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dc.description.abstractDAILY PALO ALTO TIMES. TUESDAY. OCT. u, 1009. 'I******- »»»»" PRAZER t CO, MILLINERY -limit's in FRAZER t CO, TAILORS ieesiiiii«i.ieeiiies»t»s»i«sisii PRAZER * CO, DRYGOODS PRAZER * CO, HABERDASHERS New Goods by Express from New Yofk New York Fall Styles Ladies TAILOR - MADE SUITS ENTIRE NEW LINE ALL PALL MODELS TAILOR MADC SUITS. Tha Largwat Stock we bar. ew carried fa Serge*. Chiffon. Broadcloth and Honv**ptm: colors—Nawy, Raisin. Taupe, Crwam and Black. LADIES' COATS EXTRAORDINARILY ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS IN LONG COATS. Wide varurty of materials No two Coats ths *as» in stras or doth. MISSES' and CHILDREN'S COATS We have made a particular effort to pleas* you this nason in our iMTeririfs thf Misses' and Children's costs A*h to see them. i SKIRTS TKE NEWEST THINOS IN, DRESS SKIRTS. Tbe New York Fall Styles, plain and pleated In abundant variety. We are sole stents (or the celebrated S. H. ft M. Guaranteed silk Petticoats in Black and Assorted Colors. Prices $5.0:, to $12.50. Satean, Heatherbloom aad Moreen Petticoats. $1.25 to $5.00. FREE _y MONTHLY STYLE BOOK LADIES' HOME JOURNAL PATTERNS Bon Ton (Style 924)—Fancy white baatiae or coutil. Full figure, low bust, vary long front hips snd back. This is a very beautiful model. % Adjusto Reducing Corset—Thee* are patented. They are equipped with reducing bands which can be instantly adjusted. Double boned throughout with flat double bones. Suitable for both medium and full figures. Ask for style 612. Price $3.00. FRAZER & CO. PALO ALTO Special—Belfast, Ireland Purchase IRISH TABLEL >ILM S FROM RICHARDSON SON'S ft OWDEN CELEBRATED FACTORY. BREAKFAST CLOTHS All Pattern Cloths— 1 1-2 yards square. $2.25 value now $1.50 1 1-2 yard* square. $2-75 value, now $1.75 2 yarda square. $2.75 value, now $1.75 2 J-2 yards square. $5.00 value, new $3.50 2 1-2 bv 3 yarda. $10. value, now $7.50 NAPKINS Napkins to match the above patterna— 5-8 sig«. now at par dosen. $l.fS 3-4 sire, now at, per doses _. $2.95 BARGAIN OFFERING—Case of Traveller's Samples- Put e Ltnen Napkins, slightly soiled, at unusual values. 20 dozen, 3-4 gigc. at, per do* $2,25 5 doren at. per dozen $2,50 5 dozen at, per doren $2.75 5 doxen at. per doren $J,50 WE ARE SOLE AGENTS FOR LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S Guaranteed Hole Proof HOSIERY 6 Pair. Guaranteed to wear ,ix month,—Two colore— Black and T,n Cotton—6 pair for :..' $2 00 Liale—6 pair tor tl.00 LADIES' HOME JOURNAL PATTERNS. ase**- eht w ""■ tS]|aaaaaa*|| ******* ,,*■.. ...,,! MM... .». ♦* Stanford University News and Doings •***•> seavtwry IWclres Valuable Work*. The Stanford library has recently melted severs! est* of work* whlrh are quite rare, sad of especial imprest to tbs snglnssrs. A etsstelete set of fifty volumes, dttlt.i JtPtt 1X0 to 1*0? at "Translation. Ot the Instltut* of Naval Architects." «S* fiurchasetl front I.omlon and '» tsspaclallr valuable lo ths ".echsnl cal sue Inters. As other sat from Loodoa roin- prletOf thirteen volumes. Is "The •etarYsrors' Institute, Pro fntt toon) .Notes'' A large set of thlrtr vol- anas dating from IIS. ta 1*0. «*l .the ''Profession*] Papers of th* Carps of Royal Kaglaeera" Is ef In- teres! to both mechanical aad cltll engineer*. A verr rare set of flpsn- lah works of twenty-one volui trtre-e Engineering Soeleties Wednesday even In j, October lltb. at I o'eloeh. Coart ItoM From Redwood City WILL HAVE JUVENILE COURT Judge Buck made the following ctrslcr Thursday appointing a juvrn So Actio* Takes* Tet. !