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  • Exploring the Integration Development Path of Red Culture and Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in the New Era

    Lingyan, He (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-11-07)
    This thesis discusses how to carry out the inheritance and integrated development of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture in the new era, and puts forward the corresponding path exploration. By defining and elaborating the concepts and connotations of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture, as well as analyzing their important value and significance in contemporary society, this thesis discusses in depth the combination of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture. In terms of the inheritance and development of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture, this dissertation discusses the inheritance methods, inheritance mechanisms as well as relevant policies and measures. In addition, this dissertation proposes specific paths and methods for the integration and development of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture, including the exploration and practice of cultural creative industry, education and training, and tourism culture. Through the exploration of inheritance and integrated development, red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture can make up for and enhance each other, play their important roles in contemporary society, and make positive contributions to social progress and cultural prosperity. The innovation of this thesis is to deeply explore the combination of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture, and put forward specific inheritance and integration development paths, aiming to provide useful reference and inspiration for the cultural construction and development of contemporary society. Through the research and exploration of red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture, this thesis comes to the conclusion that through inheritance and integration development, red culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture can make up for and enhance each other, play their important roles in contemporary society, and make positive contributions to social progress and cultural prosperity.
  • On the Path of Curriculum Ideological and Political Reform in College Chinese

    Hu, Feifan (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-11-02)
    As a new educational concept, "curriculum ideology and politics" has been widely concerned by the academic circle, showing a rapid popularity in colleges and universities. At the same time, under the high attention and continuous promotion of the state, colleges and universities across the country continue to accelerate the construction and development of curriculum ideology and politics. College Chinese course, as a public basic course set by colleges for non-Chinese language and literature majors, has the characteristics of ideology, tool and humanity, has the unique advantages of combining with curriculum ideological and political construction, and is an important position and advantageous platform to promote the construction of college curriculum ideological and political construction. Therefore, we should give full play to its important value and role in cultural identity, ideological identity and value identity, give full play to the leading in curriculum ideological and political reform, strengthen teachers' awareness of carrying out curriculum ideological and political education, optimize teaching content, dig deep into the ideological and political elements in college Chinese curriculum, pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, Adhere to the unity of explicit education and implicit education, and constantly improve the quality of college personnel training.
  • On the Emotional Colors and Performance Techniques in Brahms' Interlude Op.118 No.2

    Zeng, Xiaoan; Lai, Junjin (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-11-07)
    Johannes Brahms was the last German Austrian classical master of the romantic period. In this era of significant changes in music style, Brahms' early creative style still retained some traces of classical style. However, in his later years, he became more passionate about small genre lyrical works. I believe that these works must be the gentlest and most monologue works of Brahms' life. The interlude Op118 No.2, created in the late period of Brahms, possesses extremely clever creative techniques and extremely beautiful melodies, and is later known as the "Love Letter to Clara". The emotions and performance techniques involved are worth further exploration.
  • Cross-cultural Communication of Traditional Chinese Medicine under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative —A Case Study of Central and Eastern European countries

    Pan, Hui (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-10-22)
    With the effective implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese culture has been accepted by more and more Central and Eastern European countries, and has further promoted political, economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation among these countries. As an important part of Chinese culture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become a channel of cultural exchange, and has been paid more and more attention. However, in general, the development and scale of traditional Chinese medicine in central and Eastern Europe are far smaller than that of the United States, Canada and Japan, and Australia as well as Western European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. Therefore, it is necessary to promote traditional Chinese medicine to CEE in order to further spread traditional Chinese medicine culture and open up more opportunities for cooperation.
  • An Empirical Research on the Reasonable Limits of Teacher Discipline in Primary and Secondary School in China - Focusing on Corporal Punishment

    Zhang, Xinyi (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-10-27)
    With the promulgation of the Rules on Educational Discipline for Primary and Secondary School Teachers (for Trial Implementation), China has initially established a four-tier educational disciplinary system. The disciplinary power is a natural and legitimate power of teachers, and discipline is a necessary means and statutory function for teachers to carry out their educational management duties, while the current operation of the disciplinary power in China shows a trend of polarisation. Corporal punishment, an important part of Chinese traditional education system, is still used by teachers today, but there is a lack of written regulations to define its form and judge its reasonableness. In order to achieve a rational return to corporal punishment and discipline, it is necessary to further refine the relevant legal policies and build a better educational disciplinary system, as well as to strengthen the guidance of ideas and public opinion, so as to build a favourable social environment for teachers to implement corporal punishment and discipline within reasonable limits.
  • Vandermonde Determinant and Its Applications

    LI, Yanjun; Ding, Xiaoye (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-10-03)
    Vandermonde determinant is an important object in linear algebra, which has special and elegant structure, and admits the significant applications in many different areas. In this paper, we summarize two typical proofs and present many applications of Vandermonde determinant.
  • Research on the Application of Enterprise Brand Advertising Localization in All-media Era

