• Jak se objevuje téma profesní etiky v procesu supervize v sociálních službách?

      Havrdová, Zuzana; Havlíčková, Monika; Konečná, Petra (Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta humanitních studií, 2020-08-19)
      The thesis is focused on the topic of professional ethics in social services and its reflection in the supervisory process. The thesis is divided into two parts, the interpretation and the research, and aims to explore the topic of professional ethics in social services in the supervisory process from the perspective of supervisors. Research is conducted using qualitative research strategies, through interviews with eight supervisors. The data analysis brings several conclusions, one of them is the fact that supervision is essential for the professional ethics of social workers. Supervision contributes in that social work is based on a more conscious professionalism and less on intuition. This all brings a more comprehensive picture of the influence of supervision on the compliance with professional ethics in social services. Keywords: Ethics, professional ethics, codes of ethics, ethical dilemmas, social work, social worker, supervision, supervisor.
    • Jak vnímají sociální pracovníci utrpení

      STEKLÁ JEŘÁBKOVÁ, Naděžda (2017)
      The Bachelor's thesis concerns the perception of suffering by social workers in their professional activity. The work consists of two parts. The first one deals with social work and suffering, the second covers field research, How social workers perceive suffering.
    • Jeremiah and the Dimensions of the Moral Life

      Knight, Douglas A., 1943- (KTAV Publishing House, 1980)
      For Jeremiah, morality and religion are "intimately intertwined." Professor Douglas Knight constructs "a theory of moral agency" in an effort to examine "all dimensions of existence which impinge upon the process of moral acting." Included are: rationality, volition, affectivity, sociality, temporality and historicality, and moral freedom.
    • Jesus Christ and the social question : an examination of the teaching of Jesus in its relation to some of the problems of modern social life /

      Peabody, Francis Greenwood, 1847-1936. (New York : Macmillan ; London : Macmillan & Co., Ltd.,, 1903, c190)
      Mode of access: Internet.
    • Jesus Christ and the social question; an examination of the teaching of Jesus in its relation to some of the problems of modern social life

      Princeton Theological Seminary Library; Peabody, Francis Greenwood, 1847-1936 (New York, Macmillan, 1900-01-01)
    • Jesus Christus und das Gemeinschaftsleben der Menschen

      Holtzmann, Oskar, 1859-1934. (Freiburg i. B. : J.C.B. Mohr,, 1893)
      Includes biblographical references.
    • Jeunes, musulmans et italiens (ou presque)

      Trucco, Daniela (2015)
      Basé sur le paradigme des représentations sociales, l’article présente les principaux résultats d’une enquête par entretiens conduite auprès d’un groupe de jeunes musulmans enfants d’immigrés dans la ville italienne de Gênes. Trois modèles de représentations de la citoyenneté en ressortent - les « diasporiques », les « italiens-musulmans pratiquants », les « individualistes démocratiques » - montrant des façons différentes de concevoir l’appartenance et l’engagement. Les modèles sont ensuite analysés afin de faire ressortir les articulations entre les dimensions du religieux, du national et du politique. L’étude montre comment les représentations de la citoyenneté informent le rapport au politique des jeunes, et met à jour une correspondance dans les façons de concevoir appartenance religieuse et nationale. Par rapport à un cadre d’analyse français, dans le contexte italien ces dimensions semblent pouvoir s’agencer de façons différentes et moins concurrentielles.
    • Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011

      Cohen, Steven M.; Miller, Ron; Ukeles, Jacob B. (New YorkUJA-Federation of New York, 2012-11-21)
    • Jewish Law as Rebellion A Plea for Religious Authenticity and Halachic Courage

      Lopes Cardozo, Nathan.
      Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources.
    • Jewish Religious Intermarriage in Canada

