Booklets realised in cooperation with the Conference of European Churches (CEC). This series provides tools for reflection and action for the European Churches and for the European political institutions, focusing on ethical and theological perspectives in Europe and on human rights.

Recent Submissions

  • Pensées européennes

    Liagre, Guy (, 2015)
    On imaginerait mal l'Europe sans ses institutions. Plus de cinquante ans de construction européenne n'ont pourtant pas donné naissance aux États-Unis d'Europe escomptés par ses « pères fondateurs ». Ce petit livre aborde cinq sujets qui, d'une façon ou d'une autre, préoccupent les Églises en ce moment de l'histoire. Paradoxalement, leur contenu est très peu connu mais ils lient des questions de nature théorique à des questions relatives à l'identité européenne : le problème des fondements de l'Union européenne ; les valeurs européennes ; la démocratie européenne ; la justice sociale et le droit, et les frontières de l'Europe.
  • Moral and Ethical Issues in Human Genome Editing

    Conference of European Churches CEC ( ; Conference of European Churches CEC, 2019)
    Recent reports of a Chinese scientist who claims to have applied genome editing techniques to human embryos, which were subsequently implanted and resulted in the birth of live babies, means that the question of whether—and how—these techniques should be used in humans demands an urgent answer. This in-depth report takes a wider perspective on the issue, which concerns all people as individuals and collectively as a society. It challenges the alleged achievement in China as being profoundly unethical, reflecting a disregard for the ethical and professional concerns of the international scientific community.
  • The New CEC

    Liagre, Guy (, 2015)
    In 2014 the Conference of European Churches celebrated a historic merger with the Church and Society Commission, bringing together two of the oldest and broadest ecumenical organisations in Europe. Now at this turning point, in the midst of an ever-changing Europe, CEC must articulate a new vision for its future. In a series of inspiring and relevant essays, leaders from the church and the world of European politics offer insight into what it means to be a Conference of European Churches in 21st century Europe.