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dc.description.abstractDAILY I'Al.n Al.TO TIMES, M.IXIJAY. NOVEMBER jo, i.mK THE BANK OF PALO ALTO * A careful, conservative, legitimate Banking Business conducted. Your business appreciated. Capital - - - $50,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profit., $.5,000.00 Singer and Wheeler & Wilson •earing Macblaa* for bale al LOCAL mm—r oil. the rest ron uw. i*r. maiiiim .. nu-,, i.i:*. arc. Also Ni-fiJIr. aa. _rt_lrs Io. all BsaJras el Amrtm, Machlaaa xl lor I.BJBIIB. E. J. UPHAM Manager KIiWAKli U 1.1 "k ♦ IFItw and Acrideat laaaraao*. a Only flrsl-.- lass ronipanla* J r*pr*n*nt*d, and all lo**** ad- J Juatad nnd paid in my offlce. * SIT IJnlr*r«lty ate, Pnlo AJto. \ n'otahv rriiur nlwnyn st th* office of Marshall BUck. SIT University a»*nu* TsI*phon* 171. Choice flrocerle* tt Thorripeon's Notary pablic. B F Hall, ISI University arena*. ]'«!i... i". Tmualiw. Nn_t geaalar witlmul Hie Iwaatl. AIT Kaw-r*t_*. Ilr*. Iiurkhart. aselualv* millinery, haa nn...-.1 her parlor*. Sll Ramona. Homemade mlati*me*( aad |ilutn putldlng at IMIratraaen atore. liurn Rtone Canyon coal from Monterey rounty. No aoot, no ashes 11-tO-lm Major J H. Monteath. of Tona- i-nh. la visiting his family at iheir home on Hamilton avenue. D J. Karris plastering contractor. haa mo**d hi* headquarter* io 327 Everett. Pbone 11. 11-11 " Mia* Catherine Lynch haa arrived home from the t'raollne College al Santa Ito** for a f*w day** rUlt trltb retail re*. I tig redarUoa la wood, wholeaale aad retail. Call aad get oar price*. Alpine Wood Co., Mb Alma street. Phon* ana. Mrs M F. Belter, of Menlo Park. ba* returniid from a trip to Fresno. where she bad gone to visit htr father, brolhtr and alattr. 'Qrover C N'euman. of Woodaldt- a brother of Mra. C. II. Dobbel. haa gone to Panama, where he hn* a position connected wltb tbe canal. fe -iiii special order* lo Oak b-karj.' llomemaile . I.It km tamale* at Ite-lkavtcaaca .lore. Itioae 0ISK. Mlaa Molll* Bproat sp*nt Ua* weak end In San Joa* with b*r alattr. Parrot and Bgyptlan corn al to. O. Horabln's. 4ST Hlgb Street. Blutgraaa and whll* clover nsad at to. O. Horabln's. 421 Hlgb street. William Merr 1 roan, of Ban Kratt- iNi-o. «|M-!it Sunday with hla mother Mr*. I. C. Merrlman. Mia* Annie Couch returned to the German hoap.tal yesterday, after a pleaaant vlalt with Palo Alto frUnda. Tbe service* at th* Cbrlatlaa Church yeaterday wns largely attended nnd oae person waa received Into membership Dr. Jotlnh II. Kirk Is now located In hi* i.i*» oTlres In th* First Na* tlonal Bank building. Hours, S to 5 and 7 to B p. m Mrr. l.hengnod has arrived from .Mlnnt-aota lo a|ieiid the winter with her eon. John 8*ngood, proprietor of ti,.- Menlo Park Pharmacy. Mai Belter, the former popular i .■■ ■'.,:*:• ■ dark, and K. II. Co* spent Sunday here. Both young men are employed In the Oakland poatofflee. The ralna of laat week hart developed a good crop of mushrooms, which may be found lu almoat any of the fields around Palo Alto. AMUSEMENTS ....> . MULLEN'S OPERA HOUSE To>mn.cTui.Es Best Film Oblainhk Our leader. "Harlequin's Story" (two reelai. partly hand colored. "Conjurer's Pupil" (very good comed) i "The Villain's Wooing," "Tbr Eviction (another good atory 1. Illustrated song, "in lh* Uand of tbe Buffalo" (nicely colored i. AT THK HISK. HI-VINti II. It 111 - I -i l it . MClir .I..II--l.iN 5 ' I *i I H t statins aad Haaciag IA OenU. Red Star laundry office. Vandtr- voort Brothers. 