      Robert Brym; Rhonda Lenton (The Association for Canadian Jewish Studies/York University Libraries, 2020-11-01)
      Drawing on secondary literature, this paper first identifies trends in Jewish religious intermarriage in Canada—including variation over time, gender, age and community size. It then critically examines results from the 2018 Survey of Jews in Canada to explore factors associated with intermarriage. Binary logistic regression demonstrates that intermarriage is significantly and independently associated with residing in cities other than Montreal and Toronto, relative youth, male gender, having little Jewish secondary socialization outside the family and having both parents born in Canada. The statistically positive effect of having intermarried parents on children’s likelihood of intermarriage falls if children attend full-time Jewish school and summer camp with Jewish content. The effect disappears if at least one parent is an immigrant. These findings imply that the rising rate of intermarriage can be significantly mitigated if the Jewish community finds the means to increase the proportion of children who undergo intensive Jewish secondary socialization and the proportion of immigrants in the Jewish community. The paper concludes by discussing policies that could facilitate this outcome. 
 En s’appuyant sur la littérature secondaire, cet article identifie d’abord les tendances des mariages interreligieux juifs au Canada, y compris les variations dans le temps, le sexe, l’âge et la taille des communautés. Il examine ensuite de manière critique les résultats de l’enquête de 2018 sur les Juifs au Canada afin d’étudier les facteurs associés aux mariages mixtes. La régression logistique binaire démontre que les mariages mixtes sont associés de manière significative et indépendante à la résidence dans des villes autres que Montréal et Toronto, à la jeunesse relative, au sexe masculin, à une faible socialisation secondaire juive en dehors de la famille et au fait que les deux parents sont nés au Canada. L’effet statistiquement positif du fait d’avoir des parents mariés à des non-Juifs sur la probabilité de mariage mixte diminue si les enfants fréquentent une école juive à temps plein et un camp d’été à contenu juif. L’effet disparait si au moins un des parents est un immigrant. Ces résultats impliquent que le taux croissant de mariages mixtes peut être considérablement atténué si la communauté juive trouve les moyens d’augmenter la proportion d’enfants qui poursuivent une socialisation secondaire juive intensive et la proportion d’immigrants dans la communauté juive. L’article conclut en discutant des politiques qui pourraient faciliter ce résultat.
    • Jewish Studies in the Nordic Countries Today

      Illman, Ruth (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2017-04-07)
      Ruth Illman and Björn Dahla
 Jewish studies in the Nordic countries today 
 Cecilia Wassen
 The Jewishness of Jesus and ritual purity 
 Karin Hedner Zetterholm
 Jesus-oriented visions of Judaism in antiquity 
 Antti Laato
 Celsus, Toledot Yeshu and early traces of apology for the virgin birth of Jesus 
 Riikka Tuori
 ʿĂqēdōt: the binding of Isaac in early modern Polish-Lithuanian Karaite poetry 
 Claudia Welz
 Trauma, memory, testimony:
 phenomenological, and ethical perspectives 
 Sofie Lene Bak
 Repatriation and restitution of Holocaust victims in post-war Denmark 
 Vibeke Kieding Banik
 The faith of the fathers, the future of the youth: being Jewish on the periphery of the diaspora 
 Laura Ekholm and Simo Muir
 Name changes and visions of ‘a new Jew’ in the Helsinki Jewish community 
 Jan Schwarz
 Transnational Ashkenaz: Yiddish culture after the Holocaust 
 Christhard Hoffmann
 Jewish history as a history of immigration:
 an overview of current historiography in the Scandinavian countries 
 Risto Olavi Nurmela
 Moses: Freud’s ultimate project 
 Mia Anderssén-Löf
 May He Speedily Come: the role of the Messiah in Haredi and Hardal Judaism 
 Ben Kasstan
 Positioning oneself and being positioned in the ‘community’:
 an essay on Jewish ethnography as a ‘Jew-ish’ ethnographer 
 Ruth Illman
 Creativity, community, change: functions of and motives for singing niggunim
 Natalie Lantz
 A guide for the perplexed: a student’s navigation through
 Jewish studies in Sweden
    • Jinayat Ash-Shabiy 'Inda Al-Madzahib Al-Arba'ah

      syaepudin, syaepudin; , -Muhammad Khaeruddin Hamsin Lc. LLM. Ph.D; , -Dr. Imron Rosyadi M.Ag (2021-01)
      This thesis entitled: "Jinayatus Shabiy 'Inda Al-Madzahib Al-Arba'ah" proposed by Syaepudin with his student number guided by Dr.Muhammad Khairuddin Hamsen, MA and Dr.Imran Rasyadi MA to get master degree on fikih and its ushul in Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.
 This thesis aims to study the problem of jinayat or crimes committed by a small child, both crimes to the soul, namely murder or non-soul, in the form of injuring or damaging other people's limbs. This discussion is of a biblical nature which includes a theoretical review of the words of the four Islamic jurisprudence experts along with the examples they have mentioned. The formulation of the problem consists of 3 things: (1) when is a child considered to have committed or punished legally in a criminal matter? (2) is a child and adult male who convert to Islam punished with the same thing in matters of jinayah [killing or injuring]? (3) what did the four Madzhab Imams say about crimes committed by young children?
 The result of this thesis is that a child will be punished for an act when he or she has reached the age of puberty, and each child is different in age, most of them are aged when they are 15 years old. A small child is different from an adult who converts when he commits a crime to the soul [kills] or injures the limbs of others. The priests of the four schools of thought differed in the two opinions that if a child deliberately kills another person, is the deliberate act of a child being punished like an adult, namely diqishah or is his deliberate act considered khata '[accidental] ?. Meanwhile, in matters other than the soul of the scholars, it is agreed that small children will not be discriminated against when injuring or damaging other people's limbs. They have different opinions in whether the diyat / fine is taken from the child's property or from his relative?
    • Johann Jakob Grynaeus: Seelsorgerliche reformierte Orthodoxie

