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dc.description.abstracta) Blue plastic case with blue plastic handle, metal latch for closing. Three drawers plus open compartment for storing Barbie; two closets with hanger racks for clothing. b) long metalic brocade golden coat with brown fur cuffs. c) Ken's green sport jacket. d) Ken's white knit sweater with blue and red trim on edges. e) Barbie sheer white robe. f) Barbie's red sailor type jacket with white trim. g) Barbie's red and white cotton body type suit/blouse. h) Barbie white lace party dress. i) Barbie's white plastic/leather jacket with red flannel lining. j) Barbie yellow terry cloth robe. k)Pink and white cotton sleeveless dress and white cotton apron with red and white hot pad holder in pocket. l) Red dress with straight skirt with pockets and 4 gold buttons. m) Pink sheer long robe with full long sleeves with a pocket on one side. n) Pink sleeveless cotton sun dress with full skirt and white trim. o) Bright red/orange knit long sleeve sweater with collar and 4 silver-type buttons for closure. p) Print-green, red, blue circles on black sleeveless dress with zipper closing in back. g) Fashion magazines: Three pink "Barbie" labels on front; "Barbie & Ken" magazine, one yellow, two pink covers, two bright blue and two light blue covers; a total of ten magazines. r) White beach towel with anchor print of blue, red , black, and beige. s) Nineteen red plastic hangers. t) Black and clear plastic square box with three pair of Ken's brown shoes. u) White and clear plastic heart-shaped box with fifteen pairs of Barbie shoes. v) Five pairs Barbie socks in red plaid plastic over night case with zipper closing. w) "Barbie accessories" drawer; tan with (w-1) green felt hat box with blue butterfly containing yellow net hat, (w-2)round plastic (purple felt pasted on lid) with seven bead necklaces and one chain, four bead bracelets, one pearl hat pin, one pearl on bent wire (?). (w-3) Round blue felt box with gold trim containing gold belt, plastic red gloves, white rimmed sun glasses with broken ear piece on one side. (w-4) Two pairs of plastic Ken's shoes. (w-5) Black plastic tray with "Barbie" in silver. (w-6)Clear plastic shower cap. (w-7) Three tall drink glasses (two orange and one white), wooden handled mug. (w-8) Golden , plastic handbag. (w-9) Blue/green cordoray handbag with two silver coins. (w-10) Frying pan. (w-11) Cooking utencils with red handles (spatula, spoon, knife). (w-12) Gold spoon. (w-13) Wooden rolling pin with red handles. (w-14) Blue plastic phone. (w-15) Four wax plastic swans (one red, one yellow, one green, one pink)-green and pink melted. (w-16) Yellow felt lettering for letter jacket "U". (w-17) Two blue, plastic horseshoes. (w-18) Pink plastic hair accessories (comb, mirror, brush). (w-19) Two plastic perfume bottles. (w-20) Cylindrical plastic container with hot pink felt on end with gold stars glued on inside, two white tennis balls and pink soap. (w-21) Gold, metal shovel with handle. x) Purple cardboard barbie accessories drawer. (x-1) Pink brassier. (x-2) Two piece white, sheer barbie pajamas. (x-3) White, cotton Barbie shorts. (x-4) Red cotton shorts with elastic around waist. (x-5) Red and white striped cotton sun-back blouse. (x-6) Knit blue and white striped pullover shirt with snap on back of neck. (x-7) White cotton Ken's shorts with zipper on back. (x-8) Two piece brown and white striped pajamas for Ken, top snaps down front. (x-9) Ken's two-piece white cotton suit-pants have cuffs and zipper on back, top has snaps down front. (x-10) Army green sport shirt for Ken, short sleeves and snaps down front. (x-11) Red and white striped beach coat with terricloth for Ken. (y-1) Box "Barbie bubble bath". Yellow box slides into sleeve with print on it and picture of Barbie. (y-2) Blue and white stripe knit pull-over with zipper in back. (y-3) Strapless formal with red velvet top and white satin skirt. (y-3) Strapless gold brocade dress, straight skirt with zipper in back. (y-4) Blue and white cotton strapless cotton sundress with snaps in back. (y-5) Ken's red vest with plaid lining and back, two-snap closing in the front. (y-6) Ken's knit olive green pull-over short sleeve shirt. (y-7) Ken's olive green cotton slacks with zipper in front and cuffs on pant legs. (y-8) Barbie's white fur stole with pink satin lining; hook closing. (y-9) Barbies white elbow-length gloves. (y-10) Barbies pink satin full skirted formal strapless, with three "jewels" on left hip; two snaps for back closing. (y-11) Barbies pink sheer night gown to go with pink sheer robe. (y-12) Sheer light blue bra with elastic strap for back.
dc.subjectBarbie; Ken; Clothing; Doll
dc.titlecase, barbie
dc.typePhysical Object
ge.dataimportlabelOAI metadata object
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ge.oai.setnameMuseum Artifacts

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