Curtin, Carol Newman, Kathy West, Mary Boyle. SOPHOMORE-SENIOR BANQUET February 19, 1963 at Quay Restaurant On May 10, 1963 the Junior Class presented their sewing efforts to all the mothers and the student body at the annual Mother's Day Tea. motheRS’ da y t e a Chatter, Chatter!! Tea please. ma y CROwninq The annual May Crowning c e re ­monies took place on May 6, 1963 in the school chapel. Each girl placed a flower in a vase at the alter railing and Jane Wastradowski crowned the statue of the Blessed Virgin. class night Class Night—A night full of the past, present, and future with fun and laughter mixed in. BACcaUuReAte QRAdlUtlOn May 25, 1963 marked a turning point in the lives of the Seniors—it was Grad­uation. The Rev. Bishop Gill presided at the ceremony with a short reception following on the east lawn. Some were so happy they cried. S3 Jn Memoriam The Provideneian staff wishes to dedicate this page to Mary Bunting, who died of cancer on February 4, 1963. Many of us still remember how generously she donated her time to many of the activities of the school. A mem­ber of Credo Choir, she seldom missed a Sunday of singing. She was sgt. at arms of IRC and a member of the Sodality. Foremost in our minds, however, dwells Mary's cheerful acceptance of her illness. Despite her great suffering, she was always thoughtful of others, thinking of herself only second. Her message to us, which we will never forget was "Tell them to love God. " 54 TO THE STUDENT BODY: I would like to tell you a little bit about my family and the country I come from. My country is Guatemall and I live in the Capital City. It is also known as the "Land of Eternal Spring" for its delightful climate all year round. I hope one day some of you have the opportunity to visit it and I am sure you will like it very much. I only have two brothers. Edgar is nineteen years old, and Carlos is five years old. We live a very happy life. Naturally, Edgar and I fight sometimes, but we do care for each other. To show you that this is true in his le tte rs he says he misses me. Isn't that nice of him? (I miss him too.) My Mother is very s trict and rather impatient but really sweet when she is in a good mood. That is almost all the time. I just love her with all my heart. My Father is a colonel in the army and he is my Daddy! I put it that way because he is the one who is always telling my Mother not to give me too much work to do in the house. To me he is the best Daddy in the whole world. It isn 't just because of what I said before, but he is really wonderful. Now, the last one in the family, is my little brother. He is just like a little doll to me. I think he is really cute because sometimes he says that I am like a mother to him, and then the next day he says he would like to marry me when he grows up. It's really funny to have brothers like that, don't you think so? This is my family life, a really happy one. I didn't feel too bad about missing my home because my host family, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Geisler, Erlene, and Eddie are the nicest persons I've ever met in my life. They made me feel at home completely. I love them very much. I have so many things to thank them for that the only way I can think of is keeping them in my prayers. Now I would like to thank all the Sisters of Providence for their motherly love and for the care they took for me. I would like to express my appreciation especially to Sister Dolorosa, the Principal; to Sister Helen Ann, the Vice-Principal; to Sister Mary Margaret, my home-room teacher; and to Sister Marianetta who helped me with my English pronunciation. And now to finish this letter I would like to thank the whole Student Body because if it wouldn't have been for you, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to come to this won­derful school, "PROVIDENCE," and at the same time I wouldn't have met the nice girls that attend this school. Thank you very much and God bless you always! Lisette Juarez
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