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  • Ethics practitioner’s reflections : integrating ethics 
into the university ecosystem : why? how? and who?

    Singh, Divya (2020)
    Si se acepta que la función de la universidad es preparar a los graduados para que se integren y se conviertan en miembros de una sociedad cooperativa, entonces la forma en que los estudiantes se preparen para participar en un medio comunitario dictará, en gran 16 medida, el tipo de sociedad en la que finalmente nos encontremos . Es muy necesario entender la universidad como un microcosmos de la comunidad más grande y el impacto que una universidad puede tener en el progreso y la potenciación ética de la sociedad más amplia. En el presente artículo se expone la experiencia de Universidad de Sudáfrica (Unisa), que aprobó una estrategia que incluía la incorporación de una cultura ética compartida en la universidad y la de STADIO Holdings, una empresa de inversiones involucrada en la enseñanza superior privada en Sudáfrica, cuyo enfoque esta centrado en los estudiantes y en la que se da prioridad a la importancia de integrar la responsabilidad ética y la conciencia social en el plan de estudios de enseñanza y aprendizaje.
  • Professional ethics : challenges and opportunities for Latin America

    von Sinner, Rudolf (2020)
    Meaningful education is, and indeed should be: 1) Transformative, seeking to develop one's own subjectivity, especially that of those who have historically been denied; 2) Inclusive, training for effective participation in society with adequate citizenship; 3) Seeking to capacitate persons to foster reflection and creativity, instead of just giving pre-digested responses; 4) Promoting the commitment of everyone, with everyone and for everyone in the concrete world where 5) not only do we have to formulate the answers again, but new questions arise that must be asked and answered. The article highlights as elements of a professional ethic promoted by higher education institutions: I) Learning is an integral and holistic process in dialogue, speaking with and from the heart, mind and hand - affection, reflection and action; II) Higher education is not just about having a degree - we have to foster true authorship; and; III) Knowledge is provisional, but not arbitrary - we have to give good reasons, to render accounts on a reasonably objective basis; and IV) Science seeks truth, being aware that truth is subject to an interpretation that is sometimes very diverse and, therefore, has to undergo conversation and develop through logically constructed argumentation.
  • Ethics in higher education between engaged reflection and embodied presence styles

    Ekué, Amélé Adamavi-Aho (, 2020)
    The result of ethics in higher education is no more and no less than instilling empowerment, passion, compassion, and a sense of purpose and longevity. Ethics cannot be neutral, but encompasses the entire human commitment to the entire created world and, therefore, the entire plausibility system that guides all decision-making processes. On the one hand, ethics is reflective, since it originates from intellectual stimulation and depends on continuous chains of discourses, and on the other hand, it is oriented towards action, prone to being applied in specific settings. This fundamental understanding allows the challenge and opportunity of ethics in higher education to unfold in conjunction with three main points, each associated with a brief case vignette: Ethics in higher education as a formative and informative task; Ethics in higher education as a promotional task; Ethics in higher education as an invitation task.
  • Ethics in higher education, a transversal dimension : challanges for Latin America=Etica en educación superior, una dimensión transversal : desafíos para América Latina

    Montealegre, Deivit; Barroso, María Eugenia (, 2020)
    This sixth volume on ethics in higher education is the result of an international and interdisciplinary seminar focused on the challenges for Latin America. It was jointly organized by the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and Globethics South America Program, in October 2019. The report features 12 authors from universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations from the region and abroad.
  • FaithInvest : impactful cooperation : report of the international conference Geneva 2020; Geneva Agape Foundation; World Council of Churches; FaithInvest; Andres-Kammler, Anh Tho (Globethics.netGeneva Agape Foundation, 2020)
    Churches and church-related institutions with their pension funds and capital invest billions of dollars worldwide. How can these investments become more consistent with the Christian values and have positive impact on development? And how can Christian development agencies with their expertise and partners match the needs of investors? This report includes the presentations and discussions of the international conference 16-18 January 2020 in Geneva. The conference strengthened impactful cooperation, enabled sharing of experiences and presenting innovative investments and platforms.
  • elements for responsible leadership : a result of the international conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 22-26 September, 2005

    Globethics.netWCC Publications, 2007
    In today’s globalised and interconnected world, most societies are challenged by a fast transition of structures and values. Therefore, former models, guidelines and practices of leadership are changing. The call for ethical orientation for responsible leadership is widespread. ‘Responsible Leadership – Global and Contextual Ethical Challenges’ was the topic addressed at the International Conference, 22-26 September 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand. The participants explored elements of principles for responsible leadership in five areas, namely family, education, religion, business and politics. The principles outlined in this paper represent the outcome of the Bangkok conference (...) [p. 343].
  • 悔改中的罪人 :对待腐败问题的实务指南 : 致中国及所有想变得更好的基督徒企业家

