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dc.description.abstractfgato0_&^wf^ WEDNESDAY, .IHNE II. 1WI7 LOCAL EVENTS. Mrs. I-'.. L. Campbell returned this week Iroiiii a visit at Pi.iiivi.le. T. M* Fuller it Co. expect loopen their new grocery store next week. \fiss Sallic Coward of Walsouvill,. is visiting the family of H. .1. higgle*. Found, near the Flood pond, live - keys,on a plain* ring: may Is- bail ul this oflieie. Stanford Remembertd, Thomas Wclton Stunford of Australia has turned over In Mrs 1 *_ Stun ford onchalf „f lho moa^.', ^ him by the lute Senuto,- Stanford. lUl. !"»«»«t"iii-ii-..i„,-,'iii,rarv him. i..galth,.|.*„iv<.riiUj, Hisalsiiknowi, Unit he |lllM lic<,,icathed the greater pai-w.f hl» property ,., th(. Univcrsitv, and as he is one of Uio wealthiest men in Australia, this bequest will largely to tin- re-sonm-sof th tion. when uvuilubl... There ,_,,. innlii-iiiilli,,,,,,!,,^ in that far country. Inn M,-. Stanford . fortun, i-*lilliute*ll „t one to two lnilli„„s ileillins. . ... - li i, add institu- Thesuit of Darlington vs. Kemii wus! nettled in Judge Wigle's court u few days ago, the judgment found for the plaintiff recently lieing satisfied. _ -The—Woman's t' ree-e-iveil siH-iully. .lime Hitb. at the home of Miss Brothers bn-Cowper street. The re- ivptioii will Is-from :i:.'Ui to ;*i o'cis-k. Three modern cottages for sale. A v.-ry small payment down and balance , brar j yel ib.-ieleil whether the II- uiiel iisM-mlHy liuildiiigs II lie- sturtiKl thi. year, .,r whether, the money s.*t aside- fi„- tli.-ii nstrui-tiein will lie held ff>r a tithe thut the interest mny l»* hn,.,| f,„. otlllil. m,,.twsarv _,-. is-llses. Vet it is qiliu ~|>r<iliitlil_. thill work nil these buildings will be lieaim ne*xt fall. MISCKL.LANKOU8. SPECIAL BARGAINS -_-=_____: Shirt Waists We have- placed on special sale our daintiest patterns of SHIRT WAISTS at prices below manufacturing. the cost of FERGUSON & CO. Th The Waler Works. • siuiiil pump at the water works em time will secure them. Rlll|lllre of-. was siarteil on Monday and .the tanks it S. Hutler. Mlddletli'ld Itoiiel, I'alo. were lllled. Wutcr*ls lieing —Altn. ' A next™ meeting of the Ladies' Guild will be held tomorrow aiterniiun. nt Miss Whittingt-in's on Bryant street. MciiiIh-i-s an* earnestly requested to he punctual at *iiit-__i»*-44H*k,.-*-^-. * The inquiry for hoiisi s lo rem. both fiirnishe-d and unfurnished, is greuicr tlian it , has e»ver before? la-en in I'alo Alio. Tiie year imi* will show, a re- uiarkabie lner--a-_i« in population. Mrs. XI. .1. Stewart bus l**e*n piini]»-il into the mains today, Tbe large pump is connected but sunn* delay has been caused by tin* uou-recelpt u( packing, 'Jin* e.lllciul test ol th,* system will prolj-1 ubly ls> iiiuilc tiiinori'iiw, the pipes 1*,-1 ing put under a pressure uf l.'Hi pounds to the sqtiure inch. It is Roped thut work on the house con licet terns mav la* I-_>I-*Y (JOODS -*rt "I I ..-_• I __. 1NKK Y i%^9 _£ htl KNl»HlNOH June Patterns Mow In —*. -•-- GENERAL NEWS. begun Miiiulny. A Successlul Trial. The Grand Parlor of Nailve Daughters e*e>iivi'iii'el at. .SouQl-H.yesl'i'.rduy. 1 luring a severe storm off t.hc eiiast of .rhinaSMI tlshormcn weredrowned. ALTO .■le e lOUS i The- aitempie .1 negotiations between , Messrs. I'arkitison and Merguire. ,,■„,,,. ant] T,„.i*eV are not making '"•a |wlin arc interested In preserving green i,„.„.|, ,„.,„„.,«« Tie.. Tuck, Supreme Ij.dy of Honorof the w,.,„„„*s.t,-,,i,.1,,,l,.|,,.,,ic acid gas. Iiuve made : '' branch .,f die A. o..f. VV.Shc is q nito : „ wi.awotfnl t ri^.l „f the method. wellknown in l'ulo Alto. Kerbushapd pluii-d :i quantitr of cherries in u box! Tin-suit for *i*i.(HHIdaiiiuges brought un .•ngfn.w- on the e-oast division.' and them tl... ..... i ,._, i a^-aiiust Dunham by the pulsate of .Minnie* Se-hcsslcr, whom be* inui-de*red, is U-ing trieil at Sail -lose. \V. I'. limy of XIoiilidville. ft", Va.. it i-eiiisin of .1. F. I'arkiiisein. at-i-iv.-el lie*t*e* :i fi'w elays ago and has ae--e-pie-el u jsisitiiiii as lHHikkee|M*r for the Parkin* sun bitmlter and Hardware* eompany. His-wife* will join him in July. A iii-gle.