**• to*n f<* ,h« **»**X: So aetloa baa ret beea tabea bri "In ««"d*nce *«>> »«tion 6 ol the student affairs committee ta ra-.chapter ijj ol sn act ol th* gsrd to the Sundsv night parade. I **n «--* *tals concerning 'depen- The eatntalttee will sseet * Wedace-! ***•■ 1Bd delinquent children' spaa* atght. proved March 8, loop. It It hereby , „ •ordered that lbs following named iAN iiltt'Mi lasTwhtH. (persons be snd they ire hereby sp- ___„_ ' pointed to be known as and called Another ma.* meeting of the ***».-!«*• 'Probation Comtalttae't Mrs. tried eleetoTs of ths S»n Bruno schoot! Pwr Shaman. Ssa Mateo; Crorgr district .t called by the .cueol tnts- W "■"■ Sa» "««v M"- <*■ *V. tee. ii. response t*. s petition. ,. j Sn.ath. Ssn Bruno; Mrs. A. H. Dsv- which lime thit oft-repe.ted tnbjeei \'*"*• C°lm«: "" Rob«« Vroam. -will sgaia be up lor action At ta.i.*«*wo,»* Cil*- *"■ r-*M-e. Hall- tints the petitioner* de«lre lhat seven I**00- ■■•• *nd *■ C Wiltiamwn. more lots be perchated. It Is also j ********* petitioned thai fhe present tchool home be resulted from in *ite to s eaUlled "Colecdoa de Uoros Ks- locatton in Bell Air Park snd ths* panoJea. Itaror " Cnrlosu*." hsajthe new school home be erected on : heeti received. [the site thus made vscant. - ' ■■--—.- | A "pit tor is I" was hsld al the town ftawtst* i*Bh Fv*r»w e, (halt on TJturtdij- evening hy the —..At, a a-«ttl&g of all the crew men' Women's Improvement club, which It wss decided tha* a permanent or- proved it. he a huge hacceas snd sanitation, to Iw known st the La ho! which -retire., f'.r'this. club a very -LagariH* Rawlni Club, should be gratifying- sum The pie-estlng Articles of Incorporation. The foltewiag artielct of ration were tiled ia the other of the county recorder during the week: The Lobito* Investment Company incorporate* with a capital stock ol teowOOO derided into .win. thires at a par valtte ot one dollar each. The principal piece of bu*inc*s it San Francisco 'and the purposei of the fortnr-l io roster and support row- tett ws* .the .rehire of the evening , company are to buy and id) real es> lag even though tb* eport I* no tn.i only tbe iptendtd cookery of lbs *ste sad deal ia pertotul property. longer a rr*cosnl»e.1 eMident body ^»n Bruno nutront svrrttd many a The actual amount of stock tub- aettvity. |cs»e of nightmare. „ scribed ia ftsoo by the following Member* Id thr new organisation'. The Indies' Aid Society of the stoakholdert who tubteribe •Tat. not b* llatlted lo the (see *-*•* Methoditt Charch gave another Tkgra been In i>aat crew sqnsdt. but Sum-hon in th* cagine huutc ol tbe ''still be open to any men In the tint- San Bruno volunteer Are department, Setalty who are Inlerejled In bos'- thp u*e of which ws* gcneroutly do- .Mf. J. C. Huston ws* elected pres!