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dc.description.abstractTHE DAILY PALO ALTO TIMES FULLER & CO. Fancy Groceries f ' PHONE MAIN 51 •*WtA*JkA*****A***\*%%***t* Mr. Henry W. Savage's s [ a great production of* Puccini's * \ grand opera master pi era, 1 "MADAM ! BUTTERFLY"'' will be given at taa 1 LOCAL i Victoiy Theatre • Ssn Joif, February 11 HstteM sad Evening jj wffb tba aallra s '• English Grand Opera Co. : .Prtcea 91, »l.M. AA I * *tt. Beat aai* opens frbroAtr * g Uth at t» a. m. »wm.wmnwwinw^ A. N. Mllla and Min Oertrude! Mills ara In Cainpttell, where they! ware called by tba death of lira. Mllla' niece, Mlas Manda Farley. ' i ********** ************* •■ Bead special orders to Oak bakery. | Sllwi Mary B. Short of Vancouver, j la Tlaltlng Mra. B Pleper. - P. W. Hherman Is conralesrlng from an attaok of lagrlppe. Mr. and Mra. Oeorge II Fisher are up from Santa Crui for a few daya. Mra. Viola Collet te bas almost entirely recovered from ber recant 111- neee. Mra. Prank Angell. wbo bas bean III with lagrlppe for tbe past waek. 1« much batstar. Mlaa Kathleen Armstrong, of Cor* vsllls. Oregon, baa been visiting her staler. Mm. Harte Keating. Miss Anna llelnrlchi of Alameda. has been spending a few days as the gupst of Mlaaea Julia and Bessie Wright. William and Harry Vandervoort have been spending ihe'paat waek at San Mlgnel on a bunting and buslaaaa trip. Tbr Oak bakery la at 210 Homer. SUnford Oyater Orotto. SIS Unl- rtrslty ave. rreah oysters every day. Oyster loaves and hot tamales. Mra. W. C. Ripley, son add daughter, have returned to Palo Alto to realde.* Tbey have taken a fiat on Cowper atreet. . .. v Mlae Rata Edson bai laaued lnvl- tatlona to a dance to be given oo Valentine evenlag at her home on M ma) to Heigh te. Home made candy and other girts for the Womans' Club Valentine Ba tar ahould be sent to Jordan's hall by io:iii» a. tn Pet), .'.lh By order of • om mittc*. Mr. and Mra. Charlea L. King and eon, of Spokane, Washington, visited In I'alo Alto this- week. Mr. King Is a prominent hardware mer- j chant of tbat ctty. r Mra. .Lorenso Welch and Miss ' Cora Welch went to San Pranelaco j yesterday where Miss Welch will en- {ter the French hosptul to Uke tbe , nurse's training coarse j 0. H. MacMeekln. the Palo Alto [tuner, wltb Kohler A Chose, expert piano tuning and repairing. All ! work gneranteed. It. Mlddlefleld road. Pbone Blaek 191. j I'rofeisor anrk Mrs. E. C. Prank- j lln have Uken possession of the , residence they recently purchased i - from Professor Rolfe at Ramona street and Lincoln avenue. Holiday offenng to satt the tin**. The Alpine Wood Company, corner ' Forret avenue aad Alma street, of. fee* live oak wood. Sll per cord; madrnne, glf). Mrs. P. I,. Entler, of Cbloo, Is tbe guest of her cousin, Mrs. Jobn Vaa* dervoon. Tomorrow evealag Mrs. Vandervoort will entertain at dinner In booor of Mrs. Entler. Tbe gaeeU will include Mrs. Entler, Mra. I.yda Hart. Dr. 3. H. Kirk aad P. H. Croa- by. ._ ..... '. The members of tbe Fraternal Aid Association, council 476. uke notice that tbe funeral of our lata sister, Mrs. Sarah Rtteble, will be held from tbe residence. 133 Waverley [street. 1:30 p. m Wednesday, February I. 1*08. (Signed! P. T. Duncan, president; E. C. Sherman, secretary. " "* 11' Mrs. fl S. Kelley of Madera, wbo has been spending some time with her son. Oeorge M. Kelley.- left tbls morning to visit with ber sons tn tan Jose. Sbe waa scorn pan led lo the Oarden City by Mra. Oeorge M. Kelley and Mrs. C. A. Doraey. Membera of the Womans' Club are requested to send in tbe list of guests at pnee whom they wish to Invite io the Colonial party. Send names to Mrs. It. F. Perry. Bryant street. By order of imitation committee. A PICKIT—Hsr crtrmer tn Soatb I'alo Alto, close lit, 10O*I80 feet. Including rement walks, carbine, water, street work, flMMO; glOO cash takes It. Can have one or both loss. Ostrander Realty Co. 1-1 w-e ROOD TJ-TTrftKR Wll.l. APPEAR IN PAI/> ALTO Rev. a it. Wendte Wlll Speak Friday Evening oa "Starr King, tbe Christian California Patriot-" A lecture of very general Intereat, to which the public Is Incited. Is to be given next Friday evening. February .th. In the Unitarian Cburch. hy Rev. Charles Wendte of Boston. The subject. "Starr King, the Cbrla- Ilan Patriot of California." Is one of wblch Mr. WendU Is particularly well qualified to speak, for he wu a member of that great preacher's congregation tn San Francisco, and his close personal friend. Mr. Wendte. is revisiting California. which was for many years his home, aa a lecturer for the American Cal* tartan Association on the Hillings timet—a foundation * by means of which prominent ministers of the denomlnstlon are sent on lecture and preaching tours to parU of the country distant from thetr places of aettlemeat. Mr. Wendte has had a long and eventful ministry on both aides of the continent. He came to San Pranclsco In the *0's as a youth and found employment there In a bank. After a few years, under