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dc.description.abstract( ( ( _ Technology Initiatives: Users of the Fitchburg State University teclmology systems aie subject to all applicable federal, state, and international technology laws. Questions regarding regulations may be directed to the Office of Information Technology. · Candidates \.Vill utilize technology as: • Use the fnternet to enroll in Wilson f.\.cademy Intervention Community to support teachers using the ·Intervention Leaming Comnrnnity • Complete an online course that requires completion of specific modules, reading, and assessments (mt mrerall score of 80% niastery). •Be observed (via videoed lessons)· teaching specific Just Words Activities as prescribed on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Coaching Visits (video must be available for viewing onsite). Proficiency measure required. •Instructional InterActivities. • A co11111ttmication method: einail. E. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: To become a Wilson Just Words Facilitator,. an individual nnist complete Requirements arid Proficiency Measures as defined below. • Attend the Just Words Introductory Workshop (prerequisite). •Complete the online Facilitator Start·Up module i11 advai1ce of the first Coaching Visit. •Participate in four coaching visits at the Primary Coaching ~ite. • Participate in the Progress Check Coaching Day at own school site, ifappr6priate. e Assist teachers with implementation of the program. The Facilitator must "facilitate" implementation across aH classrooms. (Each Facilitator needs a minimwn of two teachers to support-. •Demonstrate effective understanding of the Classroom Walkthrough Checklist ·with teachers implementing tli,e program. Prtificiency measure required • Teach a minimum of J 0 lessons with lessoh plans ( 45 minutes I lesson). Proficiency measure reqilired • Be observed conducting a successful study group. Proficiency measure required. • Be observed (via videoed lessons)teaching spec,ific Just Words Activities as prescribed on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Coaching Visits (video must be avaifable for viewing onsite). Proficiency measure required. o Complete an onli~1e coiJrse that requires completion of specific modules, reading, and assessment (80% mastery). • Complete the proficiency measures (80% mastery) as required by Wilson Language Training. •Enroll in and support teachers using the Intervention Leaming Community. • Attend the Principal and Administrator Meeting.(if provided) •Attend the Just Words Screening and Placement \Vorkshop. (if provided) F! EVALUATION OR GRADING POLICY:
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