511 lilrn atreet. Mr. and Mrs John D. Arnott returned laat night from Monterey. where they went on their wadding trip. Their home wlll be tn Palo Alto. Mian Ana* Barret! after s-iendins the Thanksgiving ■■ nation hi iHinit. left yeaterday for Banger to resume her duties *,* teacher In il •■ public schools, Mrs. Lt..hl,- St*rn* and Mlat Katberlne Stern*, uf Berkeley, wer* In Palo Alto yesterday calling on old-time Mlaa Sterne waa a. student al Btanford atverat years. ago. The Edward Ackleys bave again taken possesion of thrir handsome home on t'nlveralty av*nue. Tb* property bas been leased the past few years, while the Afkley family lived elsewhere, ''■! ".It WTl-Kli HOSK AT THKIH TRt'E VAIA'K. 8U months' written' guarantee given with tbe colsbrated' Pilling 9 Madeley hoac. Hlx pairs, foe 91.211. J, L SIMl*SON. next; Hank of Pato Alto. 11 _0-tf Mlaa Augusta ipham has accepted a position aa studio accompanist; for Profeesor McKenile Cordon. San j Francisco's great tenor. Profeeaor Gordon considers Mlsa I'pham one of the lineal accompanists he has met In th* w«tt. Dr. Ctrl Wilson leave* tonight for Portland. He wlll stop for tan days In Portland before proceeding to' New York, when* he has mapped out a two-monlha' rourse of study of hospltsl methods, particularly In 1 diseases of women and children. Tha Ladle*' Missionary Society of j th* Christian Church wlll matt at' 2:30 Tuesday aftarnoon at th* horn*: Of Mrs A. |- Mills. Cil 4 Forest avenue. All ladle* art lnvlt*d Mrs Sheldon, of San Jot*, slat* prealdent. Is expect*d to be present tnd make nn addre** Fred H. Smith and family arrived hom* y«*t*rday from a three-week*'. outing at Paso Roble*. Fred coming, up In his auto and- hla wlfa and' children by train. They extended; , their trip to Ban l.uli Obispo and'. other point*. Pred reports good luck hunting quail. Prank to. Street, a well-known florist of this vicinity,' haa gont to | Victoria. B. C. where h« haa a fln*' position with the Falrvlew tlreen- hoiise Company, Mrs. Street Is still her* with ber parents. Mr. and; Mrs. J. Holllngsworlh. bat wlll Join! ber husband ln a abort tlms. That Coatract. Tb* following Is Ibe contract which th* town entered lato with the WEEKLY Tribune It la tb* revised contract which Mr. Henry ands fault with and sought lo chang* af- t r It bad been signed: Agtoenmnt between Ihe Tom* of Palo AUo and the Tribun.- I'ulni- h-R Company for one sl prli - _ a cil advertising for lht fiscal | -ar. Where-', Pursuant lo advei 'no- ment for bids for advertising rn*. printing for lh* fiscal year beginning July 1. 1101, and ending June SO. 1901, the Board of Trustee* of lb* Town of Palo Alto accepted tbt hid of the Palo Alio Tribune to do aald work. Now therefore. It 1* hereby agreed between the Town of i'alo Alto, a municipal corporation of the alstb claaa, by C. D. Man. president of tbe Board of Trust**-*, and Q, JI. Jordan, clerk of aald Town, party of tb* first part, and the Tribun* Publishing Company, by J. Hall Henry, Its president, as publisher of th* said Palo Alto Tribune, a newspaper of general circulation, as that term la defined by Section 1460 of th* Political Cod* of the SUle of California, publlabnd and circulated weekly In said To*n of Palo Alio. party of tbe ancond part: Tbst the party of tb* necoud part hereby agree* as iter thr terms of Us bid now on 111* with the lown clerk of the Town of Palo AUo. to do surh official printing and advertlalng as tb* said Town Trustee* may require In th* Hid Pato Alto Tribune tnr Ihe fiscal ytar beginning Jnly 1. i *.*•■*•. and ending Jon* SO, 1*01, al the following rale, to wit: s.'ti-n and one-half < ' X*l\ rent* per Un* eight (II point type, single column measure. Bach subseoueni insertion sli tl) cents per line. • And ih.- party of the first part ii.-n-iiy agree to par lh* party of the aecond part for said work when perform*^ at the price above stated, reserving tbe right to conform to nny rule* wblch may b« adopted by th* city council In ca*e a new charter Is adopted before the rinse of the fiscal ywor. (Signedl THK TOWN OF PALO ALTO, Ilr Chaa. D. Mars, prealdent Board of Town Trust***. By C. H. Jordan. Town Clsrk THK TK1BUNK prui.lHHlMi COMPANT, By J. H. Henry. II* pr**ld*Ut. WOMEN LOVK THM SMOKM of n LA QVXTTA CIGAR at wtll m men. It it to fragrant and dttt- cat* lhat much aa th*y dlaUkt lb* taall of ordinary tobacco tbty enjoy th* odor from a La Onnttn <»• gsr. Trr on* today afttr dinner. You can enjoy it In tail ooaMtM* tfaat you'll not bt asked to atop, ar *■ rn tn get oat or tb* bant roam la tht hous*. Bolt, only nt NUDES' ClOAH ROBS. ****** **w*w *w*o***** *t*o WM. 0. IIORABIN •tBuoetttor to J. K. Tlaaaally) 431 High glre^. COAL I Wood, Hay, drain. - Phomm ttt. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,! ^muumimmiiunH r Carpet Cleaning j and jj Window Shades i * t C. H. WILLIAMS 0 I lb»bb»»b>b»»m»»>»b Mr*. Haiti. M. M--Klrm.ui died In Menlo Park Saturday. Sht waa a native of I-ondon. Rngland, and waa 7tv rears of age. The d*c*aaad wat a relative of Rev. Itt rnard McKlnnon, and tb* fun*ral was held this . morning at 81. Thomas' Churt*. - The Interment was al Holy Croat cemetery. San Francisco. Kor Salt—Holttrin Jersey milch cow. only ISO. Party unable to ke*p sam* on premise*. Call quick. H3» Emerson. 11-SO-lt |Mt<ltttttMiMMtt.UMt| SPAULDING'S Fancy Groceries _ Order* Delivered SM Oiaaala. A—aa_ PBONE 541 K <>)>•<<><». >•>•>. r.rrri "S-r._h.fil Room," wlaaa*. wl* at Time, ofllc., ... Bobrscrlt. ror ra. ualrr mmmmmwwwnwwwwmmnwwmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm THK *l"lli: WITH THK MONKY- . BACK I'ol.H'l \r,r antrl. par- ' , l_*.*l la osu- HUm*- _r_ ao. ——. j r—-l.,r, nt.) Ih- rH.r—-rl aad HH * llll.I i.i.I VOIR M.,\l 1 HACK. . FURS ........... ...,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. gilAI.IT,' AHD *.. 1.VJ1TI AL. WAV. Ill in: POR r,l:i.l:iTlnN— iii-i HTfiXJIU AT LOWEST PRICKS. 1 e O 8 ST LES The Season's Newest and Latest Novelties in Furs Our Furs .re this season's production and latest cut, and t**e popular kinds so much worn fn the fashion centers. We have the newest s'yles in neck pieces from the small collar to the large cape style, in long, short and medium lengths. Wl ARM BHOWIKO a great many sty la* and shape* In brown snd black Martin, Brown and Oray Squlrr*). Japaneee Mink. River Mink, Oppooaum. Brown aad Black Conty. Ton can have them In sets or single pl-wr.-s Price* for Neck piece* are 93SO. 9AS0. 9ASO, 9ASO, 9A.OO, »1.00. 97.00 lo 919SA SILKS ot'R BILK SECTION la growing. W* are carrying double the Mock of Silks ■»-* did on* year ago- Our showing of fancy and plain Silks for fall cannot b* duplicated In town JIHT RKCEIVEIi a nawn-etrlped Cb*v*ron* sum able for wlable for waists and suits In Ih* Intttt shad**. H*rrlogbone stripe*, plaids, checks and stripes; Pongs* and College Widow Bilks. Jaat received a shipment, of Krenrh Taffeta and Wash Taffeta In all tbe popular shades This Silk makes s flne Walat or Suit, guaranteed to wash aad not break In wearing Prlc** In plain Silks ar* OOc. 70c. 91.80. Fancy at 78c. 91.OO. 91SA, 91-80 Moneybak A 111,I, I.IKK ol tb. r.-lr Irrsl-rl Silk fn black BBd colors, lo widths Irom SO, 14, 17. 14. II loci™ »ld. Prlc— ron Irom lot, »1.00. fl__. «IJK1. .1.75. t—00 ,_-_. OUR 1,1 lll.-tTKK Ihorouxhlr protects rou II tb. ...r I, nol BBII.l.ctorr rsturn roar silk aod ." ,i„ roa mtm 811k or jrour moaaj back. A Kl 1,1. AmORTMKJIT (IP MUW.AI.INK NII.KB In rr.rp. Id roM, r>s_da. plak. bl... trean. In X0 tatb. at uae aad ...00. Ccsro aad black la 14 Inch width at AIM ,—*. J' —..—..—.^WWfiW—WW McCall's Pattern* and Publications now ready for December. See the up-to-date styles, always reliable. More McCall's patterns used than any other patterns in the country What are you doing to secure that $350.00 II IV POR I 'll K*l I.I OR SOMK I i:M:mi. OR PERHAPS TOU ARK III I 1'IM. SOMR I III III II OR MICIKTY TO SUCRE THIS RIJOr.ANT IMITIII'MKNT. HOW IS THK I I'll: TO <,KT TO WORK IS i:.HSKST. THE OOJITI_T IS ALMOST OVKR. OVI.V OUR MONTH IlKMAIXS, 11 III s THIS I "III *1 lllll r I ,.*!,. RE THE WIMIKI1 IT IS WORTH WHILE. 3fenden/ia/tf&Woods. p/ILO ALTo ,,\,,,bOi»m*\i**<amoi**aaaam*nnmnoart*nn\*t>mnminnnnonnnnot**mmmiitmmm*oootmmomi*tim*ann*nmwmemnmmnmwm
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