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dc.description.abstractDAILY I'AI.O ALTO TIMES, Tl'ESllAY. APRIL 13. igou. S. P. O. R. (vmptcte new stock of IVni . sod IV-....". Gloves ja*t rv> cHvcU. Ttkt *nperi«.rii» of these t.loves U known end r.*c.g- »i*ed throaghout the wortil— -odc-1 by all good dreaaar* ■ad pertlcalsr people to be the ba**t, most perfect sud popular Glove oa the aiarfcrt. Tbey cost sk> awrr than other glovr*. Price* range from fl.Stl to per pair. MANY NEW I im-.n OF aXMMKH Ullt.iil*. IX I'XUKR- VYKAK. laclBM-lng plain aad fancy IUlb-r-t*-_gan*. I'.iru..kult. Ii. V. D. light wetght irorateds. etc. PRICES ALWAYS TU LOWEST. VAN A. WALLACE Ml vs I I i:\WIIM.v l'ltl. 1.s .ll.inis Till. I/UWE8T. THE HOME OF 8. P. Q. It. 120-127 t'elveeally Aveaae IMIII Al.TO LOCAL Take your lunch at tha Plaxa. Everything at coat. The Nippon. The beat quality at the same old■ price. Thompson's Oak bakery* Homemad* beef and chicken ta- a-alea at Dellcateasen. Phoa* 5!«K. Save train fare and buy tha article from the Eagle Drug Company. Red Star laundry office, Vaader- •oort Brother*. -t_ High street. Visit the 1c and 10c counter* at Hackus' china store. £13 University., Horn. In Palo Alto. Sunday. April j 11, 1»0». to Mr. and Mra. F. C. Price, a daughter. Welngartner A Co. are sole agent* for tbe famous Christy'a English bath towel* Prices SOc to 11.50. Mr*. Ell King baa gffne to Pacific J Grove, where ah* will be the guest of Mr. aad Mr* T. C. Edwards of San Joe* for two weeks. LeRoy Child* came down from, San Franclaco laat nlgbt for a brief i visit wltb hta parent*. He ta now; saalatant business manager of Sun- Mrs J. A. \Yoodbura, o( Bloom-1 tngton. Ind.. arrived Saturday to spend the cloelng weeks of the year with her husband. Doctor Wood-; barn, who Is lecturing oo American history at Stanford thla semester. Visit Ce-aJMdTa Plea* Beataaraat. j Mra. Eli King la spending a week . In Pacific drove. { Mr*. T. B. Veblen I* building a -summer home at Kings Mountain. I Mr. and Mr* A. I. Emery bave . returned from a week's visit In Nana. John MIILer went to Mountain View thl* afternoon on a buslaea* trip. Mrs. Emma W. Jordan, of Napa, la vlaltlng al the home of her aon, C. K Jordan. Miss Irma Zsehokke baa accepted a position In San Franclaco with th* Aaaoclated Charities. Mra. 1,. Kt.ri.isu. of Sao Francl*- co, has taken the Worth Ins. ton Am** residence at Fair Oaks for Ihe rammer. Dr. F- B. Petri* and family, of San Franclaao. spent Sunday at the home of hta brother-lo-law. Dr. I- E. Phillips. Mr. and Mr* H Lyacb and Mr. and Mrs. Da Bols. of Berkeley, ware thr guests over Sunday of Mra. A. A. Pomeroy. Ernest Sebaupp haa returned from Portland, Or*., where he haa hee* engaged la the work of the Immigration commission. Mr. and Mrs. John Pryor, who were married In San Jose Sanday. hav* retaraed to Palo Alto and begun honsoheeplng at 3.6 Waverley •treat. New tnaaageroeal. Plasa Cafe. Coat closing sal* at tbe Nippon, r. F. Halt, notary public I'M Vol. Primrose pork sausage. Deltea- teaaen ator*. Pbona SI IK. MWf Mlaa Ionise Hart spent Sunday with run..I. In Frultval*. Rooms tinted, from *1..Q up. F. W. Haiku*. .l_ Unlveraity avenue. Mlas Ethel McEvoy spent Sunday wltb ber slater. Mra. Ralph Eddy ot Sausallto. Mr*. Thomas .Swain, of Oakland. Is vlaltlng with her son. Profeaaor It K Swain and family. The Ladles' Aid Society of th* Christian Church la meeting thl* afternoon at the