This series deals with topics of ethical business, values-driven investments and philanthropy in a global perspective. It is co-published by with the Geneva Agape Foundation. Agape is the word for the highest form of love of the other, of oneself and of God.

Recent Submissions

  • 悔改中的罪人 :对待腐败问题的实务指南 : 致中国及所有想变得更好的基督徒企业家

    Wantian, Cui; Stückelberger, Christoph, 1951- (Globethics.netGeneva Agape Foundation, 2020)
    《 悔改中的罪人》 简介 解决腐败的大规模努力在最近几十年才开始,但腐败和人类的历史一样古老。 尽管存在众多的条例、法规和法律,腐败仍无处不在,并很可能处于上升趋势。基 督教教义认为,虽然我们不可能是完美的,但我们仍能成为“悔改中的罪人”。这 本书提供了关于如何克服腐败的建议。
  • The better sinner : a practical guide on corruption

    Wantian, Cui; Stückelberger, Christoph, 1951- (Globethics.netGeneva Agape Foundation, 2020)
    Corruption is as old as humanity, though the costly and large-scale efforts to address it have only been developed in recent decades. Despite the numerous standards, regulations and laws that exist, corruption is everywhere and may well be on the rise. The Christian faith teaches that, while we cannot be perfect, we can become ‘better sinners’. This book offers advice on how to overcome corruption especially in business.
  • 爱+经济学=Agape economics

    Cui, Wantian (, 2020)
    《爱+经济学》简介 当今世界面临三重危机:人与社会关系的危机、人与人关系的危机、人与 其生存环境的危机。这三重危机有愈演愈烈之势,已经危及到当今的社 会秩序,而原有的经济学框架对此解释乏力更无法提供解决之道。本书 认为危机爆发的原因是正外部性缺失,同时本书综合各个学科对爱的 研究,认为爱的本质是正外部性,并在此基础上构建“爱+经济学模 型”,提出了“爱+经济学原理”,对当前的社会危机进行深刻解读,同时 分别从微观的消费、旅游、企业、教会和宏观的教育、垄断、专利和创新等 关乎经济发展和人民福祉的方面进行分析,并给出应对之策。