• Managing the Risks of Legal Compliance

      Hasnas, John (00)
      This article contains an overview of the ethical problems and counterproductive aspects of the current federal campaign against white collar crime.
    • Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y su Impacto sobre las Empresas

      Flores Medina, Daniela Alejandra (01-10-2005)
      En el mundo empresarial actual, las organizaciones, debido al fenómeno de la globalización, comienzan a sentir más presión para competir unas con otras, lo cual las obliga a definir nuevas estrategias por parte de la gerencia, mejorando la imagen ante la sociedad y contribuir a que la comunidad y el ambiente en su entorno, sean más sanos y confiables. Una estrategia gerencial, que se ha tomado en cuenta en la última década es la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa, la misma engloba acciones sociales, incorporando a las empresas, de manera conjunta con sus accionistas a los clientes, proveedores, comunidad, familias, Estado, causando una participación continua de las empresas con la sociedad. La idea fundamental es que las organizaciones involucren los programas de acciones sociales a su planificación estratégica, para convertirse en entes integrales, dignos de aprobación por la sociedad. La investigación es de tipo documental. La información recabada fue sometida a un análisis de contenido para extraer los aspectos más relevantes relacionados con el tema. El presente trabajo de grado, será una contribución para el campo académico y para cualquier otro sector, de manera que pueda ser estudiado, por tratarse de un tema relevante y novedoso que merece ser profundizado.
    • With or Without You?

      Tripathy, Chetan (National Stock Exchange of India Limited, 2)
      While corporate governance may not dictate the economic prospects of developing countries, it certainly plays an integral role in shaping them. In order to bring in investor confidence, both domestic and international, it is necessary that India as a developing economy with one of the fastest growth rates adopt the best corporate governance policies. Independent directors are looked upon to protect such investors. And their role has become even more significant after the numerous scandals that have hit the corporate world in America and elsewhere. India adopted clause 49 of the Listing Agreement in order to usher in a new era that would help shareholders maintain their confidence and have access to proper information about the company. This paper suggests how such independent directors must be selected and how many of them must be present on a board. With the current scandal on Wall Street in the U.S.A this debate has just begun.
    • Creating Shared Value: An Improved Social Responsibility Concept?

      Grunbaum, Niels; Strub, Arjan; Cucu, Adnana-Oana; Christensen, Anders Brønd; Grabowska, Maria (14-01-20)
      This study focuses on progress in the joint consideration of the needs of business and the needs of society. More specifically, the paper discusses the Creating Shared Value (CSV) framework (introduced by Porter and Kramer, 2006, 2011). Whilst the framework has been described as a ground-breaking approach, different from previous conceptualization, its diffusion also presents apparent similarities with the patterns of managerial fads and fashion. The following research focuses on investigating how a small chain hotel can increase value returns by introducing CSV into its business model. Examination of patterns and incentives in a socially responsible business has been completed through a study case on Guldsmeden hotel located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The insights into the hotel are developed based on the primary and secondary data. The primary data has been collected by conducting semi-structured interview with the founder and Public Relations responsible of Axel Guldsmeden hotel. As secondary data reviews from www.tripadvisor.com and customers’ survey piloted by the hotel have been used to gain an overview what features add value to the business from the customers’ perspective. After extensive research and analysis the conclusion follow that a small chain business has a fair chance to successfully implement Creating Shared Value concept into its business model and have a meaningful impact on the society outside of its financial limitations.
    • Business Ethics concerning Facebook

      Scupola, Ada; McEwen, Caroline (15-01-16)
      Business Ethics and CSR concerning Facebook
    • 台灣消費者對企業社會責任之調查:以歐洲食品零售商在台灣為例

