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Recent Submissions

  • Systemic approach of the evolution in the history and unexplained gaps within.

    Nuțu, Cătălin Silviu (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    The paper is presenting the main stages in the history of mankind using the concept of system and how a certain system of a certain stage is evolving out of the previous stage into another new one using also the mathematical theory pertaining to the transition of a system between two different states. The paper is also dealing with the rational laws and rules governing the economy, laws and rules that are necessary to explain evolution. One important fact which is resulting out of the paper is that although necessary those economical rules and laws are unfortunately insufficient to explain the gaps one can always find everywhere one looks in the history.
  • Religion, science and theology, similarity and differences

    Marchal, Bruno (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    In this short paper I explain why the discovery of the universal machine is a major discovery, totally unexpected, and quite extraordinary. I will explain, as much as possible in layman terms, what meant “theology” in the general sense of the Greeks who invented the theological science, and I will explain why the universal machine has a canonical theology in that sense. Some knowledge of the notion of functions is required. I do not claim any ontological truth. I will make my hypothesis, Mechanism, clear, and all statements that I will assert must be understood as belonging to the consequences of the hypothesis. The hypothesis itself cannot be proved but can be refuted, and so it will appear to be scientific in that sense. I will compare it to the human theologies, but also to human religion, and try to find an explanation of why religions, which are supposed to be “good thing” can sometimes look so bad. Unlike some of my previous paper, I will abandon a bit of rigor for reason of length, clarity, and ease, but everyone is invited to consult my other publications for more rigorous exposition of the basic theory. Any critics or comments are encouraged, cela va de soi! I use the hypothesis of Mechanism, not because I would believe in it, but because it makes possible to translate the problems into mathematical problems and to test the consequences empirically. Nevertheless, I begin to expose the basic theory of computability, so that the reader gets the taste of the “real thing,” before providing a sort of panorama of the machine’s theology, before a loose and succinct application in the human domain.
  • LSAW pipe residual stresses study as result of human intelligence or wisdom of the God?

    Delistoian, Dmitri; Chircor, Mihael (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    Transport by pipelines is a result of technological progress. In present days, it is also a global policy tool. The development of this branch was made possible by technological progress through researchers in the field of strength of materials. Technological advances offer clear and visible benefits to modern society, but a price is reached that touches the moral side of man.
  • Relationship in good corporate governance (GCG)

    Iskak, Jamaludin; Sugiarto, Teguh (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    The purpose of this research is to build an analysis model with the PCA data panel. This study is based on building a model performed by [1 & 2], in their study of the use of several parameters in management science using panel data analysis. The variables used in this study consist of proper corporate governance variables in the banking industry, operational efficiency banking industry consisting of NIM and ROA variables, performance analysis banking industry that consists of variable growth, size, and leverage. The data in this study comes from the financial statements of banks listed on the Stock Exchange during the period 2008-2017. Data analysis in this research using PCA panel data. How would a theologian find this marketing result and relate with it?
  • Beyond the low-cost strategies in Indonesia of the AirAsia company.

    Sugiarto, Teguh; Iskak, Jamaludin (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    To deal with competition, corporations must develop appropriate and efficient strategies to ensure that in the long run the company can still survive and grow. Strategy becomes a part that must be prepared as early as possible and implemented in such a way as to ensure the continuity of corporations or companies. The strategy is not something that is formulated simply because it is asked, then never evaluated whether it is effective or not. Instead, strategies are structured to ensure that the organization can run in a predefined design.
  • Asymmetric consumer information in behavior relationship With marketing management.

