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  • Transforming research ethics: the choices and challenges of researching with children

    orcid:0000-0001-5829-250X; MACNAUGHTON, GM; SMITH, KA (Open University Press, 2014-05-21)
    B1 - Chapter in Research Book
  • International dimensions of the Australian academic profession

    GOEDEGEBUURE, LEO; COATES, HAMISH; Van Der Lee, Jeannet; Meek, Lynn (Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University, 2014-05-21)
    This is a publisher’s version of a report from The changing academic profession over 1992-2007: international, comparative, and quantitative perspectives: report of the International Conference on the Changing Academic Profession Project, 2009 published by the Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University.
  • Country paper on Australia: cross-border higher education in Australia

    Meek, V. Lynn (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), 2014-05-21)
    This is a publisher’s version of chapter 11 in Implications of WTO/GATS on higher education in Asia & the Pacific published by UNESCO.
  • Establishing an online community of inquiry at the Distance Education Centre Victoria

    Jackson, Luke Conrad (2014-05-22)
    © 2012 Luke Conrad Jackson
  • Delineating usable interface characteristics of an online teaching and learning platform

    Karvelas, Voula (2014-11-24)
    Master of Information Technology in Education
  • An evaluation of an orientation to higher education studies program

    Webb, Janis K (2016-01-20)
    Thesis (M.Ed.)--University of Melbourne, Faculty of Education, 1997
  • Delineating usable interface characteristics of an online teaching and learning platform

    Karvelas, Voula (2014-11-24)
    Master of Information Technology in Education
  • An evaluation of an orientation to higher education studies program

    Webb, Janis K (2016-01-20)
    Thesis (M.Ed.)--University of Melbourne, Faculty of Education, 1997
  • Orientations méthodologiques et théoriques d’une recherche collaborative sur le travail documentaire de professeures d’anglais langue étrangère

    Bento, Margaret (ACEDLERecherches en didactique des langues et des cultures, 2020-04-28)
    À partir des résultats d’une étude portant sur l’usage des ressources pédagogiques par des enseignants du secondaire en France, cet article présente une expérience de mise en œuvre de recherche collaborative entre une chercheure et cinq enseignantes d’anglais dans le secondaire sur leur travail documentaire. Les résultats mettent en évidence les logiques des enseignantes et de la chercheure orientées pour les unes sur le développement professionnel et pour l’autre sur la production de connaissances.
  • RoadEthos: Game-Based Learning to Sensitize Children on Road Safety through Ethical Reasoning

    HEROLD, PC; KHWAJA, U; MURTHY, S; DASGUPTA, C (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-05-12)
    Road safety training programs focusing on practical methods have been known to help novice drivers acquire the knowledge and skills required to drive on the road and improve their judgments. However, the attitude required for safe behavior is often overlooked, leading to road mishaps. This led us to study the ethical reasoning that influences people's attitude while taking a decision on the road. It is also reported that road safety education should commence as early as the age of 4-5 and needs to be pursued through primary and secondary school. Hence, we designed and developed a game-based learning environment, RoadEthos, using three technologies (Scratch, Arduino, 3D printer) to sensitize children towards road safety through ethical reasoning in road scenarios. The design of the game and its scenarios are based on the theoretical underpinnings of empathy and situated learning. This paper reports the results and analysis of a study conducted with 5 students of the age group 10-12, where we captured students' actions, decisions and their change in ethical reasoning, before and after interacting with this game. The paper concludes with the next steps for the project, in terms of its design and implementation. © 2019 IEEE.
  • The effect of scepticism, self-construal, and self-esteem on auditors' ethical judgments and ethical intentions in an auditor-client conflict situation

    Macquarie University. Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance; Mohammad, Hamed (Sydney, Australia : Macquarie University, 2017)
    Theoretical thesis.
  • Emergency care research ethics in low- and middle-income countries