      Kusmierz, Katrin; Peter, Niklaus; Sallmann, Martin (TVZ, 2004)
    • John Frow: Time and commodity culture

      Smith, P. D. (Dept of Politics, Monash Uni, 2000-01-01)
    • John Locke ve Jean Jacques Rousseau'da politik ve etik bir kavram olarak adalet

      Becermen, Metin; Uludağ Üniversitesi/Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü/Felsefe Anabilim Dalı/Felsefe Bilim Dalı.; Yıldız Konak, Selver (Uludağ Üniversitesi, 2020-04-16)
      Adalet arayışlarının ilkçağlardan günümüze kadar devam ettiğini görmekteyiz. Bu çalışmanın konusunu her ne kadar Locke ve Rousseau'nun adalet anlayışları oluştursa da, hiçbir felsefi düşüncenin kendisinden önce ifade edilenlerle hesaplaşmadan gelişemeyeceği düşüncesinden hareketle, Locke ve Rousseau öncesi belli düşünürlerin adalet anlayışlarının ortaya konmasının doğru olacağı konusunda fikir birliğine varıldı. Bu amaçla çalışmanın ilk bölümü Eski Yunan, Ortaçağ ve Locke öncesi belli filozofların (Nicolo Machiavvelli ve Thomas Hobbes) adalet anlayışlarının ele alınması olarak belirlendi. Eski Yunan düşünürlerinden Platon'da insan hayatının temel amacı erdemdir. Bu bağlamda adalet ise temel erdemi oluşturur ve o diğer tüm erdemleri kendisinde toplar. Eski Yunan'ın diğer bir önemli filozofu olan Aristoteles'te adalet kavramı hem etik hem de politik bir içerik taşımaktadır. Buna göre erdemli ve mutlu yaşamı sağlamayı kendine amaç edinen insanlar, adalete uygun bir şekilde eylemde bulunmak durumundadırlar. Ortaçağda adalet, Yunan düşüncesinde olduğu gibi, hem etik bir erdem olarak hem de iktidar ve egemenlik meselelerinin değerlendirilmesinde temel bir kavram olarak ele alınmıştır. Bu dönemdeki adalet anlayışları insanın iyi ve mükemmel bir hayat yaşaması için öncelikle kendine çeki düzen vermesi ve diğer insanlarla, Tanrıyla ve kainatla uyumlu bir yaşam sürmesini üzerine odaklanır. Modern dönemde öne çıkan ilk isim Nicolo Machiavelli'dir. Temel amacın, iktidarın ele geçirilmesi, elde tutulması ve yayılması olduğunu ifade eden Machiavelli açısından bu amaca giden her yol mubahtır. Bu bağlamda bir davranışın toplumsal ahlak kurallarına veya dinsel kurallara uygun olup olmadığının bir önemi yoktur. Hobbes'ta ise adalet kavramı insanların sözleşmeye uyup uymamalarına göre anlam kazanmaktadır. Bu bağlamda sözleşmeye uyma davranışı adil olup, uymama ise adaletsizlik olarak ifade edilebilir. Bu çalışmanın temel amaçlarından biri, John Locke'un felsefesinde adalet kavramının yeri ve önemini ortaya koymaktır. Adalet kavramı, toplumun yönetim tarzı, ekonomisi, özgürlük alanları gibi pek çok durumla iç içedir. Bu sebeple Locke'da adalet kavramının nasıl bir nitelik taşıdığı onun bu konular ile ilgili düşüncelerinin bir yansımasını oluşturur. Çalışmanın diğer temel amacını ise Rousseau'nun adalet konusundaki fikirleri oluşturmaktadır. Bu bağlamda adalet; onun genel irade, toplumsal sözleşme, özgürlük ve mülkiyet gibi temel meselelerindeki tutumu ile ilişkilendirilmeye çalışılmıştır. Çalışmanın son bölümü ise Rousseau ve Locke'un adalet anlayışlarının karşılaştırılmasına ayrılmıştır.
    • John Stoward Moyes and the social gospel : a study in Christian social engagement

