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Recent Submissions

  • The Reality of Co-Existence in Systems

    Ssekyewa, Charles; Namanji, Stella (Centre for Ecosystems Research and Development, Uganda, 2021-03-15)
    The Reality of Co-existence in Systems is a book we wrote having been inspired by years of dealing with agroecosystems questions, and observing the reality around us. The main inspiration came from the lesson of the Corona virus pandemic and the related lockdown worldwide. We observed how the world all over was brought together irrespective of their status. It was evidently clear that each part of the world affected the other. Boundaries shrunk to reduce the interconnectedness, but in vain. Individual sectors were not effective without being complimented by others. At the village level, people observed that any new component of their system was a potential source of danger. Homes worked more as systems to happily go through the period. Individuals became lonelier and mental depression was a reality. The systemic reality was very evident, and so we devoted our effort to writing this book such that humanity may internalize the reality of our co-existence in Systems. Thus, the reality of co-existence is a complex situation that calls for multifaceted solutions and explanations which can best be delivered by us, through engaging an inquiry that is offered by the systems theory, and is presented to you in this book.
  • Four forms of disconnection : negotiating gender, education and poverty reduction in schools in Kenya and South Africa

    Unterhalter, Elaine; North, Amy; Karlsson, Jenni; Onsongo, Jane; Makinda, Herbert (2009)
  • A Critical Discourse Analytical Study on the Significance of Communicative Language Teaching Case study: Jordanian English Teachers in the Southern Badia

    Al-Awabdeh, Abdel-Hameed (Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism, COES&RJ LLC., 2020-10-01)
    The purpose of the study is to cast the light on Jordanian English teachers in the Southern Badia views on the importance of communicative language teaching. I t is difficult for English foreign language teachers to select an appropriate method of language teaching to achieve the learning goals and the essential outcomes of the English courses that taught in different fields such as schools and colleges. CLT has indicated the track for certain procedures and strategies to accomplish essential goals for teaching English language. Teachers in teaching English as a foreign language has adopted many methods, such as Reading Method, Structural Method, Direct Method, and CLT. They seek to find the appropriate to teach English for their students and they work hard to make teaching English more effective in their classes.
  • The Original Sin in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: A Comparative Study

    Al-Naimat, Talal Mshafi (Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism, COES&RJ LLC., 2020-10-01)
    This study explores the issue of the Original Sin as it pertains to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The researcher examines the texts that mention the story of the sin according to the chronological order of their original sources. The story of the Original Sin is considered fundamental, upon which many conceptions and religious interpretations in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been built. The study highlights the role of Eve in committing the sin as well the responsibility of the sin and its most important consequences on Adam and Eve. The researcher also examines the most important elements upon which the three religions agree upon in terms of the Original Sin and also mentions the elements upon which they diverge.
  • The Impact of Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) Practices on the Competitive Advantage of the Jordanian Educational Institutions

    Nawafleh, Ahmad Hussein Ahmad (Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism, COES&RJ LLC., 2020-10-01)
    The current study aimed to find the impact of GHRM practices in terms of Green selection and recruitment (S&R), training and development (T&D) and rewards system (RS)on the Jordanian educational institutions’ competitive advantage in terms of the differentiation, responsiveness, and the cost leadership in the Jordanian educational institutions. The study sample consisted of 130 respondents from the human resources departments at three universities (Yarmouk University, Jordanian University of Science and Technology, and the Jordanian University). To achieve the study objectives, the researcher designed a questionnaire for data collection. The study revealed that the implementation of GHRM practices have a positive relation to increase the competitive advantage of the educational organizations in Jordan. The results of the study indicated a medium implementation of GHRM practices sub-variables in the educational sector in Jordan. T&D has the highest implementation rate among the sub-variables, then S&R followed by RS.
  • The Physical and The Sexual Violence against the Woman in the Jordanian Society- Descriptive Analytical Study Based on The Demographic and Health Survey 2017-2018

    Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism, COES&RJ LLC., 2020-10-01
    This study aims at revealing the reality of physical and sexual violence against the woman in the Jordanian society. Utilizing data from the latest Demographic and Health Survey in Jordan 2017-2018, and analyzing existing official statistics, the results showed that: one in every five women in Jordan is subjected to physical violence, which is more prevalent among women aged between 15-19, who have an elementary education, who are currently unmarried (divorced, separated, widowed), who are not employed and who come from Zarqa Governorate. The results also showed that the perpetrator of the physical violence is mainly the husband (current/ previous) then the brother followed by the father. As for sexual violence by the husband, the results showed that it is five percent prevalent, among women aged between 30-39, who have an elementary education, who are currently unmarried (divorced, separated, widowed), who are employed and who come from Balqa Governorate.
  • The Impact of the Western Occupation on the Cultural Rooting of Modern Arabic Critical Movement: Ahmad Dayf, Taha Husain, and Mohammad Mandour as a Model