    Wantian, Cui; Stückelberger, Christoph, 1951- (Globethics.netGeneva Agape Foundation, 2020)
    《 悔改中的罪人》 简介 解决腐败的大规模努力在最近几十年才开始,但腐败和人类的历史一样古老。 尽管存在众多的条例、法规和法律,腐败仍无处不在,并很可能处于上升趋势。基 督教教义认为,虽然我们不可能是完美的,但我们仍能成为“悔改中的罪人”。这 本书提供了关于如何克服腐败的建议。
  • The better sinner : a practical guide on corruption

    Wantian, Cui; Stückelberger, Christoph, 1951- (Globethics.netGeneva Agape Foundation, 2020)
    Corruption is as old as humanity, though the costly and large-scale efforts to address it have only been developed in recent decades. Despite the numerous standards, regulations and laws that exist, corruption is everywhere and may well be on the rise. The Christian faith teaches that, while we cannot be perfect, we can become ‘better sinners’. This book offers advice on how to overcome corruption especially in business.
  • 爱+经济学=Agape economics

    Cui, Wantian (, 2020)
    《爱+经济学》简介 当今世界面临三重危机:人与社会关系的危机、人与人关系的危机、人与 其生存环境的危机。这三重危机有愈演愈烈之势,已经危及到当今的社 会秩序,而原有的经济学框架对此解释乏力更无法提供解决之道。本书 认为危机爆发的原因是正外部性缺失,同时本书综合各个学科对爱的 研究,认为爱的本质是正外部性,并在此基础上构建“爱+经济学模 型”,提出了“爱+经济学原理”,对当前的社会危机进行深刻解读,同时 分别从微观的消费、旅游、企业、教会和宏观的教育、垄断、专利和创新等 关乎经济发展和人民福祉的方面进行分析,并给出应对之策。
  • Domestic violence : ethical challenges to the professionalism of religious and faith leaders for healing survivors : a psychological analysis

    Maduforo, Ruth Dymphna (, 2020)
    Domestic Violence is a scourge and reality in many societies around the world, but the topic is not given adequate consideration in terms of the required long-term help and information that victims, offenders and caregivers need. The focus on Domestic Violence brings an area of community and clinical psychology, mental health and overall well-being of citizens into view. The author explores the leadership roles of Churches, pastors and counsellors within religious and church institutions in providing long-term and sustainable healing to the affected and discovers gaps in their approaches. This book is an invitation for all stakeholders involved in family welfare and counselling of vulnerable persons, especially religious leaders and churches, to recognise the positive role of psychological therapy for healing the victims of domestic violence.
  • Etica del agua : principios y directrices; Girardin, Benoît; Workshop for Water Ethics (W4W) (, 2020)
    Muchos pensarán que los aspectos éticos de la gestión del agua carecen de importancia o que no aportan valor agregado alguno. Este texto sobre la ética del agua sostiene lo contrario: pone sobre el tapete valores y principios éticos para dilucidar cuestiones actuales acerca del agua a fin de proporcionar soluciones que incrementen las posibilidades de obtener resultados positivos para todas las partes involucradas. Las consideraciones éticas entran en juego a la hora de, por ejemplo, gestionar la disponibilidad del agua y su valor de mercado –en cuanto cuestión de ética económica y de acceso con equidad–; asimismo, la innovación técnica en relación con la extracción, tratamiento y distribución del agua supone una ética de la innovación; la gestión de los conflictos del agua es clave para una ética de la paz; la regulación y la gestión del agua requiere de una ética política y, por último, el tratamiento de la cuestión de las tradiciones y las creencias religiosas en torno del agua es inconcebible sin una ética religiosa.El texto, elaborado por un grupo internacional de expertos y aprobado por el Consejo de Administración de la Fundación, muestra cómo los valores éticos pueden facilitar el tratamiento de los asuntos y los conflictos relacionados con el agua de una manera efectiva, sostenible e inclusiva. En ese sentido, la presente publicación es una contribución al logro del sexto de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas: “Garantizar la disponibilidad de agua y su gestión sostenible y el saneamiento para todos”.
  • Éthique de l’eau : pour un usage et une gestion justes et durables des ressources en eau

    Girardin, Benoît; Fiechter-Widemann, Evelyne (, 2020)
  • Moral and ethical leadership, human rights and conflict resolution : African and global contexts

    Ike, Obiora F., 1956- (, 2020)
    This book is concerned by the effectiveness of a limited number of cardinal virtues that great religions (such as Christianity) have in common with philosophical ethics, and the author uses philosophy as a practical aim for better inviting value- and reason-oriented actions. Based on the virtue of hope, the author thinks the very essence of fair conditions for education as transformative education. Deriving from the virtue of justice, we find a firm foundation for peace research and reconciliation programmes. Courage and productivity are, in a judicious manner, related to the value of work. Trust, the virtue of love and common good are matters of the management of natural and economic resources. As we discover each chapter after the other, the whole work is revealed to be grounded on a hierarchy of virtues.
  • Sustainable peacebuilding strategies : peacebuilding operations in Nakuru County, Kenya : contribution to the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC)