      Department of Studies in Religion; Terracini, Paul (Paul Wilson) (University of Sydney, 2013-03-14)
      This thesis was digitised for the purposes of Document Delivery. It has been made available on open access by Sydney eScholarship and may only be used for the purposes of research and study. Where possible, Sydney eScholarship will try to notify the author of this work. If you have any inquiries or issues regarding this work being made available please contact the Sydney eScholarship Repository Coordinator - escholarship.info@sydney.edu.au
    • Johtavien sosiaalityöntekijöiden kokemukset tilaaja-tuottajamallin alkuvaiheen vaikutuksista

      Nieminen, Lauri (2014-06-10)
      Tutkielman tarkoituksena on selvittää Tampereen kaupungin sosiaaliasemilla lähiesimiesasemassa
 työskentelevien johtavien sosiaalityöntekijöiden subjektiivisia kokemuksia tilaaja-tuottajamallin
 alkuvaiheen vaikutuksista heidän omaan työhönsä. Tutkimusta taustoittaa ajatus siitä, että tilaaja-tuottajamalli on osa New Public Management-oppia, jonka tarkoituksena on julkisen sektorin
 toiminnan tehostaminen, ja se on samalla vaikuttanut sosiaalityön käytäntöihin, retoriikkaan ja toiminnan luonteeseen. Olen kiinnostunut siitä, miten johtavat sosiaalityöntekijät ovat kokeneet nuo
 vaikutukset omassa työssään, erityisesti organisatorisen selontekovelvollisuuden kannalta, joka tarkoittaa lähiesimiesten organisaation budjettikontrolliin perustuvaa tarvetta valvoa ja mitata
 työntekijöiden työsuorituksia. Toinen tutkimusta taustoittava ajatus on se, että taloudellista tehokkuutta painottava New Public Management on lähtökohtaisesti ristiriidassa sosiaalista oikeudenmukaisuutta ja ihmisarvoa sosiaalityön lähtökohtina pitävän sosiaalityön ammattieettisten periaatteiden kanssa. Tähän liittyen tutkin sitä, miten johtavat sosiaalityöntekijät ovat kokeneet
 eettisiä ristiriitoja työssään. Viimeisenä kysymyksenä tutkin sitä, miten johtavat sosiaalityöntekijät kokevat tilaaja-tuottaja –toimintatapaan liittyvät uhat ja mahdollisuudet sosiaalityötä ajatellen.
 Lähestymistapani tutkimukseen on laadullinen. Tutkimusaineistoni koostuu viiden johtavan
 sosiaalityöntekijän haastatteluista. Aineistonkeruutapana on toiminut puolistrukturoitu
 teemahaastattelu, ja aineiston analysointiin olen käyttänyt temaattista analyysiä.
 Tutkimustulosten mukaan johtavien sosiaalityöntekijöiden kokemus oli, että tilaaja-tuottaja -
 uudistus tapahtui hallinnon uudelleen organisoinnin ehdoilla. Lähiesimiehet ja työntekijät kokivat
 epäselväksi, mitä uudistus tarkoittaa heidän työnsä kannalta. Johtavien sosiaalityöntekijöiden
 kokemuksen mukaan hallinnolliset tehtävät olivat lisääntyneet heidän työssään ja mahdollisuudet
 toimia asiakastyön lähiesimiehinä olivat kaventuneet. Lisäksi lähiesimiesten kokemusten mukaan
 heidän roolissaan oli korostunut suoritteiden ja kustannusten seuranta ja niiden raportointi, eli
 organisatorinen selontekovelvollisuus, mikä näkyi myös siinä, että heidän kokemustensa mukaan
 rahasta (mihin on varaa / mihin ei) puhuttiin enemmän kuin ennen. Ristiriitana lähiesimiehet olivat
 kokeneet velvoitteen pystyä tuottamaan yksiköissään ammattieettisesti vastuullista sosiaalityötä
 niukennetuilla resursseilla. Tilaaja-tuottajamallin uhkana koettiin toiminnan kehittäminen sellaiseen
 suuntaan, että asiakasnäkökulma jäisi hallinnollisten ja liiketaloudellisten hyötynäkökulmien
 varjoon. Toisaalta mahdollisuudeksi koettiin sosiaalityön ammatillisen arvostuksen parantaminen
 tilaaja-tuottajamallin mahdollistavan uudenlaisen ajattelun kautta. 
 Senior Social Workers’ Experiences on Effects of the Early Stage in Purchaser-Provider Model 
 The purpose of this thesis is to study senior social workers’, who work as immediate supervisors at
 the social service offices in the city of Tampere, subjective experiences on the effects that the early stage of purchaser-provider model has had on their work. The assumption behind the thesis is that
 purchaser-provider model is a part of New Public Management, purpose of which is to improve the
 efficiency of the public sector services, and which at the same time has effect on the practices,
 rethoric and nature of social work. I’m interested in how senior social workers have experienced
 those impacts on their own work, especially regarding organizational accountability, which refers to
 immediate supervisors’ need to measure and monitor employees’ work performances under
 organizational budget control. Another assumption behind the thesis is that economical effiency that
 New Public Management emphasizes, in principle, contradicts with code of ethics in social work
 that value social justice and human dignity as a starting point for practice. Therefore I study how
 senior social workers have experienced ethical dillemas in their work. Finally I examine how senior
 social workers experience threats and possibilites of purchaser provider model regarding social
 My approach to this thesis is qualitative. My data consists of five interviews made with senior
 social workers. Data collection is done by thematic interviews, and for the analysis I have used the
 method of thematic analysis.
 The results show that the senior social workers’ experience was that the purchaser provider reform
 was done for the benefit of the newly organized management. Immediate supervisors and
 employees found it ambiguous what the reform means in practice regarding their own work. The
 senior social workers’ experience was that administrative tasks had increased in their work thus
 their possibilities to work as immediate supervisors in practical social work had diminished. In
 addition their experience was that their role in supervision and reporting performances, in other
 words, organizational accountability had increased, which was also evident in the fact that
 according to their experience the subject of money (what can / can not be produced) was brought up
 in discussion more often than before the reform. As contradiction they had experienced the
 requirements to be able to produce ethically responsible social work with scarce resources. As a
 threat of purchaser provider model regarding to development of social work they experienced the
 possibility of managerial and economic perspectives overshadowing clients needs. On the contrary,
 purchaser provider model was also experienced as the possibility to improve social works
 occupational appreciation via new wave of thinking that it enables.
    • Joint Commitment, Human Life and Social Ontology