    Ibrahim, Abedullah Mahmoud (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2020-10-01)
    This study aims to investigate the retreat of the critical Arab mind by examining selected stances of three Arab modern critics: Ahmad Dayf, Taha Husain, and Mohammad Mandour. The study highlights the relationship between the culture and colonization to reach to determine three concepts: culture, orientalism and reformation. Thus, the effects of these concepts on intellectual retreat. Furthermore, the current study discusses the negative role of the universities and the necessity of changing their teaching methods in order to establish liberal criticism free of the other's dependency.
  • The Partnership of Beneficial Owner (Rabb al-Mal) with Managing Trustee (Mudarib) in Business

    Dawood, Hayel Abdul Hafeez (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2020-10-01)
    Passive partnership contract (mudarabah) occupies a prominent place in the jurisprudence of Islamic financial transactions, and Islamic jurisprudence has surrounded it with provisions, controls and conditions that guarantee its performance of its role. If some of these terms and conditions are violated, this may lead to invalidation of the mudarabah or its being corrupted. Among the conditions stipulated by jurists for the validity of Passive partnership contract is that the beneficial owner not to interfere in performance of its contract except in a manner that guarantees adherence to the controls and restrictions agreed upon by the owner of the money with the managing trustee, including that the owner of the money delivers the capital to the mudarib. This study aims to explain the rule of stipulating that the money owner be involved in performing the work, himself or his representative, as well as the rule of his participation in the work without stipulating that in the contract. The study concluded that it is permissible for the owner of the money or his representative to work with the mudarib, and that this does not affect the validity of the contract unless it leads to restricting the work and preventing the mudarib from disposing of Passive partnership contract.
  • “A message about what love is” between the Al-Safa Brothers and Ibn Sina

    Kharma, Marwa Mahmoud (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2020-10-01)
    A closer look at the works of the most famous philosophers of Islam indicates that they are less interested in the subject of love. Their primary concern was research in nature and metaphysics, Only a few of Muslim philosophers was written in the love and the most important of them were: Al-Safa Brothers and Ibn Sina, They devoted messages about what love is, and they included in their conversation about it from human material love to divine love, And it is noticed that they have analyzed what love is, and explain its causes and differences in its divisions. I divided the research into an introductory topic: it includes explaining the concept of love, its parts, benefits, harms, and treatment. And to two topics: The first topic: What is love and its belongings among Al-Safa Brothers, and the second topic: What is love and its belongings at Ibn Sina, inspite of the different approach and some opinions among them, everyone agreed to encourage people to rise from the love of images to the love of the photographer, and from the love of the creature to the love of the Creator Almighty.
  • Al-Farabi between Philosophy and Religion and the Influence by Plotinus

    Alsamhori, Maha; Domi, Mahmoud Bani; Seine, Mona; Anabtawi, Manal Fathi; Al-Qdah, Talal (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2020-10-01)
    This study aims at finding to which extent Farabi’s philosophy was influenced by Neoplatonism, especially in terms of the topics presented and the way they were addressed. This comes in the framework of knowing to which level both Farabi and Plotinus influenced, and were influenced by religion in the matter of: The One, The Intellect and The Soul on one hand, the knowledge, reconciliation between religion and philosophy, on the other. The study also examined the similar circumstances that surrounded Plotinus and Al-Farabi, which may have been a major reason for presenting and raising similar topics. The study concluded that the philosophical context is derived from the events and circumstances that philosophers live through, and that the issues raised by both philosophers show influence on and by religion. Most importantly there is no way to either deny or affirm what they agreed or disagreed upon, except for their aim; for the philosophy they both presented asserted that they sought happiness.
  • The effect of the Iraqi Hanafi Schools on the formulas of generalities for Al-Mutakallimeen

    OZDEMIR, Mahmut Muhammet; Moanes, Raed Abu (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2020-10-01)
    The study of scholar and academic alternations effects ‎amongst Fundamentalist Schools considered significant issues on gaining knowledge of Fundamentals of Jurisprudence and modification fundamental's opinions.‎ This article aims to explore the supposition effects of ‎Hanafi’s on Al-Mutakallimeen through Muhammed Ibn es-Sucaa as-‎Salchi’s views on the matter of the Formulas of Generalities.‎ In addition, the article also figured out that the Hanafi School of Iraq effected on ‎the School of the al-Mutakallimeens fundamentally which is presumed ‎on denying the Formulas of Generalities and the waqf on it, and ‎exemplarily Abu 'Ali Muḥammad al-Jubba'i, Imam al-Ash’ari and al-Qadi al-Bakillani in particular.‎
  • Fear in the story of prophet "Moses" peace be upon him. Objective, analytical study

