Globethics International Conference "Building New Bridges Together: Ethics and Values at the Heart of Quality Education" (17-19 October 2022)
This conference seeks to advance the discussion around the key Sustainable Development Goal 4 on quality education, with a particular focus on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting llifelong learning opportunities for all, developed around three vital strategic dimensions:

1-Being in COMMUNITY – Ethics and Values for the Societies We Want

2-Being in RELATION – Ethics and Values through Educational Collaboration for the Common Good

3-Being in DIALOGUE – Ethics and Values for Shaping Quality Education

Globethics International Online Conference "Building New Bridges Together: Inclusivity, Equity and Diversity in Higher Education - For the World We Want to Shape" (9-10 November and 10 December 2021) organized around three thematic tracks:

1-Thematic Impulse Presentations: "Framing the issues and vision around inclusion, equity, diversity in digital higher education from around the world"

2-Lessons learnt from the Hackathon Workshop: "What priority topics and solutions emerged from your Hackathon Workshop"

3-Solutions from the Globethics DigiEduHack 2021: "Globethics DigiEduHack 2021 : showcasing of solutions"

Globethics International Online Conference "Building New Bridges Together: Strengthening Ethics in Higher Education after COVID-19" (25 June, 2020, including Pre-Conference 17-24 June, 2020) organized around four thematic tracks:

1-Ethics and new societal visions: "Creating New Societal Visions in Higher Education"

2-Ethics and new pedagogies: "Bridging the Gaps: Ethical Foundations of Online Teaching and Learning Pedagogies"

3-Ethics, quality and sustainability: "Online Education for a Sustainable Future: Quality and Ethical Standards in Higher Education"

4-Ethics and responsible global citizenship: "Ethics and Skills for a Responsible Global Citizenship"


Contains keynote addresses, papers, presentations and posters presented at the Conference.

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