- ntted to them, on last Wednesdsy 4taat and F. L. tjaereaa secretary. ■hares esch: Reubea A. Johaton, Theodore T Joboton. Donald S Hinds and Ou*: M. Johnson. The Redwood City Woman's ctnb hat Incorporated to promote srg,aa.n- hasbsnd, Cheater J. Walters for an ia ihe tupetioe court ts^aast hat interlocutory decree of divorce on j statutory groeao*. George Plsyford bas brought tult; hs the Superior coart against Sig- Strrn sad Came aad Carrie to recover the tern of tstft 4*, balance | due on a brick contract. In Septem. her 190B, Stern swarded a contract to; Carrie and Carrie for tke ereclion of a tsro-ttory dwelling at Pair Oak* tor $16,000 Cnrrie and Currie ahonty gft'trward* *ublet the chimneys and a brick wslk to plsintiff At the com- pletion ol tee work ia May of tht. year, he was paid *>ji 57 snd no more. Now he sue* for the the balance, to- wit: $084.1 and for recording tha lien and cost* ol sail. Manuel Cctodio ha* brottght init la tbe satpcrior coart agaia*t Samuel Sheer and* M. Curtia, to recover the turn of $75-for back rent for a houie at Ssn Bruno Park- Tbe cocspl-irit allegrt thst Shear hrssed the preniUc* snd aarrerd to pa« S15 a month for tame but has failed lo pay hie rent for five months, though be ha* been notified of hi* drlin- eaency freen time to time Curtis leased a portion of the boilding Irom Shear. Plsintiff s»k* for the re*tl- tution snd pottettion of the property snd cotu of *uit, Margaret Vsa Etten ha* torn- mtneed foreetotuic proceeding* sjeintt Oh**. P. Roger* snd Leo -Stone on certain lot* in Edgrmer 1 inhdivition Oa July JO. ifjof*,! de- fcad.tntt gave the plaintiff 3 promissory note teeured by a mortgage en these lots' for $1,000 She now bring* *nit to foreclo.r on tbe prop- ot I iri.tii. Murphy, deceased, have I filed their tnvcatory and appraise-, taeat. The astats conritt* ol s toe! in the Homestead t-and Attocutioti vahud at too. TAXES i Brttrtlol.* »f hUamlrtallnna. nuchlne for Mrs. Null, who Io«t her* The tchedule of eramtnatloos tor in the Are which drttroyrd the church the ftbodes scholarship hat been an- recently. The lunrheon wat s great reaaaeed aad eomprttea eiaatlna- tuccest. being well patronited and a ttotu la Latin, Oreek snd mathema:-| tabttsntiat inm was aetlcd.. lea. Tho dates are October mth!" ■ ■"■ - "*s0,h I F. J. Commcrford Wat fill* I-rlsr*-. HtllWIWHOnXG, U \l..i\>I \Kl\t. E. C Btoom of the Paetflc Tele*/ , AaTO atKPAIUXt;. phone A Telegraph Co. will give an; 61. Bryant ttreet. P. O. Bas JE* Illuttrated lactate st e lotnt me*;- Pale Attn. lag Of tbe Eleclrle aad Mechanical n.-m for the parpcic ol ratting fund*) tsneeship, good fellowship and co-op- ht.;h to parches* a new letting erst.on among tbe women of Red- jtrood City and vicinity. The princi- psl place of buMncst it Redwood City. The eleven directors are a* follow*: K*therinc D Cttmbcr*aa. Sarah K Merrill, Cracc I, Cctooer. Ailecn J. Flakier, Gertrude Becger, l.ila M. Kirkpatrick. Ssrsh A. Went. aronh. M Alice Mansfield. Mary E. Whiter, Josephine N. Yonnt. Clara Tsytor Clark New Action. Cor*iti«nc*d Clarence Walters bat brought shit F.tiale of Ssrsh McKinnon. deceased. Probate of will and petition for ipecial letter* coa'inned to October 7. Ettats of Jacob WiUbergtr. deceased. Petitioner letters of administration continued to October 7.. Estate of Msrttu E. Peters, deceased. Settlement of account continued to October 7 Eatstc of R I. Knapp, deceased Settlement of Seconal continued to October 14. of liabells