    Issa, Hamza Salem (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2020-10-01)
    Fear is considered as an innate instinct of the human being created on it, and since this innate instinct has a great impact on a Muslim in his behavioral and advocacy activities on himself as well as on society, thus the Qur'anic stories had a great role in highlighting and explaining the way how to deal with it in all conditions and the activities of the Muslim, on top of these stories is the story of "Moses" peace be upon him. Thus and starting from this fact, came the idea of this research to show the effect of the instinct of fear based on the approach of the prophets and messengers being the best example for all humans, and how to deal with it ــ The Great Allah said: (You have had lessons in their stories) ]Yousef : 111[ ــ this is through studying the verses that dealt with this subject in the story of Moses, and analyzing these verses , and devising the divine approach in dealing with this instinct. It was found to the researcher that the effect of fear in the story of Moses, peace be upon him, was positive on all stages of his life before and after his prophetic mission, as it was a material cause that God gave to him so that he could escape from the attempt killing him by Pharaoh and his army, and this was before the appearance of the prophetic mission, but after that, fear of Moses Peace be upon him became on the message itself and not on the messenger, so the fear that they would hasten to kill him which means that if the killing is happened then the intended message would not happen , as well as fear when confronting magicians became a hidden one inside Moses, did not appear in his face, no wonder that it will not appear after which God brought him under his eyes and care, until the fear disappeared after the drowning of Pharaoh and his army, no longer had an effect in the heart of Moses, peace be upon him, or an effect on the scenes of his story.
  • Sharia Hisba and public lawsuit: An original study comparing Sharia and Libyan law

    Juber, Salem Salem; Saker, Muhammad Awad (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    The Sharia Hisba is an integrated Islamic system of pillars and construction whose theme is enjoining good and forbidding evil, and aims at stabilizing societies and the supremacy of virtue and high morals in it, and rejecting vice and bad morals from it. The legal public prosecution system is an accusatory system that seeks to safeguard the right of the state and the right of the individual to the public order to ensure a society free from apparent crimes, and a regular picture of the state and individuals is formed in a coherent body without chaos. The Hisba system is a symbiotic social system that moves through the community’s control of the community, while the public case system and its tools from the Public Prosecution and other institutions is a deterrent institutional system that moves in the light of the law and deals in accordance with its principles and limits.
  • The Using the Words HEAD, HEART and HAND in Arabic Idioms and How to Render their Meanings into English

    Akhorsheda, Ibtehaj Mohamed (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    Translation is the process of rendering a unit from one language (Source Language) into another (Target Language). When it comes to idioms (fixed expressions consisting of two words or more giving a meaning different from the meaning of the individual words), the translators are going to face a number of troubles. This study focuses on translating the Arabic idioms that contain the words HEAD, HEART or HHAND. The methodology of this study is based on a number of statements collected verbally or through written texts and expressing the meaning by paraphrasing them. The results show that none of the Arabic idioms used in this study have equivalences in English language and so, what is shown are the paraphrased meaning for each.
  • Liability Limits of Transport Commission Agent

    Battah, Mohammad (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    Considering the importance of transport commission agent's work and through the examination of transport commission agent's liability, the intensity and burden of transport commission agent's liability is shown. The legal nature of a transport commission agent's obligation is an obligation to achieve a result, thus he usually has to contract out of liability, either through the legal limits of liability where the law established the legal exemptions that the transport commission agent would benefit from, as well as the agreement limits of liability through the cases in which the law allowed the transport commission agent to establish a condition under the agreement exempts him from liability or specify his damage liability. Since the law prohibited the transport commission agent from establishing any condition that exempted him from liability in the cases of damage and injury, thus he is bound by compensating his agent fully for the occurring damages, except the cases in which the transport commission agent establishes a condition to limit his liability within the limits permitted by the law. Lastly, the development and importance of the transport commission agent's trade and profession and its resulting legal conflicts and problems are the reason behind conducting this study in order to identify the liability limits of the transport commission agent.
  • The effect of sound and rhythm in highlighting the Quranic image