    Zhou, Dongsheng (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-09-19)
    This paper discusses the strategy of enterprise brand to realize advertising localization in the era of all media. Advertising localization means that enterprises customize advertising content in different geographical and cultural backgrounds to better attract and influence local consumers. Specific measures are proposed to address this challenge, including language and cultural adaptation, the use of symbols and images, and the cooperation of local partners and opinion leaders. In addition, through data analysis and adjustment, enterprises can evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in real time and adjust their strategies in time. Through the combined application of these strategies, companies are able to localize their advertising in the all-media era and build stronger connections with local consumers.
  • Practice and Thinking: How to Enhance the Sense of Gain of College Students’ Ideological and Political Theory Courses

    Anhui province teaching research project(2021jyxm1748); University of Science and Technology of China, Marxism and Contemporary China Research Center Project(2021YJZX007YB); Song, Yi; Wang, Yan (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-09-19)
    As a new and young member for national development, college students require high ideological consciousness, firm political position and profound theoretical understanding. To enhance the sense of gain from college students’ ideological and political theory courses is a hot topic of concern for Chinese ideological and political scholars in recent years, and it is also an important teaching goal for ideological and political teachers in colleges. On the basis of analyzing the connotation and influencing factors of college students’ sense of gain in ideological and political theory courses, and in grasping the combination of domestic peer research experience and actual teaching situation, we will continue to explore teaching designs and strategies to enhance the sense of gain by understanding students’ previous learning experience and development needs, adjusting the teaching strategy according to students’ listening situation, introducing visualization technology, and incorporating blended teaching practice.
  • Research on the Legal Problems of Official Marks of Proof Attributes in China

    Huang, Xiaotong (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-28)
    Since the introduction of Measures for the Protection of Official Marks (Draft for Opinion), the attention to official marks has increased in China, but the concept, nature, classification and relationship between official marks and trademarks have not been sorted out clearly. This paper starts from the classification of official signs, selects the official signs with certification attributes as the main research object, clarifies the relationship between such official marks and other related signs, analyses the current situation of their use and management, and puts forward suggestions to improve the laws and regulations on official marks.
  • Explore Ways to Promote the Popularization of Rural Culture Revitalization

    Zhang, Yikun (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-25)
    The history of language and the history of culture complement each other. They can help and inspire each other. Language and culture are closely related. As a part of culture, language is not only a cultural phenomenon, but also a carrier of culture. Language and cultural resources are not only the elements of building a harmonious ecology of language, but also the path and entry point for language to help rural revitalization in ethnic minority areas. Rural revitalization cannot be achieved without cultural revitalization, and cultural revitalization cannot be achieved without language. Popularizing work has played a very important role in promoting rural revitalization.
  • Several Methods on the Limit Problem of Integration

    This work was supported by Anhui Province Quality engineering project: Mathematical Analysis, Ideological and political model course,2022kcsz02; Anhui university of Finance and Economics Ideological and political model course 2022.; Liu, Jia; Shi, Saisai; Zhang, Yuan (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-25)
    If the expression of a limit contains definite integral, we call this kind of limit as the limit of integration. This paper takes the graduate entrance exams of some famous universities in China as examples, and gives several methods to solve the limit problem of integration by comprehensively utilizing the characteristics and operational properties of integral.
  • A Transitivity Analysis of International Ecological Discourse – Taking Remarks at the APEC Informal Economic Leaders’ Retreat as an Example

    Li, Chen (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-23)
    This study is guided by the International Ecosophy of “diversity and harmony, interaction and co-existence” proposed by He Wei and Wei Rong, and draw on the analytical model of transitivity for international ecological discourse to analyze China’s President Xi Jinping’s Remarks at the APEC Informal Economic Leaders’ Retreat. The study finds that: first, in this speech, the action process plays a dominant role in the transitivity process, which explains that China not only plays more roles in the international community, but also attaches importance to and advocates starting from all aspects of action to establish an image of actively participating in international affairs and being responsible in the international community; second, in this speech, most of the speech discourse is beneficial discourse, few neutral discourse and no destructive discourse, which shows that China is committed to establishing a good international social ecological discourse system, so as to promote the benign development of the international social ecosystem.
  • Bayesian Formula and Its Application Analysis

    Zhang, Yuan; Liu, Jia; Shi, Saisai (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-15)
    Bayesian formula is a very important and widely used formula in probability and statistics courses, which can simplify the probability calculation of certain complex events. This article not only introduces the relevant theories of Bayesian formula, but also explores its practical applications in daily life through examples.
  • Implementation Strategies and Theoretical Analysis of Physical Education Classroom Teaching under the Chinese Healthy Physical Education Curriculum Model

    Peng, Yan (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-23)
    Based on the “Compulsory Education Physical Education and Health Curriculum Standards” and the “General High School Physical Education and Health Curriculum Standards”, a thorough analysis was conducted on the history of physical education in China, the principles and framework of the HPE curriculum model, and previous implementation strategies. The article elucidates the theoretical foundations of physical education, such as sports education theory and constructivist learning, as well as evaluation and assessment techniques. It concludes with the significance of technology integration, community partnerships, and teacher training in the current HPE curriculum, offering strategies and recommendations for educators and policymakers to effectively implement the HPE curriculum.
  • Research on the Integration of Traditional Chinese Culture into Kindergarten Curriculum in Ethnic Regions

