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Books on ethics with a special focus on China.

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  • Overseas investment of Chinese enterprises : a casebook on corporate social responsibility

    Liu, Baocheng; Patel, Chandni (, 2020)
    This book offers unique case studies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in overseas investments of Chinese Enterprises, covering different industry sectors and regions. The decision making process of key stakeholders in ethical dilemmas, successes, failures and lessons learnt in CSR are analyzed. This book also offers an analysis of the core principles of effective stakeholder engagement, strategic planning and due diligence in the investment process, in topics such as infrastructure, mergers and acquisition, integration of local employees, trade unions and responsible advertising. It reiterates the importance of responsible business for the success of effective Outbound Direct Investment (ODI) strategies.
  • 影响中国环境政策执行效果的因素分析

    Bao, Ziran; 鲍自然 (, 2015)
    近年来,中国的重大环境问题越来越密切地与政策执行相关。因此,本书的视角确定为环境政策执行,探究环境政策执行不力的症结所在,为政策制定者和执行者提 供理论借鉴。在理性"经济人"假设、机会主义假设和资源稀缺性假设的前提下,本书以制度分析、行为分析和利益分析为主线,运用博弈论、委托-代理理论、公 共选择理论,结合案例分析和问卷调查,分析了环境政策质量、政策执行资源、正式制度、政策执行主体和政策对象的行为、社会力量的监督等诸因素对环境政策执 行效果的影响。最后,得出六项利于环境政策有效执行的建议。
  • China Business Perception Index

    Wang, Yuan; Luo, Yating (, 2015)
    The Business Perception Index (BPI) has been developed to understand the Kenya-based Chinese companies' characteristics, to understand the business and investment climate faced by Chinese enterprises, and how these conditions affect productivity and growth of Chinese companies in Kenya. The BPI Survey-Kenya is a firm-level descriptive survey of Chinese private and state-owned enterprises in Kenya. The questionnaire includes the following ten major sections: basic firm characteristics, regulation and taxes, crime and safety, informality, gender, finance, infrastructure, trade, workforce, corruption and obstacles analysis. We reached out through email and telephone to 184 Chinese establishments in Kenya, and 75 companies accepted the survey.
  • Philanthropy in China

    Baocheng, Liu; Mengsha, Zhang (, 2017)
    Philanthropy in China is fast growing. A new important charity law of China came into effect in 2016. This book is a comprehensive report about these developments: Philanthropy is considered the third form of wealth distribution (private means to public ends and communities) after market competition and taxation scheme. In individualistic and market-oriented societies, philanthropy is more established and relevant than in societies, where the state controls distribution. This book compares Chinese and Western concepts of philanthropy and analyzes the history, drivers, institutional environment, latest legal frame, donation patterns, the role of civil society, corporate giving and the media in Chinese philanthropy. The report serves as comprehensive overview for all actors in society in China and internationally who are dealing with philanthropy in China. ( Publications)
  • 中国企业 “走出去” 社会责任研究报告

    Liu, Baocheng; Zhang, Mengsha ( ; Center for International Business Ethics CIBE, 2018)
    企业的社会责任指企业主动满足公众对其的道德期待或自 愿为社会作出额外贡献的行为。随着全球企业社会责任运动的发 展,各类倡议、规范和立法层出不穷。在改革开放政策和自身发 展需求的推动下,中国企业加快了“走出去”的步伐。但部分外 国政府对中方的战略意图尚有疑虑,海外公众对中国企业的责任 表现仍有微词。中国企业亟须提高风险管控、内部治理、公共沟 通等能力,进而实现与诸多利益相关者的互利共赢,树立负责任 的全球公民形象。
  • CSR Report on Chinese Business Overseas Operation

    Liu, Baocheng; Zhang, Mengsha ( ; Center for International Business Ethics CIBE, 2018)
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to corporate behaviour that pro-actively meets the ethical expectations of the public and voluntarily contributes to the society. The global CSR movement yields numerous initiatives, standards and legislation. Owing to the need for development as well as the reform and opening-up policy, mounting Chinese enterprises are “going global” with large amounts of capital. Nevertheless, some foreign governments cast doubt on China’s strategic intent, and the general public is dissatisfied with Chinese CSR performance. Chinese enterprises must strengthen their capacities regarding risk control, internal governance, public communication etc., so as to achieve mutual benefit with multi-stakeholders and build an image of responsible global citizenship.
  • 中国经济伦理研究 第一集 (Volume 1)

    Shuqin, Wang (, 2016)
  • 中国经济伦理研究 第二集 (Volume 2)

    Shuqin, Wang (, 2016)
  • 中国的企业社会责任=Corporate social responsibility in China

    Baocheng, Liu; Gao, Dorothy (, 2015)
    对外经济贸易大学国际经济伦理研究中心( C I B E ) 致力于 企业社会责任的研究、教育与推广。自2 0 0 7 年C I B E 发起首届大学 生“ 企业社会责任” 征文大赛以来, 全国累计有超过一万组同 学参赛, 有多名获奖选手获得国外硕士项目奖学金、国内外期 刊杂志发表、实习等机会, 在高校和社会中引起了强烈反响。 此次从第五届及第六届获奖论文中挑选出15篇优秀论文,整理成 集,由CIBE的瑞士合作伙伴全球伦理网(在瑞士正式 出版发行。入选的论文题目涉及:环境保护、行政伦理、供应链管理、 保险信用、消费者权益、劳工保障、慈善创新等诸多相关话题。希望能 够引发更多机构和个人对“企业社会责任”理论和实践的探索,吸引更 多年轻人参与,为构建可持续发展的经济和社会环境贡献力量。
  • Chinese Civil Society

    Baocheng, Liu (, 2016)
  • 论市场经济的道德维度

    万, 俊人; Wan, Junren (, 2016)
    Abstract in Chinese: 市场经济的道德性问题已然成为国内外诸多人文社会科学学科 的交叉话题。受时下国内经济学界和伦理学界有关研讨的激励,本 文尝试从经济伦理的视角,理解这一问题的基本意义,通过重新阐 释所谓“亚当·斯密问题”的知识社会学背景和理论完整性,揭示市场 经济的道德维度,亦即它自身的内在价值尺度(或合道德性)与外 在价值评价(或道德规范) Abstract in English: The ethics of a market economy has become an important topic in various disciplines of the humanities in China and abroad. Stim-ulated by the discussions in domestic economic and ethical circles, this article examines this issue from the perspective of economic ethics, and by means of a reinterpretation of the background and theoretical integra-tion of the so-called “Adam Smith question”, which reveals the ethical dimensions of a market economy, i.e. its inherent measure of value (or morality) and the external assessment of value (or moral standards). [pp. 13-14]