Bullock, de- cea*ed. Settlement of account continued to October 7 R.tat* of D. I. Httgbet, deceased Sla Jd. Hodge* granted letter* of hsiniatration with bond fined in the turn of Ettaie of R O Tripat- deceased. Final aceotmt allowed and settled and petition lor lait tribal km (rrsnted. Eitste snd gusrdienthip of A. Under hill/ sn incompetent person Settlement of.rtrul account continued to October 7. Eatat* of Josephine B. Durham, deceased. Account allowed snd, settled Eatate of Win Hughe*, decested. Prdtioa for tale of peraaaal property granted. New Boilding Contracts. The following builder*' contract* ererc filed in tbe office of the recorder darinif the week:_ M, S. Bernicri agree* to erect for Morris Brown in 6 months a granite tad reinforced concrete ttuutoleum it Home of Peace cemetery for fto.- rjoo. H. W. Ijmpkin itipnlaies to erect for H. O. Heiner on or before Dec 1st. a one-ttorv frame building in Dtngee Psrk. fer Suto Appr4t*ars File Reports A Ptnrlt. George Wight sad W i H. Almon. appraiser* of the estate It's a bad ("Ins to be moved lo meellna unlet* you more elsewhere. JetTTIt^ff, OF nieatsOU'TieW OF p.*i?T?ri*iwmp. Notice Is hereby gtvea thst the partaerablp heretofore ntstlna b-- tweea tbe aadenlgiied. ender tho firm name of GRREXB 4 O'HAIR. and conducting a busleest aa painters and decorators' al ~Zt-r. It!gfc s.r*et. has been dttwol****. the M*M Orwea* rettrt&g from the bo tin eat All oalalnadlag accounts dee tbe firm are to ty paid to K P. O'llalr. »Lo'wlll coatlaae to rondut-t the bttataese at the present shop. No S-4 « High mttmmt. Palo Alto. H. B. GRKRNE. * HP. O'HAIR. '(Wiol-r 4, m». l»-«Jt OaVe of the Tat Collator. t'aanty al aanta Clara. Cat.. Baa Joee, October S, lies. SOTICa.' If* HERRDT Q1VBS . that the taxes far tbe year ltvl wilt b*eoroe da* aad payable OCTOBER nth. KIRBT INen-lXMENT-Tasea on ^sll peraaaal Sroperty. a nee oa Or raecarett by-tassd. all apeeUI taxea sad one-half of\he taxes ea all real : property ate deltaqnent on NOTCH- RkTR tt.MSOS. at)» OYU>CK P. ItL. : "hen IS per oeat wtll be added to all or said grst Instatlmeat r*a*ala- . Ina anpeld. 8CCOND tNaTALLMENT—Tbe re- malalng oae-bslf of teas* oa all real property win be dee and pey. able JANTART S. till, aad eeste- qusnt APRIL 211. nn. «hea I per cent will be added to all taxas remaining napald. . Tstparert m_,, ,f Ui*y cVeJia le tht an, pay th* tttsol* tst at otto »*•- For the purtnae of rerelvlns; taxe* 1 will be Ib the several Toentblpe of the County as rollowa: PALO ALTO. At the Rank of Palo Alto. la. th* town of Palo A«* on Thartday. Oe- taber 14. aad F.. ay. October II. ' IMS. HATFIELD TOW tRIIIP. At Rprnard Haver's drv • .tore, la j tbe tears of Nsyfteld, oa . staittay October it. i«ti. And at my offle* la the Coart House at Ren Joee dally. Saadays an«sst»gal holidays excepted, teoas • 1 a. aa. to ' p rn . te and Incsealnc MONDAT. NOVEMBER It. l««f and MONDAY. APRIL SS. tug, uX i O'CLOCK P. M. TW ■aasss*. l*tM*Jrsn**r of Taxes It Payabte at My OtsW le th* Obaet H..SJ-M- 1* __ Jo.... * 'WM. JivrtRv. . Tat Colleclor »f Heat. Oar* Corwry 10.l-2m Four regular army companies trill agt ea the President. hodygaard In ' Seattle Tbe President bas a lot of body ta guard —Seattle attar.
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