    Winoto Tj, Hery (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    This paper aims to provide input and reviews related to consumer behavior in Indonesia, from the author’s perspective based on analysis and literature review. This paper will cover the understanding related to consumer behavior, primarily related to how the mechanism and how a consumer to get, meet and seek all forms of wants and needs. In this paper we provide suggestions and inputs for capital analysis of consumer behavior in Indonesia, it is closely related to the field of study and marketing studies in general. From the paper review that has been done, we propose some concepts and ways to study consumer behavior in Indonesia, in the form of a study proposal. This paper uses narrative descriptive analysis techniques to be able to and obtain some suggestions in viewing and studying consumer behavior in Indonesia.
  • Intellectual capital solution to performance in economics condition

    Subagyo, Ahmad (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    This paper aims to explain and review about intellectual capital in improving the economic conditions of a nation and state in Indonesia. In explaining and reviewing this capital, intellectual capital, using descriptive analysis capital. From the explanations and reviews that have been put forward in the literature review, the results of research and discussion can be concluded that intellectual capital is very important for the company and the State. The first for intellectual capital companies contains organizational mechanisms and structures that can help employees to achieve optimal intellectual performance and overall business performance. If the company has high-capability employees, good competencies, satisfied employees, the company has a good and structured organization, clear organizational processes, good organizational culture, good marketing-related skills, satisfied customers, good market intensity, as well as good relationships with the community then it can improve the business performance of the company. Increased performance of employees and companies, will ultimately improve the performance of the nation and the State, in because individual income increases and nn improves, by itself increasing the income of the nation and the State.
  • Romanian activists from Transylvania in the period of Austro-Hungarian dualism

    Oprea, Emanuel (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    After the war with France (1859) and Prussia (1866) the Habsburg Empire was in a deep social and political crisis, very close to its dissolution, mainly due to the internal national movements in the name of new ideas and principles of Democracy and National Emancipation as they were first mentioned in the decade of French Revolution (1789-1799). In consequence, the Habsburgs have made serious efforts to maintain the unity and cohesion of the multinational state and from 1860 to 1867 enlarged rights including autonomy and self-government in many regions of the Empire were accorded. The Romanian intellectuals and elite from Transylvania have intensified their actions for the social, political and economic emancipation of Romanian ethnics with a general defined purpose to obtain equal rights with Hungarian and Austrian citizens in the spirit of the ideas of democracy and the national principles. The end of the bipolar world in 1990 had brought in actuality the national and ethnical issues. The insufficient and superficial approach of these questions, based on the particular examples of Romanians from Transylvania, leads to deep fundamental state crisis and therefore they represent a serious challenge nowadays and their investigations are relevant and of interest.
  • On the building of the first stone church of “Dintr-un Lemn” monastery (Romania) and its architectural characteristics

    Stanca, Nicoleta; Ciorbea, Valentin (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    The article discusses the historical moment of the mid-seventeenth century when the building of the stone church at “Dintr-un Lemn” Monastery began. The first benefactors are presented: boyar Preda Brâncoveanu, the rulers Matei Basarab (1632-1654), Șerban Cantacuzino (1678-1688), Ștefan Cantacuzino (1714-1716) and Constantin Brâncoveanu (1688-1714). We have also analyzed the architectural characteristics of the stone church, according to which the building style places “Dintr-un Lemn” Monastery in the age of Matei Basarab.
  • Meditative practice as a tool in philosophical counseling

    Hațegan, Vasile Petru (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    This paper presents the necessity of implementing meditative practice as a necessary tool in philosophical counseling. It starts from the fact that it is one of the tools used by philosophy in antiquity. It was subsequently forgotten by philosophers oriented towards the academy, but also because meditation was taken over by theology, and later by psychotherapy and by personal development. The emergency of philosophical counseling led to the rediscovery of these practices by some practitioners concerned with the applications of philosophical meditation and the use of philosophical texts in the meditative process, drawing up manuals for practitioners in philosophy. The paper includes the description of a method of inducing a meditative state, necessary for meditation and philosophical reflection. There are presented tools and mental processes that can be used in philosophical practice at different times and can be included in meditation to clarify or understand life situations. The conclusion of this article is in favor of developing of these meditative methods and techniques by including them in the philosophical counselor’s professional training programs, showing some directions to be followed in future in this field.
  • Scientific hardships in the approach of the quantum phenomena

