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dc.description.abstractDAII.Y PALOAI.TO TIMES, TIUKSIIAV. DECEMUKR tt. Palo Alto Shows Marked Progress fCoulloued from pago 1) . , J Walter Ublman. 999 Emer- noa 8t., on*-*lory frum*. ■ .1108.98 ' J. II. Foes, t*T Alma Bl., osw-story from* 1500.00 C. 8. fltlnson, 1131 Webster Bt., ona-story frsms .,. .* 2800.00 | Msry A- Olbaon, Oalnda Bl., tw -story from* ........ 4000.001 Helen J. Coddlugton. Lytton nnd Tosso, two-story fram* , 2G00.00 j A. JI. Hutchinson. Webster Bt.. addition) 2000.00 1 C. E. A W. C. TbolU, 270 and 274 t'nlverslty Ave,, one-story brick 0006, Total 121800. duly. P. Pr*s*r, Byron and Melville, one-story fram* „ . .12000. Jena J«o**n, Bryant St.. one. •tory from* 2900. Mra. C. B. Morrison. #26 Hamilton Ara., two-story from* 7900 Mia* Edna .S'eedle*. 974 Klngsley Are., one-story fram* moo .no 89 on Total 113001. Aogtmt. Sherman Kimball. 1080 Em- arson r Bt, two-*tory frame $2(00. ■ H K Oram. P-ilttn St.. ooa- story fram* liOO.OO H. to. Orr. 335 Lyt ion Ave.,- addlttoa ;..(.on Baptist Churrh, Hamilton 'Av*., two story fram* ... 21)00.00 A. P. Kleloe. Mlddlefleld Rr.. ona-story fram* .... 900,90 P. U Wisdom. 284 t'nlver- Klt) Av«„ ga!v. Iron annex 700.00 ('. II. Iioxmeyer. Hawthorn* 00 Ave., one-ttorr fram* 3000.00 ■ r. p. Oray, 1150 llyron St., i addition <oo oo 00 to. W. Ooodlive, ISO Webster St.. one-atory frame. 300.00 oo William Seattle, 22S Kipling Bt, one-story frame 2000.00 lo. W. Sohler. 710 Middle- 1 field Rd., one.story frame 700 00 00 Peter Mullen. Hlgb A Imk Do your last Christmas Shopping at THE STANFORD BOOKSTORE On The Campus OO-TOR JORDAN'S BOOKS I'ulr. Our Prlc. Prteo W.ndcrlng tloat.. .11 .tt Call ol lb. Tw.n- tl.lh Century . . Illood ol lh. Nation Fbtlo.o_rby ol Hop. .10 .It .Tt .r.o POR VOVtl AT OHB TOM $1.83 Hand Painted Calendars I -3 off our already low price A Cardinal Felt STANFORD PENNANT 14x36 Special 3 days only 50 cents "What is Worth While Series" ot Gift Books Published st 30c. For 3 days only at 15c. Large heavy Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons 1.75, SOS, 2.25, 2.50 sll reduced to $1.30 "Panel Books" in Lamb Skin Binding, Reduced from $1.25 to - 73c. Most beautiful for Gifts The Stanford Bookstore <&& to: SHOES THAT WILL MAKE A DESIRABLE XMAS PRESENT m I A PAIR OP HIGH WINTER BOOTS FOR YOUR BEST GIRL MAKES AN ACCEPTABLE PRESENT. $3.00 THE MEN POLKS WILL APPRECIATE A GIFT OF A PAIR OF HIGH, WATER-pROoF BOOTS. PRICES RANGE FROM $3 to $7 BOYS' AND GIRLS' SHOES THAT WILL KEEP THEIR FEET DRY AND COMFORTABLE. PRICES RANGE FROM $1 to $3 y DONT FOR GET THE STORE A FARRELL lh. Shoe Man One Door From d/fl D 1 Al, Postoffice q *J| iralo Alto ion. remodel iot-'. oo 11. Sffrionson. ('banning AT*., wii-i.'... , fram* . . . 1000.(10 J. M OaU. »40 Waverley St., taostwy frame 1000.00 Total fISftSO.00 HeiKrabrr. O. J. Carer. 2S7 and tit Inlvi-mlty A**., rrlnforrad • coacret* . I&93Z.00 F. U Crandall. 