    Jiang, Chen (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-16)
    Based on the background of early childhood education curriculum, kindergartens in various regions have begun to pay attention to the development of kindergarten curriculum. Most of teachers search for the characteristics of kindergarten curriculum that is suitable for young children’s age groups. The excellent Chinese traditional culture, as an important element with Chinese cultural symbols, is gradually being used by kindergarten teachers. When carrying out activities, kindergartens in ethnic regions integrate traditional Chinese culture into the development of kindergarten curriculum. This study starts with the background of integrating traditional Chinese culture into the development of kindergarten curriculum. Through interviews with preschool teachers, it identifies the current problems and reasons, and proposes some suggestions for better integrating traditional Chinese culture into the kindergarten curriculum.
  • Analysis of Tourism Copywriting for Chinese International Teachers from a Multimodal Perspective

    Zhang, Yaqi; Wang, Feihua (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-14)
    International Chinese language volunteers often need to introduce Chinese tourism culture when teaching abroad. Due to the inability of learners to personally experience China in foreign environments, it can have a significant impact on teaching effectiveness. The multimodal form of combining images and text can more intuitively help overseas Chinese language learners understand and understand China, enrich their Chinese language learning after class, and satisfy their curiosity and longing for China. This article uses Halliday’s multimodal theory to organize and analyze 43 tourism texts edited by international Chinese language volunteers in teaching from four aspects: cultural level, contextual level, meaning level, and formal level. It also summarizes the precautions that Chinese language international teachers should pay attention to when writing tourism texts.
  • Wither Pre-service Teacher Education in Zimbabwe? Object Lessons from Teacher Education Systems in the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa

    Mangwaya, Ezron; Mangwaya, Emily; Shoko, Shepherd (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-08-14)
    After pragmatically tinkering with quantity-oriented models of teacher education since early 1980s, Zimbabwe now seems to be faced with quality challenges, necessitating change of policy direction. In recent years, disquiet has been voiced about the declining quality of school education, a trend widely attributed to the low quality of teachers. This has put teacher education provision in Zimbabwe in the spotlight of critical and in some instances derisive scrutiny. Under such circumstances, one would reasonably expect teacher education policy-makers to be diligently seized with change efforts. However, teacher education policy-makers seem to be dithering indecisively in relation to suggesting new directions for teacher education in Zimbabwe. This paper attempts to break the deafening silence in the teacher education policy community by suggesting some objects lessons for the teacher education system in Zimbabwe on the basis of insights derived from analyzing teacher education systems in the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa.
  • An Analysis of the Fate of the Character Yang Yuhuan in the Film Legend of the Demon Cat Based on the “Other” Theory

    Zhang, Kai (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-07-18)
    Legend of the Demon Cat is a pinnacle of ancient oriental magic film by Chen Kaige, presenting audiences with a magnificent scene of Tang Dynasty and the legendary story of Yang Yuhuan. As a film full of fantasy, suspense and romanticism, it has been analyzed by most scholars from the aspects of narrative features, image aesthetics and historical and cultural elements. However, little has been researched from the perspective of the male other about the fate of Yang Yuhuan, a character based on a legendary concubine in Chinese Tang Dynasty. This paper will analyze the portrayal of Yang Yuhuan in the film guided by feminism, especially “The Other” theory. With the historical background of the decline of the Tang Dynasty, we can seek the reasons for the dramatical fate of Yang Yuhuan, and understand the injustice and oppression faced universally by ancient women in male-dominated society.
  • A Study on the Practice of Folk Dance Culture in Kindergarten

    Li, Jiaying; Jiang, Chen; Wang, Jingyi; Yang, Xingyue; Jin, Rui; Lu, Haojuan (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-07-19)
    China is characterized by a long history of development and a rich and colorful national culture. Folk dance culture shines in the field of excellent traditional culture. However, the progress of social development has led to the gradual extinction of folk dance. Preschool education, as the beginning stage of education in a person’s life, is a favorable time to embrace folk dance culture. By integrating folk dance into the stage of preschool education, it is conducive to carry forward the traditional culture of the nation and fostering national self-confidence and national pride in children while passing on the excellent traditional culture. Therefore, it is urgent to explore the path of combining folk dance culture with early childhood education.
  • Respect and Responsibility towards Youth

    Kariko, Sandor (Scholink Co., LTD, 2023-07-17)
    Youth is a grateful topic and has a rich body of scholarly research, particularly in the fields of education, youth sociology, and political science. However, the recognition and appreciation of the philosophical approach is often lacking in research, politics, and public discourse alike. This study aims to draw attention to the importance of the philosophical perspective. It focuses on philosophical ideas found in antiquity, modernity, and postmodernity (from Socrates to Hegel and all the way to Derrida) that remain relevant regardless of historical time or specific societal forms. Drawing philosophical insights is particularly crucial for politics and education. As Derrida believes, no ethics or politics can remain authentic and true if they do not respect the future, that is, the youth. And in this regard, I think we can all agree.

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