      Francesca De Vecchi; Silvia Tossut (Firenze University Press, 2016-04-01)
      In this introductory chapter, we recall some of the crucial aspects of Gilbert’s notion of joint commitment. Special attention is devoted to the importance of this notion both for human life in its social aspects (notably, the formation of group beliefs and the constituions of just joint commitments) and for social ontology (in particular, for the understanding of norm and institutions and of the intentionality of groups). Then, we briefly summarize the contents of the contributions collected in the issue.
    • Joseph Carens: Between Aliens and Citizens [electronic resource] /

      Hoesch, Matthias.editor.edthttp://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/relators/edt; Mooren, Nadine.editor.edthttp://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/relators/edt; SpringerLink (Online service)
      This book offers a critical discussion of Joseph Carens’s main works in migration ethics covering themes such as migration, naturalization, citizenship, culture, religion and economic equality. The volume is published on the occasion of the annual Münster Lectures in Philosophy held by Joseph Carens in the fall of 2018. It documents the intellectual exchange with the well-known philosopher Joseph Carens by offering critical contributions on Carens’s work and commentaries of Carens as a reply to these critical contributions. With his various works on migration ethics, Joseph Carens must be seen as one of the leading academics in the political and ethical discourse of migration in the last years. The topic of migration raises questions not only regarding naturalization and citizenship but also cultural, economic and religious differences between aliens, citizens and persons whose status lies in between and calls for further determination. Such questions gain more and more importance in our globalized world as can be seen for example in the context of the refugee crisis in the European Union and the U.S. The book covers different systematic topics of Carens’s work as can be found in his widely read book “The Ethics of Immigration” but also in further publications. It provides papers with critical discussions of Carens’s work as well as his responses to these, thus enabling and documenting the fruitful dialogue between the contributors and Carens himself. The aim of this book is to sharpen and shed light on Carens’s arguments concerning migration by offering new and critical perspectives and fine-grained analyses.