      企管系碩士班; 顏逸超,Yi-Chao, Yan (100)
      [[abstract]]本研究以國外來台大型的知名量販店為例,從消費者的認知角度來觀測,利用問卷調查方式以不同的構面來解讀企業社會責任的認知與責任的歸屬。本論文探討台灣消費者對家樂福企業社會責任的認知,其研究基於企業社會責任的基本假設,認為企業社會責任扮演加強並影響零售業者公司形象或商店形象的重要影響因素。本研究主張企業應充分了解從消費者觀點來看企業社會責任如何影響企業國際化與在地化過程,以達成在新興開發國家(如台灣)永續經營的競爭優勢。 本研究發放問卷共1050份問卷,實收且可做為分析之用共有995份。利用描述性統計與單因子變異數分析,結果得到台灣消費者最認同健康選擇,就業機會,經營模式等三構面企業社會責任。另外,對企業責任的歸屬,卻無顯著性差異。研究結果建議國際零售業者跨文化管理的策略涵意與行銷意涵。並對後續研究指出的可能的方向。 This thesis is based on a questionnaire survey of customer perception to investigate corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of Carrefour in Taiwan. It is based on the fundamental assumption that CSR places a critical role in enhancing a food retailer’s store or corporate image, which in the long term translates into increased corporate profitability. This thesis argue that understanding how CSR impacts the food retailer internationalization process from customer perspective is a necessity for achieving and sustaining competitive advantage in emerging Asia-Pacific countries such as Taiwan. The research has distributed 1050 questionnaires, 995 are used for further analysed. The results of questionnaire responses using described statistical and single-factor anova suggest that Taiwanese consumers are confirmed healthy choices, jobs developments and responsible tradings, however, no significant difference on CSR responsibilities. The thesis discusses the findings, highlighting the cross-cultural marketing implications and strategic implications for Carrefour’s cross-cultural management. Finally, the thesis concludes and outlines areas for further research.
    • The Murdoch media empire and the spectacle of scandal

      Douglas Kellner (International Journal of Communication Vol 6 (2012), 10 May, 20)
      In July 2011, dramatic revelations concerning misdeeds by Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, one of the most successful tabloid newspapers in history, erupted, creating a vast media spectacle. In July 2011, dramatic revelations concerning misdeeds by Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World (NOTW), one of the most successful tabloid newspapers in history, erupted, creating a vast media spectacle that was compared to Watergate and that threatened the existence of Murdoch’s global media empire (Bernstein, 2011). Richard Nixon’s Watergate crisis implicated the president in a series of scandals that led to the famous Senate Watergate Hearings, a major media spectacle of 1973, followed by his resignation from office, a first for a U.S. president. The cascading scandals in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire were thus referred to in some circles as “Murdochgate” (see Bernstein, 2011), a series of outrages and crimes that are continuing to undermine his media power and empire in 2012 and the foreseeable future. For years, there had been accusations that employees of Murdoch’s various tabloid newspapers had hacked telephones to gain information and pay police and other informers for news stories. In 2007, a News of the World reporter, Clive Goodman, and a convicted hacker, Glenn Mulcaire, were sent to jail for hacking the cell phones of members of the Royal Family, and reports surfaced in subsequent years that celebrities like Hugh Grant, Sienna Miller, and Jude Law were also hacked, as well as figures connected to sports, always an important domain of the spectacle. At the time, Murdoch and his minions claimed that the hacking was the work of a single rogue reporter and police and government inquiries accepted these claims.
    • Gauging the ethicality of students in Turkish institutions of higher education

      İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi, İşletme Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi, İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi; Beekun, Rafik I.; Alayoğlu, Nihat; ÖZTÜRK, Ali Osman; Babacan, Mehmet; Westerman, James W. (Springer, 10.07.2019)
      WOS: 000399659100012
    • 金融倫理:學習報告

      財務金融學系, 金融學院; 高, 蕾鈞; 蔡, 曉萱; 段, 凱雯; 李, 韋樽; 謝, 皓; 李, 炳勳; 黃, 士洋 (104 學年度 )
    • 金融倫理:服務報告

      財務金融學系, 金融學院; 高, 蕾鈞; 蔡, 曉萱; 段, 凱雯; 李, 韋樽; 謝, 皓; 李, 炳勳; 黃, 士洋 (104學年度 第 2)
    • 印度綠能流動廁所

      國際經營與貿易學系, 商學院; 楊, 沛璇; 王, 怡真; 陳, 炘屏; 謝, 瑋庭; 林, 敬評; 魏, 慕華; 侯, 宜君; 張, 雅欣; 何, 瑀蒨 (106學年度第一學期)
      中文摘要 印度具有不錯的經濟發展實力,而印度的資訊科技業由軟體與服務業主導,在全球市佔率非常高,在前景看來良好的印度卻有著衛生、疾病、汙染及治安等問題需要去解決。 自2014年印度總理莫迪執政後,印度政府大力推行”乾淨印度”及”智慧城市”等政策,期望改善環境且提升公民生活品質,而印度政府的政策也成為龐大的衛生商機,原先印度打算完工的廁所計畫也只完成四分之一,因此把衛生體系轉成經濟是一大機會,且印度對太陽能產業和製造業等給予優惠的政策使我們晨瑋也進軍印度。我們想要配合政府的政策,設立衛生且有庇護婦女功能的綠能流動廁所,並進行一系列的推廣活動。 針對了印度的現有問題和需求提供解決,建立了符合需求的綠能流動廁所且一系列的推廣,除了改善了生活環境和品質以外也多了水肥的經濟來源,也實現經濟以及永續發展雙贏的局面。
    • 電腦及週邊設備產業:企業社會責任報告書分析

