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  • Broken Church for Broken Couples: How the divided church should take care of divorced persons

    Wijaya, Yahya (ATESEA-BTESSC, 2019-04)
    This article challenges the radical anti-divorce attitude embraced by most churches in Asia. Although such an attitude is based on Jesus’ saying, it contradicts what Jesus really meant. Jesus resisted the Jewish tradition of easy divorce for the sake of the victimized, particularly the wife. It is, therefore, suggested that instead of falling into legalism, the church’s approach regarding divorce should start from its own reality as a broken fellowship yet still attempting to be a channel of the Good News
  • Ministerial Challenges in Contemporary World : Towards a Transformative Theological Education

    Equina, Limuel; Longchar, A. Wati,‏ ‎ 1958-‏ (Programme for Theology and Cultures in Asia (PTCA) ; Association for Theological Education in Southeast Asia (ATESEA), 2019)
  • Sonder verhale vaar niemand wel

    Spangenberg, I.J.J. (Izak J.J.) (Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria, 2010-03-10)
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  • 台灣地區宗教經驗之比較研究

    宗教研究所; 蔡彥仁; 蔡怡佳; 郭承天; 關秉寅; 趙星光 (2008)
    [[abstract]]本計畫名為「台灣地區宗教經驗之比較研究」,係一為期三年的規劃案 (2008-10),旨在配合英國牛津大學Ian Ramsey Centre 的跨國研究案 “A Comparative Study of Religious Experience across Cultures and Traditions” 而擬 定。本計畫將由科際整合的團隊執行,藉由問卷調查與訪談的方式,有效建立 台灣地區民眾的「宗教經驗」資料庫,然後透過參與學者的整理、比對、分析、 詮釋等過程,試圖描繪台灣「宗教經驗」的諸多面向,以及其所彰顯的主要特 徵。參與學者亦將所得結果,在規劃的一系列學術會議中與其他國家進行相同 計畫之學者交流互動,從比較的觀點,探索「宗教經驗」的理論與實際意義, 會議論文最後將集結成專書,以饗國際學界。
  • Laerskoolkind in die erediens : 'n evaluering van beskouings in Afrikaanssprekende kerke in Suid-Afrika

    Beukes, M.J. du P. (Mattheus Johannes du Plessis) (Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria, 2011-01-11)
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  • 中小學教科書宗教內容之研究-國家,社會, 宗教與教育的多面向比較分析

    宗教研究所; 蔡源林; 林本炫 (2009)
    [[abstract]]我國的教育體制之中,高等教育階段的宗教教育,隨著大學之宗教系所及宗教研修學院之獲准設立,已有常態性的發展,但國民中、小學之義務教育,是否應納入宗教教育,由於牽涉層面更廣,涉及問題較複雜,至今尚未取得體制化。本研究嘗試從宗教學、教育學、社會學、政治學等相關學理來釐清宗教與教育的關係,並將宗教教育放在國家、社會與宗教互動的脈絡,從而解答教科書所呈現的宗教內容之實然面及應然面的各項問題。 本研究包括文獻探討,焦點團體座談及深度訪談三種研究方法, 所探討的文獻有下列四類:(一)國內中、小學各課程的教科書、歷次課程綱要、歷年中、小學教育相關法令與政策文書;(二)國內、外教科書研究中涉及宗教主題之相關研究文獻;(三)各國有關宗教教育或宗教課程設計之個案研究;(四)宗教學、教育學、社會學、政治學等學科涉及宗教之具有理論內涵的學術文獻; 焦點團體座談及深度訪談對象則包括三類:(一)曾擔任教科書編審的學者專家;(二)中、小學資深教師;(三)對宗教教育有研究的各領域學者專家。
  • Dr. Cecil Cone

    DigitalCommons@Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center, 2016-04-25
    Cecil Cone talks with two unidentified men.
  • Die opbou van die Afrika Onafhanklike Kerke deur die opleiding van leraars en profete (Afrikaans)

    Prof P J van der Merwe;; Ludike, Johann Lodewyk (2013-09-06)
    Thesis (DD (Science of Religion and Missiology))--University of Pretoria, 2006.
  • An ethical investigation of the teaching and practice of moral formation at St Augustine College, the College of the Transfiguration and the South African Theological Seminary

    Kretzschmar, L.; Tuckey, Ethel Caroline (2016-04-14)
    This research investigates the teaching and practice of moral formation at three theological education institutions in South Africa. The theological institutions, while acknowledging moral formation in their aims and teaching ethical theory, have difficulty developing and implementing a moral formation programme. Among the reasons for this are the complex nature of moral formation and the numerous and wide ranging expectations placed on the institutions.
 In this research, morality is described in terms of relationship with God, with self, with others in the Church and society and with the environment. The findings of the research suggest that the teaching and practice at the institutions that involve relationships are most effective for moral formation. Hence it is recommended that the institutions find ways to foster the students‟ relationship with God, with themselves, with others and with the environment. Modes of moral formation that involve thinking and knowledge are important, but so are those modes that encourage emotional development and character and spiritual formation. Through projects and assignments, students can be exposed to the harsh realities of life and opportunities created to reflect on these experiences in the light of faith. Practical suggestions such as encouraging students to pray, meditate, reflect, journal and study are made. Other suggestions are that lecturing staff make more use of participative teaching methods such as discussions, case studies and stories, including the stories of the students. The mentoring role of staff and the importance of the faith community are affirmed.
 These relational teaching methods and activities are easier to implement in a residential seminary than in a distance learning situation. In order to fully implement the relational aspects of a programme for moral formation, it would be helpful for the theological institutions to explore various forms of blended education and to develop partnerships and work with local churches.
  • Becoming God, Becoming the Buddha: The Relation of Identity and Praxis in the Thought of Maximus the Confessor and Kūkai