tbe Influence of Starr King, he changed his purpose, returned east to study for the ministry at Mesdritle, Penn , and at. Harvard. He later returned to tbe roeat as Held secretary of tbe American 1'nlUrlan Association, and was Instrumental during his term of service in founding a number of churches up and down tbe coast. The church at Oakland was one of theae and the work tbere developed to sarh an extent tfaat Mr. Wendte I — finally gave ap bis secreuryrtip to devote his whole time to It When be left California Mr.; Wendte again took op pioneer work In Chicago, founding there a cburch which Is aow one of th* most Soar- lsblng Unitarian ebarekas la tha rl'.r He. wss, later called to .Poetea. aa minister of the Parker Memorial. an Institutional churrh founded In the memory of one of the greatest UnlUrlaa leaders. He Is aow minuter of a cburcb In the Brighton district of the same elty. Por tike last eight or tea yoara Mr. Wendte haa baea secretary of the international Council of Religious Liberals, which held IU fourth congress la Beaton .last September To tbls organisation, which has representatives from nearly evary coaatry m the world. Mr. Wendte bsa devoted a great deal of his time, and has been largely responsible for lu rap- Id extension and titer*** Hr, Weadte's lecture wtll b* given nest Friday evealag at eight o'clock. It ls free to all who are Interested. • VALENTINE BAZAAR fader ttta Aoopttw* ot tbe PALO ALTO WOMAJTO CU7» Jordan's Hall February 5th, From 2 to 6 p. m. Proceeds to purchase Art Books for Public Library \ .1 t:\TINF-H aad OIFTS FOR AU. pofs-TOffnrs EVKRTBODT W-CLOOMB Arrive* From Polat Arena. Charles Palmer, a brother of Mr*. II A. Ritchie, who died yeaterday, arrived at 1 o'clock thla morning from Point Arena. He left home Sunday, bat aa tkare was eo vessel coming south, he bad to make tbe trip across tha mountains to Uklafa to the railroad. Tbe snow was deep and the storm had uprooted traea. Mr. .Palmer bad to abandon two teama oa tbe trip. This Is the third visit Mr. Palmer has made bere in tWo mon tba. Books \\ anted. Stoddard Lecto,N-s: good second band aet wanted, sute number of volumes, binding, condition, price asked. Addrees Box L. Tlmea ofllce. IHsaolatlon of Pnrtnershlp. Notice Is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing between P. D. Albee aad H P. Harrison and known as Albee A Harrison Is tbU day dissolved by mutual consent. H. P Harrison retiring. The business will be continued by p! D. Albee. wbo will collect all outstanding Mils and pay all debU owadAy the firm. (Signed! P. D. ALHKE. H. P. HARRISON. .Palo Alto. Cal.. January St, 1*01 l»-«t 1'fM"IX SMILE AS VOl* SMOKE one of our La Gunlta cigars. Tke enjoyment will be ao great yoa realty cannot belp It. If w« did aot buy direct from the manufacturer I therefore saving the Jobber's .profits) It would lie necessary for ua to i-hargs yon at least 19 rents apleca for these cigars which wa are enabled to sell yon for lt 1-2 rents Can we prove tt? No. bat yoa can. M.lium CIGAR STORK. xmtttkgttttttA SlXTKKX onVCn OF S-V jj COFFKK * tor a quarter of a dollar, aad I "1 ounces for one large dollar * at the Caah Oroeery. it ii. sp.ti.niM; •*I2H Chaaalnc Aieaae. t Bias tie 0*************** i****** ***********'************************** . *******t*lti************\ 25 per ct. Discount Closing Out Sale 25 per ct. Discount Ready-to-wear Garments at 25 per cent reduction Owing to the crowded condition of our store wc have decided to discontinue our line of ready-to-wear .garments, including SKIRTS, COATS and CRAVBNETTES. We Mil continue our discount of 35 per cent on the entire line. The Skirts and Coats are this season* goods; styles, materials are the very latest, and strictly man-tailcircd throughout. Every garment must be closed out at quickly as possible. Call early and secure the pick of our stock. Remnants i At 20 Per Cent Discount During our January Sale, and preparatory to taking our Inventory, we have gone through our Dry Goods Stock and made a grand cleanup of all short end* of Waistings. Dress Good*. Silks. White Goods. Ginghams, Onlings. Flannelettes. Domestics and Linens. Wc have more Remnants today than We want. They are all in desirable lengths for Waists. Skirts and Children'** Presses. Come early aad,net your pick of the best Remnant Sale of the rear. '•***{ ? SO per cent discount SHELL GOODS Back and Side Combs We have too many fine Shell Goods on hand, We will make a clean-up sale of the entire line at Half Price. Don't miss this bargain. 50 per cent discount Leather Goods at Half Price Our entire line of Shopping Bags-and Purses—nothing reserved. We will cqntinue this sale until the entire Jine is closed out. Remember only one- half price. 50 per cent discount Belts at Half Price Our entire line of Belts, including Leather and Silks, in plain and fancy styles at Half Price to close. i ***************> ****** mm*** *m ************** ******* _. . ^
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