church. Mlsa Katherlne Partridge returned yesterday from a short vlalt with relative* In Petaluma. The swelleat line of ladle*- handbags ever shown In Palo Alto may be seen at Welgartner'a. Mlae A goes Gutbcrson. of San Francisco, Is spending thla weak aa tbe guest of Mix* Elisabeth Monger. Tbe teacher* of the Sunday School of the Christian Churcb met laat evening at the home of Rev. Charlea I. Deal. The Ladles' Circle of the Preaby- terlan Churcb 1* holding an all-day aeeslon today In the church parlor* Luncheon was served at tbe church at noon. Mlsa Llsebelle Pomeroy will go to San Franclaco tomorrow to attend a luncheon to be given by Mr*. Lou- Ian Houdln at her home on California street. Mra Wllllsm Allen, of Sao Rafael, ta bare looking after her residence property on Middles*.*- road.. She haa arranged to have the plac* ran-1 ova*ad and painted. Mr. and Mrs. It D. Maxwell and Mlaa Vera Maxwell were the gueeis of Mr. aod Mra, W. II. Yount Sunday. Mr. and Mra. Maxwell made the trip In their touring car. Mra. Jamea l*aaagan returned to ber home In San Franclaco this morning after a abort visit with Mr*. M. K. leaiiagatt. who accompanied ber to the city for a short stay. Percy Dawson waa down from Berkeley Sanday to vlalt Mrs. Daw. son and thai/ children, who are guest* for a short time at tha home of Mr*. Dawson* mother. Mrs. L. J Wnltl-v ' . \*ok» or Chef*. Ten years ago. when Camp Curry, Yosemlle. waa founded Curry blred the first cook tor $1 per day or $2 per day If* were better. Camp Curry's chef now geta $200 per mooth. Curry .now wanta to get a mau and bla wife for Camp Curry, Los Galos. who can be classed aa cracker-)acka, but who do not want all the profit*, though they are awel) cook* If ibis ad fall* under th* eye of the "cracker-jack*" they will lei no grass grow under their feet until they show Curry ur Palo Alta wbat Hi'-, can do. It Hard Ttatr* Tonight. The hard time* party al Fraternity Hall tonight, given by the Companion* of the Forest, will afford a Jolly evening. Everyone la expected to wear aa poor clothing a* pride will permit, and anyone who I* loo proud will bo subject to a fine. There will be dancing to good music. IJlaCMi-isR*. jo Meet. The Stale Library Association will. hold Its annual meeting In Oakland j Thursday. Friday aod Saturday of1 thl* week. On Friday the llbrarl-1 ans will be the guests of tbe chani-_ ber of commerce and will enjoy an excursion to the state university, and J» glvon a luncheon. Mlsa) France* Patterson of the Palo Altol library, wbo Is aecretary of the two-' ond dlatrlct. will attend. Subacriba for the Dairy Tlmea. t SPALDING'S ♦ Pacific Cleaning' aad Dyelac X Work* of Saa FYenrtsro. X Office with Lauaten tha ♦ Tailor, 10t' Circle. Pbona ♦ 46_K; reeldence 6UX. Gibson X aod Knight, agent*. * • ■M»JlAA-ttttWttttt.t«ttt>t| Spaulding's I Fancy Groceries • MilLLINt-'H TEAS AND 1 COFFEES ORDERS HKLIVHRBD t intuiting Aveaae, near Grant- 3 . msr School. * Pttaae UlM. !«***■*- I Carpet Cleaning s and is Window Shades 5 Quality Grocers ;!,-:£ h. williams • The request of New York women' that car* exclusive!) for women bej set apart ln the Now York subway. because tbey are pby*lcally unable [ to compete In tbe mad rush with struggling men. la th* severest commentary ,y*t on New York manner*. —Host on Globe. The Dally Timet -IOc a ween. La Peire 4 Son A31 Ramona St. Phone Palo .Alto 99. Dealer* In {Pure Food Products ......,,,,,,,,,, iiiiiimiiiiiHimimH CLOVER AND OAT COW BAT FANCT WHEAT HAT aat Horabin's Wood and Coal Vaard 4-7 H%h r-eaa. Ifioee «•(-. Ke*4r-mlxed petal. 