    Nuțu, Cătălin Silviu (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    The paper is showing the strange facts and realities pertaining to the quantum world and is explaining why it is so difficult to understand and to work with them. The paper is also stressing the important fact, that in order to understand these strange realities pertaining to the quantum phenomena, one should give up the traditional way of thinking of the science and should also renounce the false idea of the rationalism, that the reality can be known and understood only by scientific reasoning according to the limited present stage of science and knowledge.
  • Religious attitudes regarding the suffering in the outlook of the protestants from Romania

    Balla, Annamaria (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    This study wishes to present the way Protestants in Romania relate themselves to various unpleasant situations such as: illness, failure, isolation, death. In this study, there were 966 protestants between the ages of 10 and 70 years old. The study followed the protestants attitudes towards suffering, awfulizing and intolerance thoughts in suffering situations and the effects of irrational thoughts on emotional living. The study revealed that Protestants have a balanced attitude towards suffering, but teenagers 10 to 15 are very vulnerable, with high intensity of irrational thoughts and dysfunctional emotions.
  • The importance of faith in couple communication

    Călin, Mariana Floricica (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    Religion has always been an important element in the lives of most people. The couple represents the basic unit of life perpetuation. It is a bond formed between two people who develops and evolves together and which have as a common goal building a family. The couple’s life quality is essential in maintaining a lasting, healthy relationship that provides harmony, satisfaction and stability. The way a partner relates to each other in the couple relationship has a determining role for the future actions of the other, and also for the relationship stability and functioning. The manner in which partners in a couple behave depends on their religious culture. Religion must bring a positive influence on the relationship: namely, the cultivation of the idea of not harming the person and the person next to us. Prayer is a method of stress relief in critical moments. The effort regarding maintain positive and functional relationship between partners should be oriented towards the following directions: interpersonal communication based on affectivity, equality in decision-making, fairness in exchanges, motivation that supports the relationship, motivational compatibility, interpersonal respect, raising the marital level satisfaction. Hypotheses: It is assumed that married people communicate more assertively than the unmarried. It is assumed that people with assertive communication style are consensual in the couple. Lot of participants: The sample includes 60 married and unmarried people from Constanta between the ages of 18 and 60. From the point of view of the marital state, there are 20 married couples and 10 unmarried couples. Research Instruments: Questionnaire identifying the style of communication and DAS questionnaire Results: As a result of the correlations and comparisons made, we have found that married people express more affectionately than unmarried ones, and that there is a higher level of assertive communication in the case of married couples. It has also been found that the assertive communication style positively correlates with couple consensus and satisfaction.
  • The impact of the image of God in the concept of the Protestants from Romania upon the mental health

    Balla, Annamaria (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    In the cognitive psychology’s conception, mental health is mostly given by the way an individual relates to himself, those around him, the environment and the events occurring in his personal life, as well as in his family and community life. Religious life is an essential part for most of Romania’s population. So, the question appears: are there any patterns in a religious person’s thinking that could generate emotional and/or behavioral disorders, which could favor the appearance of some mental issues? This study wishes to point out the answer to this question, by analyzing the Protestant population of Romania. After data processing on 966 participants to the study the conclusion that came up was that in general there aren’t irrational thoughts regarding personal faith, the attitude towards God and the man’s role in relation with divinity. In a small extent, statistically not significant, there are people who believe God has an obligation to heal and listen to prayers, but the majority regards that God has no obligations towards the man.
  • The influence of religios sentiment and positive thinking on life quality

    Călin, Mariana Floricica (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    Positive thinking is associated with a certain state of well-being, which is desirable for all of us. The way we manage to maintain it, the way some individuals creates illusions based on this type of thinking, as well as the general impact on life quality has been and is still being discussed. Just as biblical verses have the power to become life beliefs for some, and positive thinking has the power to turn into faith.We want to discover through this research how the approach of positive thinking as life philosophy, influences personal autonomy.
  • Situational lies. Developing liar behavior in school

