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dc.description.abstractTHE DAILY PALO ALTO TIMES Business Shows General Revival MIGHTY MILLIOHB WILL BK SPENT DT NKW YORK IN PURCHASE OP GOODS. Mills An Reopening and BeUfftf Is O sacral That Period of Dm* Chicago, Feb. U,—That tfae nation Is again on tb* blgb road to prosperity Is shown fay reports from ail sections of the country. On •very hand It ls sgreed tbat tfa* depression following tfae flnsnelsl flnrry of last fall Is a thing of tfas paat and that th* outlook la for a steadily Increasing volnme of bosl- asee until norms) conditions hsvs been reached. In som* branch ss of trad* pro** HASTA CLARA CTTIX8CNS OIUKCT TO WATKH TOWER Injanrtloo Asked to Freveat Town Tru-i- <■■> From Krectls*. To—'er la tlte Park. Santa Clara Is mach disturbed sr tb* action of the city trustees selecting tfae town park as tbe location of the proposed new water parity In fall measure bas bssn r*- psrtm-*nts. oorded, and other Hoes ■bow an Improvement that promises satisfactory records at tb* close of the year. Following lba end of tba stringency ln money comes an Improve- _n*st In collections and corresponding facnity of trad*, it also bas beeh detrlb Hat rated completely tbat tfae general' piiblle escaped tfae ef- -aammom simplicity or ' THR OALVBHTON PLAN" H. S. Cooper, a prominent cltI- ten of Oalvsston, say**- "W* In Oal* v**ton do think, however, tbst we hav* pretty nearly solved tbe moet difficult problem of civic administration After six years trial of It there I* roey llttl* tbst we wonld waat changed in tb* charter, and •A have re-elected th* whole board ,„,--, Yeaterday H. H. Slavena be of oommls*lon*rs tbr*e time.. Tb*r*j,a;ta m0 MtioB ,„ tht i0perior oonrt Is no polities In It—-snd th* r*m- to „,,-r»io tbe trustee* from tenant* of the old bosrd of sldermea f,<,iilng a water tank and steel low- aad th* *sad' *Iement following „ )n ,ht. public square. Tb**quar*.i| them—and yearning for tfae old *,,. gut**, coatelns about two acre*! * days of tolsrul* and graft—have 10- Uad b-S0Ufted with valuable! J triad vary bard -to reject polities .rM, ma^ flowers and wa* aet apart J Into It. It Is a plate business gov-, ^mj -or tfa. ,-ajoymeot of tb* rss-i ♦ (dents of tbe town. Tfae defendants propone to divert tbs psrk from Its preeent purposes by erecting a water plant, wblch wlll Inelnde a steel tower over stity-flve feet blgb and forty fr-st square at Its bss*, supporting s huge tank holding ov*r G0.000 gallon* of water. Mr. Stevens declare* also that tb* town of Santa Clara Is located In a country subject to earth qua kes. snd tb* presence of the waterworks In the square would be * m*n*ce to tbe Uvea of passersby and to Un dwellings of abutting owners. Tbe danger of the alleged Injury Is Im- mlnent, he says, as the contract for; the tower ba* been awarded and ( construction will be commenced at} once lf an-injunction against tb*m| be not Issued. Stevens owns prop-j B usiness 9********9 Card* BI'BKN SHIRTS nVFANTK AND 'Illl THB JTBkUMG jij Vm*'t*i*iy Av*- Mt— C. 9*m ern ment on s plsln. everyday, com nonsense, buslne**. bsman plan; It bas nothing sectional, radical, 01 geographical In It that wlll limit It: it la practical for every American city, even tfa* vary largest ops*, for slse ha* nothing to do with Its principles. "Election* st Isrgs of S commissioner for ssch department or group of d*p*rtments— never tees than four nor needfully more tban a*v*n. "A sharp definition of tbe ds* An *qsally sharp definition of the powers and r*aponslbi1ltle* of •sofa and *v*ry head of department, "A preildent, slso elected it Isrgs, not having charg* ot any department and wbo hss s vote but no veto. "No '*s**cutlv*' sessions. "No 'standing' oommtttess nor f*W»-rr*fhfa fltttry. With mot* toe-1*** 'wmmltt**** In the usual alder ttor^'-rVMh-Ing Operation* svsry 1 ****** ***** dor. A* ni****** of unemployed M "T**t ** *** ** ******** ***' .4«er*£_rteg ind It ts believed that ""***** °* *** ******** simplicity "before long,p,n Idle mill will be the - -exception. Chicago wholesalers report that country merchant* are coming In \ wltb their shipping orders In great-j of 4t'.'" Dried Fruit Association. San Franclaco, Feb. 13.