11.80 cat- at Baeka*'. 2.1 UBlverallr aveoae. . REMOVAL On May 1st THE SHOE SHOP will .move from the Fraternity Hall Building to the corner of Ramona street and University avenue and will open with a greatly enlarged stock, including a full and complete line of ladies' Red Cioss Shoes. _*•***. _„^^______________> ...._,..*., ~ ..|....r..r..| ii-nriji.iituL uiiiu, .luuuuuutfrrTT • ■ • • . * *w*ew*aasw, v-rpr-iw- T w * • AOKSTK KOR KOHNKS. KAVHKIUi } KII.K I.I...VI - IK ALL LKSIIT11K I l-riee. no., ra*. »i«>. »i_i. »iao 4 . n. 8*_On pale. Ready to Wear SECTION AI1KVTH KIR ROYAL vVJIIUK- a • III!. Kill I'llTINI) ANI> NUD ♦ fOHHKTS. Ask to *ee ear New Ho*. , el«. Ter ..ur SIS Nemo Corect lor , aloul aanree. OUR NEW ROOM ON THE RAMONA-STREET SIDE HA8 BEEN TURNED OVER TO THE READY-TO-WEAR SECTION. YOU WILL FIND THE FOLLOWING LINES IN THIS ROOM: MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. COKSETS. INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S WEAR, SWEATi*»R KIMONOS, SILK Prc**TICOAT,* AND WAIST"— THE BEST-LIGHTED STORE IN TOWN. CHILDREN'S COLORED WASH DRESSES in the latest spring styles, made ol Percales and Linen-finish Suitings fine stripes and check., bine, tan, cardinal, pink, 4 to 12 years. Prices start at JSe, $1.00, $1.25. $1.50. $1.75, $2.00 10 $2-50 each. ' FANCY GOODS Wc have now on display new Face Veilings in all the latest meshes and newest shades. NEW RUCHINGS A splendid aaaortment to choose from in Box Goods or by the yard. New Tourist Ruching by the box KID GLOVES New shades in Dress Gloves, Street Glovea, Driving and Auto Gloves al popular prices, all lengths—every 'pair guaranteed. . NEW NECKWEAR Collars, Jarbots, Bows, Ties, Stocks, Dutch Collars, Em- bray Collars—Ihe season's latest novelties—at very modest prices. HOSIERY FOR LADIES' AND CHILDREN Our spring lines are new complete in all weights ol Cotton and I.tale, al 25c 35c, SOc 75c $1.00 to $2.50 pair. ■ SILK WAISTS A new line just received from N'ew York by express of Messaline Satins, Messaline Taffetas and India Silks—latest styles and exquisitely trimmed in Val. Laces—Duchess, Baby, Irish, Fillet Laces, colors of cream,' white, pink, blue, navy and black. Price* start at $2.25, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4-.50. $5.00. $6.00 to $8.00. SHIRT WAISTS More of those elegant sheer Waists have arrived. Lateat styles in Lingerie, Mercerised Mulls, French Lawns, French Batiste, Linen Lawns, beautifully trimmed in the latest laces, bands and insertions. Prices atari at $2.25, $2.50, $2.75, $3.00, $3.25, $3.50, $4.00, $4.50. $5.00, $5.50, $6.00 to $12.00 each. TAILORED WAISTS in Madrass, Jacquards, figured Batistes, Linens—a full aaaortment of the season's newest and beat atyles—materiala of the best. Prices start at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.25, $2.50, $2.75, $3.00, $3.50. $4.00, $4.50, $5.00 to $8.00 each. LADIES' WASH SKIRTS Just received. Ladies' Linen-finished Skirls, lateat etyle, trimmed, and latest cut, heavy round-thread fabrics tbat will pleaae you when you aee them. Prices $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 each. Jflendenhahf£Woods^ y pALO ALTo **»*»aa>a*ea»aaa««3e**eaesee)aa*8*aa»e»a*j »*<>J*j»*a*»a»i»i*****>»«*ai*a«eJ».*.«»^ WaSWWWW***
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