124 I'nlrer- nlly A**-, gahr. Iron ad- tllTlnn COO.00 Christian Cburcb. Lytton A Florence, one-atory frame 2&0.00 A. T. DaKoresl. relverelty Are., taro-atory frame . . . ,7000.00 Dr. J. to. Coolldg*. $99 Wa- rerley »t . addition 000.00 Tot«1|14tSrOQ Oeiaher. C. J. Ellis, iu Webatar St., addition $ 4*8.00 H O. Hntbaway. Taeao St.. one-atory frame 1*00.00 Parry Roberta, ttt Emerson St., flr* repairs ..... 400.00 8. to Charlea. S51 Lincoln A**., addition 100.00 n P. Bel). C20 Oilman SL, n.idiiii.ti i&o.oo M. A. Lnrkln. 2S0 aad SBt Cniverslty AT*., repairs. . 3000,00 j. P. By-xbo*. ioi i.vPi.i. At*., on*-*tory frame . . . bOO.OO H A. Ramsey. SSt Emer- aoa St., galr. Iron annex. 100,00 A. Downey, Warm-ley St. one-atory frame 3500.00 K T. Pennncn. SSS Pulton At., one-atory frame .... 3000.00 Prank Cramer. Kellogg and Cowper. one-atory frame 2000.00 A. C. Brookfteld. 123S Byron Bt, one-atory frame .... 000.00 A. C. Brook field. I ttttjiyroa 81.. one-atory fnrbe .... 100.00 January ... 3 HOOOt.OO February .. 11.... t 281BO.O0 Marrh 13 1 47120.00 April "....I 20000.00 May l I2M0.60 June 7 1 221-00.00 July 4 12000.00 August . .. 10.. -.4.. . Ul&O.ftO let'tember. 3. . . .2.. . MOM. 00 October . . 7.. . .9. . . 11.118 0* November . 3. . ..1,. tsos.oo December . «.. . 13200.00 Sooth I'alo Attn. Ttat following li . n.t of building. •reeled la South Palo Alto during Ih. year: Mto M.bed »**>, I *!.»*•> Mr.. 1. A. Wood S.0»" C. A. Chaquetu. I.*** A. C. BrookBeM i.r" J M Clark. ..•*• C W Sl-rnr-fi-r !.*•• w Bibb, 11 I. I'pham t.000 It. A. Thomiwon 1.500 H L. r_*an> I.«f Mr. Kuxkaeu >.»0» Total H0.S00 .North Pal. Alto. J. A. BrWer f !-••• Elmer DaklB '-00* J S. Con. «.">" VV E. Morr-hrrUfir. I.B.O Mr. B. Al_rm ».»•• C. T. Re*eerant. ..••♦ Imp., by Cooperatlv. L. Co. ».»*t> Ttotal ...'. l:».soo Alb. Park. Mr. AdamaDB I 3.001. Mr. Mow I.S00 Toul I &.»00 It.-. epHalatt.... General e.peudlturee Utt.JOO Building. In Palo Alio .... S5U.1U Balldlng. ln 8. Palo Alto.. .0.(00 Building. In N. Palo Alto.. 2».SO0 Building. In Alba Park ... S.IOO Toul III1IIH Xo.rnfil.rr. H. L. H.rhl. AddlKrn AT... ooe-.tory fram* ......-It "tl.00 H. P. Wll.'.rr, Poire St.. r-rrr- etory fram. klOO.OO O. W. CamnWII ilk Pulton Sl.. addlUoa 1000.00 K Klein. Hi Klngal.r Av... one-.tory fram. 2000.00 Total llllltl D. A. W.bat.r St.. ona-rtor yfratn. .. . .v • -.11100.00 OeoJ Thorn*,. Bryant 8t, bungalow ISOO.OO JnM|ih A. Jury. 1003 High St.. OM-Morr fram. .... 1000.00, JowMrh A. Jttrr. 100* High St . oo*Mrlnry trmm* ■ ■ ■■ inoo.oo lomob A.* Jury. 1011 High St.. ooMtory fnuB. .... SOOO.oo . Mra Ad. F. Nob]., lit. Ramona St.. Iwrr-,trrrfi fram. 3K00.00. ToUl 113100.00, R-^-a|rltnl.tir.ti. Month Now Bldga. Addna. Amt Oraad total I_.22.014 lnrirr.rfiri.H-nl. tm Klftrfi-n Vrar.- Tta. followlog tabl. .ho., tb. value of th* Improvement, made r.rh year rlnrlng tb. put flftMQ year, and I. Interrattng aa aB Indication of Ibe ,teady growth of Palo Alto- The figure. Inclad. both th. coat of public Improvement, and of building, erected, and the variation, .hown ar. in a meaaure accounts for by th. fact tbat larger amount, were eipeoded tn public Improvement. In urn, year, tbaa IB otber. Ull I I0.07S Utl to.230 ISM 0I.I2S lttl 17-.JS7 llll 102.400 mi >n.