—Artlcl** ot Incorporation of the Dried Fruit •r numbers than a year ago In al-j Association of California were ni-ri most *v*ry caa-* they say that tbelr {at the offlea of the county clork ye*- atoeks ara low and mast b* rcplan-, terday. Tb* purposes of tfae asso- Uhed Immediately to care for the rial Ion are In general to bring dried demands of their customers. i frtrit dealers Into closer touch to Tbe steal business, recognised as, refom abuses, to appear for mam- th* baroHHter of trad* In general, *>era In various contingencies. Tfae faas shown a marked Improvement association Is not formed for profit within tb*. test few weeks. Such according lo the papers. Thr dl- It will ■rtlcl«s a* wire and nails, wblcb got rectors ar* Albert E. Castle, D. J. through to the general public quicker than Ouggeoheim, Alexander (.oldRtotn. tlon for plica If you us* Man -ten. other products, ar* In great demand of Ban Franclaco: J. K. Armsby, of Pot up In a collapsible tube wltb and th* railroads are coming into Hobs Valley: H, E. Losse, of Han noxxl*, rsady to apply. Fur any Ok* market (or larg* quantities of ****'* Abraham ItosentMrg snd t*rm of piles; prlc* GO cents, supplies. Charles O. Bonner, of Berkeley:, Bold by Welngartner A Oo. Balldlng material Is In better d*-!c* w- Orlffln and F. O. Maker, of . -*-£ Alameda. Tl* Dally Tlme»--if.c s **%_;. ******************** LARKIN'S The Place for Men I ***************** * * ******* KANTLBEK WATER BOTTLES Guaranteed for two yesr*. BTANF-OHD PHARMACY Oorssr Circle. ******* sees ************** in •*" "J a. i hi'imm. Airr 000m too * .IMHIll* 1MII.MI1I IIAZAAB < •MN1 1 Ml.f-r.Hj 4TC.H 1 I'.l., All.,, OaL J ******************* ****** ■ . ■■• EARLE & CO. GROCERIES 4 * 59 University Ave. Phone Main 37 erty near tbe park. \*. is fHiXVItTKIi OP t.lllMi I \J:< I V, Tfa* trial of John Valdea b*for* tbe superior court at Saa Jo** waa concluded yesterday sfternoon snd ths Jury returned a verdict of guilty of grand larceny. Only a technical defense was offered by Valdes' attorney. Valdex was accused of stealing a horso from William C. T. D. THOMAS llUI'HK PAINTBB 470 tnlverslty Avenae Palo Alto, Cal. Work don* by tb* day or contract. Pbon* White 141. m****JU********m*MMM***. 3 l Hi; PLACB FOB AMTJBB- S 3 'UM 3 PALO ALTO BOWLINO £ g ALLEY AND POOLROOM g • High Street. VETERAN A It Alloa. *• S Proprietor! £ Wilbur, of Mayfield. and or trading *%%%%*************** ****** th* horse to Antone Pearson for. an- r*.*-*-*-*-*-*-*.*.***,** ****** ******* oth*r horse and 815. Judge Welch Jj BBD Hj\n LAUNDRY hss nol yet pronounced sentence on the convicted msn. 171 Phone Blsck 887. pslnfut, expensive opora- *twwv^, >ry to BDOAR niMsi.Kh, Office: McKlnney'a barnas* j JJ shop, 171 rnlverslty 1*, venae. 1 Hmimimmwiwi msnd, not_only steel but other commodities. Tfa* opening of tfa* mill* sails for Increased sales of coal and transact Ions In provisions Indicate tbat the public has not lost its appall'.?. Even the luxuries of lite, where business felt tbe depression tbe most, nr* In de/nand and those.who prophesied a few weeks ago that the fotindallons of American prosperity' ••re too firm to feel the effectfc of g temporary ahortag* of money are priding thetnselvee on their acumen. Reports recelred, from Chicago merchants and other cities are all character tied by the same boheful •tone. The g»n*r*l belief Is that all. danger pf a period of bard time* baa; disappeared. ** Morn than 8,000 buyer* and bust-' nssa men from all ever the country: sr* now In New York with orders fbr goods of erery variety for the spring and summer trade. The treat Influx of buyers was expected by the Jobbing house* here, and la ■Sid by merchants to be an evidence' of the return of confidence through* Mt tbe country. The general financial depression last fall and the con- Sequent small amount of buying at' tfaat time has left merchants throughout the country short In their stocks, and for tbat reason tfae buyers are coming to New York Writer thsn usual. At least 8,000 ost-of-town merchants and their representatives wlll bay goods here for the spring trsd*... Now th* most experienced merchsnt 1 Is town will tell you that the average spent by each buyer Is 110.000. Tfals practically means that, wltb; tfae ordinary trade. 