      國際貿易與經營學系碩士班, 商學院; 江, 采恩; 陳, 郁汶 (106學年度第二學期)
      近期證交所對企業發行企業社會責任報告書的推動,本組將選擇電腦及週邊設備產業的三家企業進行報告書的內文比較分析。該產業所選擇的企業包含迎廣科技、趨勢科技與英業達集團,本組選擇這三家企業的主要動機為,依據台灣經濟研究院發現,該產業所還蓋產品極為廣泛,從軟體設備至硬體設備皆有。另外,因台灣企業近期報告書的撰寫形式逐漸從GRI3.0轉換成GRI4.0,且依循GRI4.0的撰寫形式也逐漸增加,因此本組將選擇近年(西元2015年)的報告書且其撰寫形式皆為GRI4.0,檢視三家企業如都依循GRI4.0規範形式時,其注重面向或議題解決方式是否會因為企業特性有其差異存在? 本組所採用的檢視方式,將會依循英國的電子清單,因這項清單目前已適用於許多國家,因此本組想藉由這份清單,探討台灣代表性電子產業的企業社會責任報告書揭露議題是否有符合國際頒布的電子清單項目。另外,本組也將企業社會責任四大議題(商業中倫理議題認知、倫理困境中提議解決辦法、創造倫理環境辦法、倫理與社會責任重要性)加以檢視三家企業的報告書是否有達到這些議題的認知與解決辦法。本組首先將會各家依序利用電子清單檢視,最後再進行議題比較分析的方式給予各家企業意見。
    • 燦坤企業社會責任之提案:化展示品為偏鄉學童獎勵

      國際經營與貿易學系, 商學院; 姜, 欣妤; 陳, 宜珊; 陳, 譜仁; 楊, 競; 郭, 文嘉; 吳, 旻儒 (107學年度第二學期)
      中文摘要 在這個日益重視企業社會責任的世代,我們試圖透過對消費者的問卷調查分析,且嘗試以企業自身角度思考進而整合,提出對燦坤目前最有利益的企業社會責任提案。 我們利用訪問消費者感受及經驗、與競爭對手實例得比較、國內外出色的企業社會責任案例優劣分析,並利用線上問卷、PEST、SWOT等工具探討,提出提案。 因為問卷分析結果顯示多數消費者對企業社會責任這個名詞顯然不熟悉,所以我們決定做一個讓消費者可以「感受」的企業社會責任提案,而非單單只是企業高喊而消費者無感的名詞。基於以上探討方向,我們選擇在走進燦坤門市中消費者最直接、最輕易接觸到的展示品為資助物品,透過將這些物品獎勵偏鄉學童,激勵他們投入地方發展和自身生涯學習。 我們希望經由這個提案讓燦坤在盡到企業社會的同時,也提升消費者對燦坤的品牌印象,從而達到不只盡責且利益最大化的效果。
    • 燦坤分析及CSR提案

      國際經營與貿易學系, 商學院; 陳, 詩雨; 許, 子凡; 蔡, 松霖; 邱, 翊渟; 張, 湘婷; 陳, 家宜 (107學年度第二學期)
      中文摘要 此論文旨在透過企業內外部分析工具之操作與顧客訪談,比較燦坤與順發3C、MOMO、Walmart的差別及優勢,上述分別為台灣3C零售同業、電商大廠及國外知名零售通路,透析這些大公司的營運及CSR優缺,汲取出色部分,以設計出新穎的企業社會責任提案予企業參考。 透過綜合價值鏈、PEST、波特五力分別分析四間公司之內部營運模式、燦坤外部運作狀況、3C零售業整體景況。以網路問卷及10位深度訪談來分析顧客對於燦坤的評價、印象,以及消費者在3C零售產業之消費模式,從而設計更符合消費者需求之行銷策略。另將燦坤與三家企業之同類型CSR做比對,探討其中的優劣。最後綜合上述各項分析與比較,設計出新的燦坤CSR提案。 永續門市、在地生根之社區教育及蘑菇包裝,乃此論文主要設計予燦坤之三大CSR新策略,主要環繞於永續環保及體驗經濟,並且提倡燦坤應主動照顧偏鄉物資不足的弱勢—一份能夠體恤環境及弱勢的企業社會責任才是我們期許這份CSR提案該有的內涵。