>oe 1000 140.205 l»«l !•!.!«! lltl 113.41* 1103 4(0.100 1904. . . . 330.700 1105 Stt.ill ' 1>0« 324.170 1»07. . (*3.7il 1»0» 533.014 Owing to.the many'demand. made th. Stanford Krenrb Uundry will do rough-dry waahlng during the win. t.r tnonlba. Phon. C2CK. 13-31 : Business Girds *•••••*•> MIHHX Christmas Goods | A Ume naaoetaaent of mmr. * fai and fancy artlclea auitaMe * for Kifi-. | THE rmuxG I ji; Vmtmmttty Ar*. MUs G. tsrss J MllllllttttT'lHIIII Mill SHAMPOOING Shampooing, manicuring, scalp treatment and facial ma—ago. Complexion pack* a specialty. Mr*. 0. Malcom Wad*, rooma 7 and I. Mod- taon-Tholt* block. Pbon* 23SX." LARKIN'S The Place for Men **** * • mm *m************************ I KANTLEKK WATER BOTTLES Oearontood for two yearo. I 8TAKPORJ1 PH ARM ACT * Oortoar Circle. ********** » * mo * m********* PALO ALTO ELECTRICAL WORKS KVKltTTHINO KLBCTIUCAL Ilk Ualv.r.Hy ircnu, TbIb- pbon. HIT. Phompt at- Uotlon to repair work. OaU and loapaot our stock. ,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,» PALO AI/TO COKSTBtCnOS COMrAXY. BatlmataB glros. Plana aad bomabulul.ra. Jobbing work mat THOMAS B- RlBIJt OBce tm ArMUon AllllBI. i,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, BSXKPE notRIMNO STABLB II. I. Bcncpc. VctrrlnjUT SljauB. 171 Hamilton avenu.. Palo Alu. Specially fln. Moras, accommod*. tlon.. tnouM and dnat proof. HniagB. v.blclM aod barneea bought BBS Kid. WATKIMi * Ml'RRAT • OI-405 Kmeraon Strwt • c™m myAmottnm Rubb.r Tl.-. Setting a I Pour your Figprune Cereal into the cup; note the rich amber fluid and the grateful odor of the sweet fig, the luscious prune, end the son- Hissed grains of California IH-ink II aod rnjoj Ihr palalaMc. apfirtlllng tlm***r—ll villi nourish, strengthen and dr-llght you i begin today. Made In CallfnnOo. A*k iiiur grnrrr. It may be ^f Rude to Point but It I. only Intruded to call y.rur attrntltMi to Ow- fan it.»t we have an rfirt-pllrmally large Ua.- uf u..lul .rtir 1,^, awltablc be tbHMwM gift., cowriella* of Mr 1,1 1 l-l VI I ir CHAPI-VUIfiiKIIKH. frrl I ri: A.MI TKA Ifillfi. lltl >lll TKAVS, HVHI'P JI t.- I.n fill ... CTT CH.kHM AMI HAVIUVMI CHISA. -II fil i: 11 V 11 ll SLVIVKti AND I'lUkfi TKA AM> SPOOK, lU.llltl SPOONS AMI l.VI.I.W. I. X. ta POCKET SSRSBj BSSOai AX» SCISSORS. AUo . full Hae ot Victor Sponlax>. Ila--l>.ll.. Poottmll., t'alfilirr'. Mill,. T.-antfi KaqfiWU. Mr. WONT b-AII. TO SKB Hk KTUCK 111 I "1:1 II lt< II l-IM. Bolfing Hardware Co. The Place That Saves You Money 233 University Ave. t Phon. ST. ! Gov.ram«nl Imputed refrig- X BTBtaS tneeu at tba Stanford Meat Co SSS Ualvecalty Avc.M- DEUCACin.POCI.TRT FrttS Hsh every Fridar • see s eeeeeeee. *MM«M HAVE YOU MOVED) Yes, Palo Alto Transfer Co, MOVKlfi ME AXD THXT ARB SO AORUABLB AND AOCOMMOBAV- WO THAT I WILL RKCOMMMNP THKMTOTOC. Office 525 ALMA STREET Phone 90 Mtt»tH«tttt,,t.t,tttMt. • B. P. IWl. H. t ruutlm. S . B ■ COAL, WOOD, HAT, \ CRAIN BELL-RITCBIE CO. .... Phon. It. .. fTniB WM aaS llaalllo. araav. Trmrmkkrtntkvnniitiif
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