-Uel lamp in .Mrs. llstraiider's window eiime n»*ar causing a i*iuilhigrii- linn one night last week. Considerable damage was done to goeals displayed in the winelow. but it was diseovel-e-d ill time to prevcui serious riinsequi*iiccs. There has limn left at this utile*,* a "lllllliher iif copies of the Leliind Stall- lurd "In Mem.iriuui." issued by ttie citizens of I'alo Alto at the tittle of the Senator's death. It Is a neat kccpsiike iiml-iiny.oiii* desiring e'uu secure a ropy Ire*c. «... ■ 111*, Jordun was ill tOW.ll yesterday Utul itifot-meil IIS that he would leave- Seattle* for his Alaskan trip on July *tli. ^He. will-SRtteud to some business ma'tiers in Oregon before sjoing north. and will.apenii the intervening time in the inoiintuins. probably in the vicinity of'Colfax. - • Jhi.nul._ iorgel your pledges lo llie reading mom. Help is needed to keep it open through the summer. IX. has lieen well attended, and has ulTonh-d a pleasant, resort for many people during the winter and spring, and should not he allowed to fail nnwT A little aid will he gratefully received liy the ladies who nave the room in charge.' <>n .Monday morning a ynuii,. man named .Mills, living near Mctilri I'ark, While reiumlng from a camping trip at La Honda, was thrown from his horse upon a hurtled wire fence which tore an ugly lacerafe. wound, in his thigh. J)r,'price, who attended him, found it tie. ,*ssai-y Ui use seven si Itches ". dressing the injury."1 tie otherwise -*i-a)ied seriouti Imrt. areanx- feir further W&T. fhey pliu-e-el a quaiillty of cherries iu a box ami livate-el Ihe-iii with the* gas. Last night lliey opened the box after feiitr- jlee*n elays and fiuinei tin- idieri-ics in perfeii eeiuditioii. it is said that General Jaeiih Cox bus I . 'I Ikvii askeil tee take- the -Madrid mission. Change Ol Firm. iT)ie rresident will demand from Spain full reparation for Huiz' death. | The- giiiii'ry llrnt of Karle *X-Stiite-r ' • ihiis dissolviil purtiiei-sliip, Mr. Suiter! Governor Budd has named W. VV. j i-eiii-lng. The new tlrm will lie styled j Fi-ownrsucceed John Hoggs asa mem. I Karl.-.- C Hid will ceintitiuc tiie* bust- i1"''- "f ,1"-' Veiseiuite Valley commission. Mr. Kiirlc bus i S-Ues Wallace bus lieen appointed L»vb QAK m*ss at tin* same- plat' e-ltlploye-ll lis cle*l'ks Ccill'ge Illise. Hob- e-i-l Me-l'tllloiigh. I-".. A. Williams and I--. W. Ha ('. W. Speiuvi' of I'uln Alto und Miss Kniily fcvilll Scott were miirried on Tliursdiiy lusl ut the bottle nf the briili-'s parents, some distance' 'lieyond Saratoga, ill Stintn ('run county. XIr. Spe-lle-e>|- has bl'lltlglll l.i.- bride' to l'ulo Alto, whi'i-clhey Walluce .'iiui-dian of the has lieen valley. The Standard Biscuit Company's! buildings in Sun Ft-uneise-i were burtied | Sunduy. three lircmen lieing killed by a falling wall. On Monday the factory I of the Truckee Box Company was also ! I btirtliii: ... ■ • : vill lllllke-theirlleime. The de'iilh of Isaac HolTuiun, a San FralU'ise-o rtlerelulllt. is puzzling the ]Kilii-e*. it tun j" Iiuve Nicn suicide, but his IxMlkkeeper. Theo. Flgel, is Ucv. II. I.. McHallon willpreae-li■Iur|B(;l.,1iigly silsjiected of having'tired the the Christian church ill Nortree' Hull j faal-itl shot, next Sunday night at 8 o'clock. There will he no morning service. All are ciii-ilially invite-d. ll is re|Mirti*d that_ Warden Hull* may ,'clude to hang Ou'imiit on Friday o'r tins wce*k. It is lianlly prubalile that be* will Hike- sni'h a risk, however, in view of the legal feat tire's of the rase. Frank A. te-JeK of Oakland .hashcen nominiilisl to siteeeed John IJuggett as sii|K'iiniciidi'iit •>( the -Saji Francise.i mint. Miss Kleuuore AblHitt. who fs iu San Jose for the summer, has lieen quite ill the. post we*k with ii fever. F. King, the well-known San Jose is here today on legal busl- .1 attorney ness. Job weirk-ln dty styl Otthc'LlVKllAKiittli.' . ut city pilees.- < live ns ii cull. The Japune'se arc assuming a licl- lijterent attitude toward Hawaii liecuuse of the exclusion of some of their, euuntrymen from the islands. The t' States will probably not |icrmit any aggi-essive uertion. ' - *, - - A gang of e'eiiinierfeiU'rs were ar- r^eled in Sail Francisco. James F. Kodgers. only 22 years of age, was the leader and was assisted by a j-iunger sister. ' It is estimated that JNUKKi in half-eagle* have been e-Irciilated—liy- them the past year. The resignation of the Canovus ministry has lieen followed by their reappointment, the Qmim thus expressing! her unqualified approval of the Cuban policy. This doubtless means that Weyler will remain ill l.'llua and.continue his work of rapine and murder. What will-the i'ulmln^ilratlon at Washington hiivi' to say in the mattery LOYAL fowm ORACLE WOW I IS* 0 0 0 0 ' t •JL 0 0 0 0 I i HEST AMD NKAT- K«T • NN-li Ml*:ij*f ,.' ..: SAN FRANCISCO PRICES Give us a call and get,our prices
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