    Millum, Joseph; Beecroft, Blythe; Hardcastle, Timothy C.; Hirshon, Jon Mark; Hyder, Adnan A.; Newberry, Jennifer A.; Saenz, Carla (2019)
    A large proportion of the total global burden of disease is caused by emergency medical conditions. Emergency care research is essential to improving emergency medicine but this research can raise some distinctive ethical challenges, especially with regard to (1) standard of care and risk–benefit assessment; (2) blurring of the roles of clinician and researcher; (3) enrolment of populations with intersecting vulnerabilities; (4) fair participant selection; (5) quality of consent; and (6) community engagement. Despite the importance of research to improve emergency care in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) and the widely acknowledged ethical challenges, very little has been written on the ethics of emergency care research in LMICs. This paper examines the ethical and regulatory challenges to conducting emergency care research with human participants in LMICs. We outline key challenges, present potential solutions or frameworks for addressing these challenges, and identify gaps. Despite the ethical and regulatory challenges, conducting high-quality, ethical emergency care research in LMICs is possible and it is essential for global health.
  • Beyond the clinic? Eluding a medical diagnosis of anorexia through narrative

    Shohet, Merav (SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, 2020-05-11)
    The persistence and recurrence of anorexia nervosa poses a clinical challenge, and provides support for critiques of oppressive and injurious facets of society inscribed on women’s bodies. This essay illustrates how a phenomenological, linguistic anthropological approach fruitfully traverses clinical and cultural perspectives by directing attention beyond the embodied experience of patients diagnosed with anorexia nervosa to those who are not clinically diagnosed. Extending a model of illness and recovery as entailing sufferers’ emplotting of past, present, and imagined future selves, I argue that women’s accounts of their experiences do not simply reflect lived reality, but actually propel health-relevant states of being by enlivening and creating these realities in the process of their telling. In indexical interaction with public and clinical discourses, narratives’ grammar, lexicon, and plot structures modify subjects’ experiences and interpretations of the events and feelings recounted. This article builds on the insight that linear narratives of “full recovery” that adopt a clinical and feminist voice can help tellers stay recovered, whereas for those “struggling to recover,” a genre of contingent, uncertain, sideshadowing narratives alternatively renders recovery an elusive and ambivalently desired object. This essay then identifies a third narrative genre, eluding a diagnosis, which combines elements of the first two genres to paradoxically keep its teller simultaneously sheltered from, and invisible to the well-meaning clutches of medical care, leaving her suffering, yet free, to starve. This focus on narrative genres illustrates the utility of linguistic analyses for discerning and interpreting distress in subclinical populations.
  • Bringing the calf back from the dead: video activism, the politics of sight and the New Zealand dairy industry

    Tulloch, Lynley; Judge, Paul (2018-08-09)
    In New Zealand one of the most significant animal rights issues is the systemic cruelty inherent in the dairy industry. This article presents a review of video activism
 as a strategy by activists in New Zealand to educate the public about the brutal and oppressive realities of dairy practices. To illustrate we offer a case study of an antidairy campaign in 2015 that was based on activist video work. This campaign was led by key animal rights groups SAFE and Farmwatch and was called The Dark Side
 of Dairy. In this case, video footage captured by activists was used to provide counter narratives to the dominant discourses of dairying and to educate the public
 about their consumption practices. We argue that dominant discourses of dairying are powerful shapers of public consciousness and based on welfarist ideology and
 myths of the rural Romantic Arcadia. To illustrate the strength of these dominant understandings we employ critical discourse analysis (CDA) and semiotic analysis. In
 teasing out the ways in which discourses of dairy farming have been constructed inNew Zealand, we demonstrate the power of political forces in preserving the status
 quo around dairying. This paper concludes that the role of animal rights video activism lies primarily in educating the public to think more deeply and critically about human-animal relations and the depravations of dairy farming. It is the basis for a pedagogy of conscientization. We conclude that conscientization of the underpinning exploitative relations of animal agriculture can occur with the aid of witness to the animal’s suffering conveyed through the medium of video

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