8fi0.000.O0O \ -sill be apent In New York by tfas buyers for one spring trsd*. The Last Stop, • One cold wintry morning s msn | of tell and angular build wss walk- tag down a sleep bill at a quick pace. A piece of le* under the; asow canned him to loa* control of j kla fe*t; h* began to slide and was; unable to stop. At a crossing halt tray down be encountered a large.; )_Mvy woman. The meeting wsa •odden and before either realised It) a collision ensued and both were ■tiding down hill, the thto man underneath, tb* fat woman on top. When lb* bottom was reached and the woman was trying to recover Iter breath and her feet thee* faint words were borne to her ear: "Pardon me, madam, but you will bave to get off bere. Thla Is as far as I gb."—Exchange, f****i***t*******i 1*******9* *m****^ •A**Jtt*A********t**lt*t*t**JtU***t*t**t9*A**, >, WATCH THE TIMES ■■■ GROW jNew Building! Starts 1 THIS WEEK. 1 WHITE STAB LAI-NOSY KAWA, FNtpriO-Or. Only hand-work Jspansa* laundry wlll be ready for *srvlc* from Jan* nary 80th. Oood work a spectsUy. Tou csn always find us at 844 Emerson street. Palo Alto. Pbone White M*. San Pranclsco Messenger and Purchasing Agent B. 8. OlB-KJN Dslly trip*, leaving at 8:11 a. ra, Offic*. Lausten's tailor ahop, 108 ! Clrcl*. Phon* Bsd 411: residence. White 1881. Ctty office. J. B. Bo- land Co., 47 Oeary street. Temporary 1470. J ust the best typewriter that money can buy. 1^ Remington Remington Typewriter Company (Incorporated) 1015 Golden Gste Art. SAN FRANCISCO Phons Bla* K01. 1 MM.I.SIM 1 1:1 vt 11 -LAUNDRY Mmtt. lasrrecoa. Lacs Curtains a specialty. Cars- fal attention given to men's An* Un*n. Itamona Street, Palo Alt-. *\ \ l Kl V - A MVRHAY 801-805 Emerson Street. General Iliac kan tt tt-f-■*■***■■*■■*■ ■*■*■*■*■*■*■■*■■*■ ■*■■*■*■*■*■■*■ "r-rtr-t-t-ttt-ttt I s s s ss 11 ts s s a t Food for the Intellect Bill and Wallace Irwin used to live at The Camp. It is said they ste beans off the top of a trunk with a^fackknife. We furnish the beans) Where do you get your groceries? G. W. La Peire ® Son 531 Ramona Street. Telephone Main sg ***************** ********** ************* Rnhbef Tire Setting a Specialty. A V. ******* El*ctrlc : Fixture*. {Phon* Main 18 Wiring. Suppll** and CSS Emerson St. 10 Cents for an Automobile RIDE TO <* !Mi*i a • \ ' ' * • We ar* Bow rmaal-kg a f*Bcater aartosnobOe to mt**** tor ISe. • Why not ride 1a ccunfurt am* save time? CORBALEY & THORPE Auto Company 1 , a ***** *******************. :*.t INTERNATIONAL DICTION .fl-RY A Library in One Book Bsraidc* an accmrato, pimo tioa_U snd *ohoUrt7 *«*«c*bo*. s History or ths Knaiish T-sng-s-rs, G-.l-U to Pre- nunoteUon, DtctlonsrY of Piotioo, Vow Osssttssr of the World, Vow Iiiocrspb- ioal Diottonarr. Vcnmbulary uro namsa. Qrosk n Names, and Xng- liah Christian If sums, Fot- rra _ mhihty tocoh j-hi filing motor cars 00 lh* broad of your back. And so uassw eeaary. too. Jaat hav* oa go over yoar automobile Well Ox It so It wtll not break dowa so long a* yoa stay as Om mm*, lf yoo bsrs-it bsd tbs down-oa-yoar-nack exgertesc* lU-UW ret. don t have it. Sssd a* MOTOR *"** nsaeblaa to be over- CA-RS haated. Thoss wbo bsvs bad u don't hanker tor It 1 511 Aim. st. Stanford Aut-o Co. ******* ****** G. H. ALLEN OIL CO. W. haw ta_«- 111 iar. ■HI II Call a, 9trw*t- ***** acoKT iar CM-YE-AXII HOT BLAST OH. adaaaad br Oaak *****. ***** m* r_r-
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