    Sandu, Mihaela Luminita; Ispas, Kristine Viorica (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    Of the most frequent negative traits in children, preadolescents and adolescents, psychological and educational research has mainly studied the lie, whims, stubbornness, negativity, shyness and so forth, highlighting their causes and ways of combating them. Over time, the advances in science and technology have been viewed with skepticism, and the inventors have had to overcome different obstacles to impose their ideas. The discovery of the lie has haunted people since ancient times and motivated them in their research to develop an apparatus to help to discover simulated behavior. Lying is an aspect of communication less investigated, but this phenomenon should not be ignored as long as it exists, and we do not find it only at adults, but also at the children. The negative character traits behind the lie are the effect of wrong education in the family, kindergarten, school, because the lie arises for a variety of reasons, some with conscious intention, others without conscious intention. Lying means, by definition, deceiving, but not all forms of deception mean lies; the language of lies is often complicated and confusing, depending on the nature of the subject itself. From a religious point of view, sincerity or veracity is a virtue, a virtue that consists in acting and speaking according to what we are thinking, avoiding lying and duplicity, because falsifying the truth makes the inter-human interaction in society disruptive as it destroys mutual trust among people and conducts to the removal of others and of God.
  • The influence of the entourage on the couple relationship.

    Sandu, Mihaela Luminita (Dialogo Publishing House, 2018-11-30)
    Living together is an art not so easy to manage. With a firm desire to overcome and a right attitude, the relationships in two can work well and it can be a safe form of achieving a balanced and happy personal development. In most cases, the causes of problems in a couple have their origin outside the relationship, such as the intervention of friends or the family intervening in the relationship between the two partners. Many other reasons lie within it. If there is communication in the relationship and is built on love, surely the two partners can overcome certain obstacles and can solve the problems between them. Currently there are psychologists who can advise the couple relationship. But most of the time, you are your advisor when it comes to your couple problems. As far as your couple issues are concerned, it depends a lot how close your relationship is with your friends, work colleagues, parents and how much their word influences you, and most important is how far you are willing to go. More and more people talk about the lack of communication within the couple, however, it is not the main cause of the couple’s problems. Some partners do not communicate or miscommunicate in some cases, and it creates issues or strengthens the couple.
  • Transylvania : Orthodox and Catholic confluences

    Oprea, Emanuel George (Dialogo Publishing House, 2019-06-30)
    Separation of Christianity, the Great Schism of 1054, as a result of the struggle for power between Rome and Constantinople, in Orthodox and Catholic, can be considered the moment when Europe was split up for many years until our days. The Western Europe Church expansion had manifested itself in the Middle Age in Transylvania when after 1437 the Unio Trium Nationum had excluded the Romanian Orthodox from social, political and economic life. The separation of Christian religions between East and West led to severe consequences reflected in the development of the society in Transylvania, which propagated even until present days.
  • Total daily life philosophy (Tdlp ): new conceptual and fundamentals

    Alkhatib, Ahed J; Latyshev, Oleg Ju. (Dialogo Publishing House, 2019-06-30)
    In this study, we introduce our perspectives about total daily life philosophy (TDLP). From a daily point of view, we experience events and episodes continuously, particularly the heavily aspects of information as received by electronic media. To cope with this massive stream of information and their data analysis, one needs to develop a philosophical mentality, and one aspect of philosophy is not sufficient. According to this context, the concept of TDLP has emerged. Philosophy may be the representative expressions of mental activities that cannot be placed in one frame. We need philosophy to be placed in a comprehensive and practical context for two purposes, to treat effectively the emerging experiences, and to expand the horizon of previous experiences and episodes. The second purpose is to make philosophy approaching the larger audience. The term TDLP has come to represent all elements in the previous context.
  • Combating depression in parkinson’s disease with melotherapy

    Docu Axelerad, Any; Zorina, Stroe Alina; Silviu, Docu Axelerad (Dialogo Publishing House, 2019-11-30)
    The purpose of this study was to identify the connection between the depression in Parkinson’s disease and the possible benefit that melotherapy can induce in patients' depressive states, the improvement in the patients’ quality of life and the differences between using melotherapy as an instrument for the Parkinson’s disease patients compared to the control group of patients.

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