    Nagatomo, Shigenori;; Limberis, Vasiliki; Bregman, Lucy; Botwinick, Aryeh;; Pustay, Steven (Temple University Libraries, 2015)
  • 教廷與中華民國之外交關係 (一九四二年至二○一二年): 歷史、挑戰與前景

    [[advisor]]杜筑生; [[advisor]]Tou, Chou Seng; [[author]]鄭天龍; [[author]]Védrenne, Landry; 鄭天龍; Védrenne, Landry (2011)
  • Strategies for teaching religion in colleges of education

    Roux, C. D.; Stellenbosch University. Faculty of Education. Dept. of Curriculum Studies.; Ferguson, Rene (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2012-08-27)
    Thesis (MEd)--Stellenbosch University, 1999.
  • Sex Education and Faith: Implications for the Black Church

    Wiley, Debra T. (University of Cincinnati / OhioLINK, 2010-08-09)
  • Chromosomal Location of Traits Associated with Wheat Seedling Water and Phosphorus Use Efficiency under Different Water and Phosphorus Stresses

    Cao, Hong-Xing; Zhang, Zheng-Bin; Sun, Cheng-Xu; Shao, Hong-Bo; Song, Wei-Yi; Xu, Ping (2009)
    The objective of this study was to locate chromosomes for improving water and phosphorus-deficiency tolerance of wheat at the seedling stage. A set of Chinese Spring-Egyptian Red wheat substitution lines and their parent Chinese Spring (recipient) and Egyptian Red (donor) cultivars were measured to determine the chromosomal locations of genes controlling water use efficiency (WUE) and phosphorus use efficiency (PUE) under different water and phosphorus conditions. The results underlined that chromosomes 1A, 7A, 7B, and 3A showed higher leaf water use efficiency (WUE1 = Pn/Tr; Pn = photosynthetic rate; Tr = transpiration rate) under W-P (Hoagland solution with 1/2P), -W-P (Hoagland solution with 1/2P and 10% PEG). Chromosomes 7A, 3D, 2B, 3B, and 4B may carry genes for positive effects on individual plant water use efficiency (WUEp = biomass/ TWC; TWC = total water consumption) under WP ( Hoagland solution), W-P and -W-P treatment. Chromosomes 7A and 7D carry genes for PUE enhancement under WP, - WP (Hoagland solution with 10% PEG) and W-P treatment. Chromosome 7A possibly has genes for controlling WUE and PUE simultaneously, which indicates that WUE and PUE may share the same genetic background. Phenotypic and genetic analysis of the investigated traits showed that photosynthetic rate (Pn) and transpiration rate (Tr), Tr and WUE1 showed significant positive and negative correlations under WP, W-P, -WP and -W-P, W-P, -WP treatments, respectively. Dry mass (DM), WUEP, PUT (phosphorus uptake) all showed significant positive correlation under WP, W-P and -WP treatment. PUE and phosphorus uptake (PUT = P uptake per plant) showed significant negative correlation under the four treatments. The results might provide useful information for improving WUE and PUE in wheat genetics.
  • The Invisible Wall: Exploring the Experiences of African-American Students at CCCU Institutions

    Young, Timothy Perry (eScholarship, University of California, 2013-01-01)
    African-American students who attend a CCCU institution do not complete their degrees as frequently as other student groups. The average gap at CCCU institutions between "overall and Black graduation rates is more than 19%. This is greater than the gap at other private institutions" (Smith, 2009, p.80). While the six-year graduation rate for African-American students at private universities averages 51%, colleges and universities in the CCCU average only 36%. CCCU graduation rates are 9.5% lower than other private institutions due to CCCU affiliation alone. CCCU affiliation was the only variable to have a significantly more negative association with Black graduation rates than with overall graduation rates" (Smith, 2009, p.x).This study examined the experiences of African-American students within the context of Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) institutions. While previous researchexplored African-American graduation rates, the unique spiritual context of Christian colleges and institutions in the CCCU had not been adequately studied. The purpose of this research was to explore the perceptions of African-American students regarding their experiences at CCCU institutions in order to identify the barriers and hindrances encountered by these students in their pursuit of a degree.A qualitative, case-study methodology was utilized to conduct nine focus groups with African-American students at three CCCU institutions in the Western region. The sample was comprised of 51 African-American students who had completed at least four semesters at the institution. Themes unique to each school were identified and a cross-case analysis was conducted. The findings indicated the experiences of African-American students at CCCU institutions were similar to other predominantly White institutions without a spiritual affiliation. The unique context of the spiritual environment did not create an environment that promoted African-American student success and did not positively impact African-American students according to their expectations. The findings indicated there are aspects of the environment at CCCU institutions which can be improved to enhance the experiences of African-American students.
  • Servant Leadership and African American Pastors

    Bunch, Clarence (Antioch University / OhioLINK, 2013-03-11)
  • Hidden heritage: the legacy of the Crypto-Jews

    Jacobs, Janet Liebman (University of California Press, 2002)
    This study of contemporary crypto-Jews - descendants of European Jews forced to convert to Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition - traces the group's history of clandestinely conducting their faith and their present-day efforts to reclaim their past. Janet Liebman Jacobs masterfully combines historical and social scientific theory to fashion a brilliant analysis of hidden ancestry and the transformation of religious and ethnic identity.

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