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dc.description.abstractthe View Fall 2014 | Volume 30 Cover: Kim Sellmeyer, captured on the cover by photographer Taylor Scott, helped lead the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce's We Don't Coast campaign. Inside: Ginny Henderson, RN to BSN Grad...........2 Linda Dugan, PalPal Vice President........3 Kim Sellmeyer, Greater Omaha Chamber......4 John Horvatinovich, Salt 88...............5 Scott Shehan, Donkey Rescuer..............6 John Witzel, Board of Education Appointee 7 Dr. John Kyndt, New Degree Offerings......8 Chet Fortune, Warrior Fitness.............9 Adamg Long, Iowa Western.................10 Mikala Harden, Say Here There Social.....10 Manual Lira, Bruin Athletics.............11 Hall of Fame Inductees, Bruin Athletics..12 Alumni Benefits: ∙ Alumni Tuition Discount ∙ Official Bellevue University Merchandise ∙ Career Services ∙ Inquire about Degree Programs These and more benefits and opportunities for alumni can be found at: If you have news for The View, a question, or a suggestion, contact: The View Bellevue University Advancement Office 1000 Galvin Road South Bellevue, NE 68005-3098 402-557-7293 800-756-7920, Ext. 557-7293 BELLEVUE UNIVERSITY Henderson Among First RN to BSN Grads Feeling a little lightheaded during graduation ceremonies? Don’t worry, there may very well be a nurse standing right next to you. Bellevue University’s first cohort in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program has wrapped up. Ginny Henderson, a Registered Nurse (RN) at Immanuel Communities in Omaha, was among the students participating in graduation ceremonies Saturday, June 6, at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Henderson had been considering pursuing her bachelor’s degree for some time and had some special insight into the Bellevue University program from stepdaughter Brenda, a Student Financial Counselor at the school. “I’ve always admired the nurse with a bachelor’s degree. While I could not always put a finger on it, there was a sense of professionalism, knowledge, and skill set that I have always desired. I always felt I was too old, too busy, and lacking the financial means to go back to school,” Henderson said. Henderson’s Chief Nurse Executive (CNE), had encouraged her charges to consider going back to school to enhance their marketability and to secure their future. “My Chief Nurse Executive decided to go back to school to get her Master of Science in Nursing along with another BSN prepared nurse. The momentum of several of us continuing our education in nursing at the same time offered a sense of excitement, or bond that we are in this together,” Henderson said. Henderson had no problems transferring credits from Metropolitan Community College and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “What a relief to find that I would not have to retake algebra courses or other classes that, while I appreciate the value, would not benefit my skills as a leader or a professional nurse. The curriculum appealed to real-life issues in nursing,” she said. “Many days, I could not wait to tell my co-workers what I learned the night before.” Henderson adapted quickly to her first experience with online courses and effectively juggled her school, work, and family obligations. “I love online learning! The ability to go out of town, decide what days of the week or hours to work on course work is so feasible for those with a plate full of commitments,” she said. “I worked smarter versus harder, finding that staggering my hours increased my 2 | The View
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