    Al-Zuhayre, Mahmoud Hussein Ahmad (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    This research was studied on the effect of sound in highlighting the Qur’anic image, so it took a descriptive approach to analysis. Without a performance, then the search for the description with words to represent the performance was to approximate the meaning and the image and approximate the oral Quranic performance. The research concluded that the sound showed the image and meaning previously in that lexical meaning, and it was noticed that the image came from many words and vocabulary in order to clearly highlight the image and the meaning, and that the sound sometimes overcomes the dictionary meaning and precedes it among the recipients in understanding, as much of the phonemic performance was not mentioned in the dictionaries due to Because of its lack of form in words, the research noticed that any movement, sound, or rhythm in the Holy Qur’an is not devoid of the meaning of a goal or an intended goal, so the sound lies behind the meaning and moves the image and makes it clear.
  • The Dimensions of the Prophetic Discourse in the 40 Hadiths Nawawi

    Al-Zuhayre, Mahmoud Hussein Ahmad (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    This paper aims at exploring the rhetoric of the prophetic discourse in the Hadiths collected by Al-Nawawi. It is composed of four aspects. Firstly, public discourse by using the words who and all, or what pertains to a specific incident for a person whose name was not assigned for polite purposes, so that the speech is directed to any recipient or Muslim over time, focusing on the event not on the person and associating actions with their past and present times. Therefore, the rhetoric was expressed as a result of arranging the words, employing them and their beauty in harmony with their context and location. Secondly, the command and prohibition discourse of the individual and the group according to the purpose of the discourse and its rhetoric with the beauty that was brought about in the style and verbal ornaments associated with the status of the recipient. For example, "O, Sons of Adam", "O Young boy", and "O My Servants "in the Qudsi Hadith, employing the method of urging, "May I..?". Such wordings were crowned by the aspect of the wording texts, briefly and shortly in terms. However, it included great meanings and benefits with beautiful phrases and eloquent style, implying social, educational and global dimensions that have their impact on the recipient. These phrases have had their echo in societies and assemblies, such as, "(The value of) an action depends on the intention behind it" and ".. And he who is slow-paced in doing good deeds, his (high) lineage does not make him go ahead.", that have made them general rules and a method of life to be followed.
  • The relationship between the academic achievement of computerized tests and traditional tests of Business College students. An empirical study

    Al Omari, Rania (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    The study aims to investigate the relationship between the academic achievement of computerized tests and traditional pen and paper exams of Business College students at the University of Jordan- Aqaba branch as well as relate differences results to students` gender. The study sample comprised 136 students of a compulsory course at the Business Faculty. A computerized mid-term test was held while the final one was traditional. The results of the two tests were compared where the other general factors affecting students` academic achievement, namely (the same students, course subject, course subject lecturer) were set. The tests marks were sampled as percentage to the test mark so as to delete the denominator difference of marks where the mid-term mark is out of 30 while the final test is out of 50. The SPSS was used to compare the results of the two tests. Results were related to students’ gender, whether gender-related differences are found. The study concluded that there is no statistical significant relationship between the academic achievement of computerized tests and traditional ones (paper and pen) held at the Business College in The University of Jordan- Aqaba branch. The results also indicated that the academic achievement differences resulting from computerized tests have to do with the student gender variable in favor of male students.
  • The Effect of Corporate Social and environmental Responsibility on Leverage and Performance: Evidence from Jordan

    Al-Radaydeh, Lamees Talal; Abughniem, Manal Sulieman; Hilal Al Aishat, Mohammad Adnan; Al Omari, Rania (Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    This study aimed to test the effect of corporate social responsibility through activities towards society and environmental activities on financial leverage and corporate performance, the study population consists of all companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange. The study sample reached 187 companies for the period 2014-2017, to achieve the goals of the study; regression analysis was used to find out the effect of social and environmental responsibility on leverage and performance, the study reached the results that the social responsibility towards the society affects the financial leverage of the company while the environmental activities did not affect the financial leverage, responsibility for social and environmental activities did not affect the performance of companies, and there was a positive correlation between social and environmental responsibility and financial leverage, and a negative link was found between financial leverage and performance.
  • The Impact of Capital Structure on Jordanian Banks Performance

    Al Omari, Rania (COES and RJ, LLCJournal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS), 2021-01-01)
    Due to the great importance of the financing structure of banks, the impact of capital structure on the financial performance of banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange has been examined. To achieve the objectives of this study, we have followed the experimental approach. The study relied on financial variables. The Capital Structure has been measured by the ratios of total debt to total assets and total debt to total equity. Both ratios are independent variables. The dependent variable in this study is the financial performance of banks represented by the ratio of return on assets, the ratio of return on equity, the ratio of return on investment, and the ratio of return on share. The study community and sample consisted of twelve commercial banks listed on Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) during the period (2007-2017). Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software was used in testing of research hypotheses. The most important results are that the capital structure has an impact on return on assets (ROA), while it has no impact on return on equity (ROE), return on investment (ROI) and earnings per share (EPS) in Jordanian commercial banks.

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