    Muia, Florence (, 2020)
    Kenya has experienced ethnic based violence since the restoration of multi-partypolitical system in 1991 with violent conflicts erupting every five years after election. This book illuminates many issues that hinder Peacebuilding and the reasons why peace remains elusive in Africa and many other parts of the world despite so much discussions on the same, peace-keeping tropes and shuttle diplomacies and treaties being signed. This study sought to: assess the effectiveness of peacebuilding strategies applied in CJPC interventions in Nakuru County.
  • Introduction : virtue based moral and ethical leadership as a collaborative analysis

    Haaz, Ignace (, 2020-02)
    Obiora Ike is concerned by the effectiveness of a limited number of cardinal virtues, which some religions such as Christianity, Islam, traditional African religions or Buddhism have in common with philosophical ethics. He uses the subject of philosophy as a rational rallying ground and a practical means to promote values oriented actions. The author reflects on the values behind the virtues of Hope, Justice, Courage, Human Work, Trust, Love and the Common Good and offers some insights. The virtue of hope keeps life going beyond the present for only when hope is lost is all lost. It is with education and its tools that people receive transformative education that gives hope. Deriving from the virtue of justice, he finds this oldest virtue the only and solid foundation for peace which makes reconciliation possible. For how can one talk of peace without addressing the conditions that cause the lack of its presence? Courage is seen the ability to stand on integrity and if necessary contrary to the current. The value of human work and its meaning is in the fulfilment of the human destiny for livelihood, creativity, sustenance, productivity, innovation, thus bending difficulties and sweat of labour into a meaningful and salvific existentialism in a future that transcends. Trust is expressed as a standing demand for any collaboration amongst humans without which solid foundations cannot be built. The greatest virtue love is expressed beyond sentiments and ephemerals through sacrifice beyond the self, for the common good. As one reads through each chapter of this book, there is fascination at how the ladder of human values and virtues beyond boundaries is grounded in a hierarchy. The subject of ethical and moral leadership is necessary fort the global situation of humanity in the 21st century. Beyond cultures, religions and laws it finds real space in the freedom of the human person whose choice to be good and do good is a conscious but leaned act. Using the example of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, these virtues embody well-researched Teaching founded on rational and scientific grounds.
  • Applied ethics to issues of development, culture, religion and education

    Ike, Obiora F., 1956- (, 2020)
    The reflections in this book emanate from several lectures, speeches and conferences papers delivered by the author on matters that impact the world. They are now put together in one volume to fulfill the need of documentation of reflected thought which relevance continues to have validity for humankind. We live at a time and in a period of massive global challenges which also influence the lives of billions of people around the world. Questions are asked and answered proffered even in a modest way.
  • Introduction : on the importance of rereading major works of culture and history and the importance of connecting each other together

    Haaz, Ignace (, 2020)
    In his latest book, Relire le relié (2019), the French philosopher Michel Serres explains that the spirit of synthesis is becoming important in our time, because we live in an era where a global perspective on things and people has become crucial. Perhaps one of the most important reasons could be the meeting between the visible world and an invisible world, in a “blinding” and “incandescent” new horizon offered by the semantic of both terms “relire” to reread and “relier” to connect. A meeting of a practical, a theoretical knowledge and faith, in an energetic and energizing transformation, is at the core of this book, where human being might be invited to live in closer proximity to books, culture and literary work reading over for better social integration in life. It is as invitation to connect, a friendly path toward the development of dynamic networks of cooperation. For these two reasons these two movements should be mentioned and placed at the center of our introduction to Msgr. Prof. Dr Obiora Ike's book, Applied Ethics, published at It is as second edition an invitation to reread a collection of themes, exposed to a wider audience; as profound thinking on religious and cultural ethical values this compendium is an exploration of how values help to connect within and across human communities.
  • Opportunités et défis de la réconciliation à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo : Cas des conflits liés à la transhumance en territoires de Fizi et d’Uvira (Sud-Kivu)

    Mashanda, Murhega; Kitoka, Moke (, 2019)
    Cette recherche originale met en lumière des conditions de possibilité d'une expérience des réconciliations qui s'enracine dans un processus participatif qui a une vocation éthique globale, dans une robuste déconstruction de tout culture de violence en faveur d'une culture de dialogue. Prenant appui sur l'étude de cas de mécanismes efficaces et durables de gestion des conflits liés à la transhumance dans l'Est du RD Congo, on trouvera dans cet ouvrage une synthèse des expériences d'un ensemble d'ONG congolais, présentant à la fois: a) le caractère domptable des conflits liés à la transhumance par des approches endogènes de gestion des conflits, b) la mise en exergue de la vulnérabilité des initiatives locales de paix, tant que l'État ne les intègre pas dans la mise en place des politiques nationales et locales.

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