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Recent Submissions

  • A Catechism in Community for the United Methodist Church

    ANDREA L. HARVEY (2011-01-01)
    ABSTRACT The United Methodist Church has been experiencing a significant decline in membership in the United States and Europe in the 21* century. 4 Catechesis in Community outlines a method to assist local churches that are struggling to find their place in post-modern society. Youth and church administrators were surveyed concerning their personal beliefs, perception of the Church’s inclusion of young people, spiritual formation and Christian education within the Church. A brief survey of Christianity and the roots of Methodism remind the Church of today where they came from and John Wesley’s admonition to ‘make Christians’.
  • A hundred years of Methodism in Iowa, 1833-1933

    Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center; Potter, Thomas P ([Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1933-01-01)
    15 unnumbered pages ; 22 cm
  • Episcopal Methodism and slavery

    Swaney, Charles Baumer, 1888-1952 (Boston: R. G. BadgerPrinceton Theological Seminary, 1926)
  • The Doctrines and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

    African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist.
    Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- About This Edition -- Summary -- CONTENTS -- CHAPTER I. -- SECTION I. Articles of Religion -- SECTION II. Of Justification -- SECTION III. Of the General and Yearly Conferences or Conventions -- SECTION IV. Of the Election and Consecration of a General Super-intendant, and of his duty -- SECTION V. Of bringing to Trial, finding guilty, and reproving, suspending, or excluding disorderly persons from society and church privileges -- SECTION VI. Of the duty of Elders having the charge -- SECTION VII Of the Trial of those who think they are moved by the Holy Ghost to preach -- SECTION VIII. Of the Matter and Manner of Preaching, &amp -- c. -- SECTION IX. Of the Duty of Preachers to God, themselves, and one another -- SECTION X. Rules by which we should continue, or desist from, preaching, at any place -- SECTION XI. Of Visiting from house to house, &amp -- c and enforcing Practical Religion -- SECTION XII. Of Instruction of Children -- SECTION XIII. Of Baptism -- SECTION XIV. Of the Lord's Supper -- SECTION XV. Of Public Worship -- SECTION XVI. Of the Spirit and Truth of Singing -- CHAPTER II. -- SECTION I. The Nature, Design, and General Rules of the United Societies -- SECTION II. Of Class Meetings -- SECTION III. Of the Band Societies -- SECTION IV. Of the Privileges granted to serious persons who are not of our society -- SECTION V. Of Marriage -- SECTION VI. Of Dress -- SECTION VII. Of the Sale and use of Spirituous liquors -- CHAPTER III. -- The Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper -- The Ministration of Baptism of Infants -- The Ministration of Baptism to such as are of Riper Years -- The form of Solemnization of Matrimony -- The order for the burial of the Dead -- The form and manner of making Deacons -- The form and manner of ordaining Elders -- The form of ordaining Bishops -- PART II.
  • Reaching the Buster Generation

    Towns, Elmer L. (ePLACE: preserving, learning, and creative exchange, 1991-12-01)
    The first Baby Buster turned 25 years of age in 1991, but Busters do not march to the same drum beat as their Boomer parents. Their Boomer parents were fighters and winners, fighting for women’s rights, nuclear freeze, and the peace movement. They hated Vietnam and the Cold War and they loved the "Camelot" Kennedy Years in the White House. But their Baby Busters are different. They have no great dreams, no battles to win, no mountains to climb. They are a generation with busted dreams, busted ambitions, and busted trust.
  • Between two worlds : the story of a missionary's experiences in international fellowship

    Columbia University Libraries; Templin, Ralph, 1905- (New York : Fellowship Publications, 1948-01-01)
    30 pages ; 23 cm
  • India and Burma, and what the Methodists are doing there

    Columbia University Libraries; Methodist Church (U.S.). Joint Commission on Education and Cultivation (New York : Editorial Department, Joint Division of Education and Cultivation, Board of Missions and Church Extension, 1941-01-01)
    31 pages : 23 cm
  • Missionary manual

    Columbia University Libraries; Methodist Episcopal Church, South ([Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1900-01-01)
    5 pages ; 23 cm
  • Statement of the Board of Foreign Missions to the Committee on Study of Ratios

    Columbia University Libraries; Methodist Episcopal Church. Board of Foreign Missions (New York : Methodist Episcopal Church, Board of Foreign Missions, 1936-01-01)
    28 leaves ; 28 cm
  • The doctrines and discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church South

    Methodist Episcopal church, South. (Nashville: Publishing House, Methodist Episcopal Church, SouthPrinceton Theological Seminary, 1926)
  • Manual for missionaries

    Columbia University Libraries; Methodist Episcopal Church. Board of Foreign Missions ([New York] : Board of Foreign Missions, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1900-01-01)
    43 pages, 4 unnumbered pages ; 18 cm
  • Missionaries' manual

    Columbia University Libraries; Methodist Episcopal Church. Missionary Society. Board of Managers
    23 pages ; 16 cm
  • [Letter from St. Mary's Church to parishioners, March 16, 1960]

    Joyce Moer; St. Mary's Church (1960-03-16)
    Letter from St. Mary's Methodist Church to their parishioners discussing the rebuilding of their high school and repayment of church debt.
  • Personal-social information; ten units in group guidance for high school business education students

    Allen County Public Library; Pelfrey, Sandra Lee Houghtling, 1944- (Dayton, Ohio, 1968-01-01)
    74 leaves
  • Pasantía Iglesia Wesleyana "La Palabra Dice"

    García Salcedo, Juan David; Iglesia Wesleyana, La Palabra Dice; Ángel Rodríguez, Daniel Enrique (Pontificia Universidad JaverianaEstudios MusicalesFacultad de Artes, 2021-07-16)
    En este documento se resume parte del trabajo realizado en términos de producción audiovisual a lo largo del año 2020 y 2021 en la Iglesia Wesleyana, La Palabra Dice. De dicho proceso se resalta la transformación en temas de comunicación audiovisual por causa del COVID-19.
  • Fifty years in India : 1910-1960

    Columbia University Libraries; Liddick, Ruth Sension ([Place of publication not identified] : Wesleyan Methodist Church, Department of World Missions, 1960-01-01)
    44 pages : 21 cm
  • The Relational Church: Being for and with Youth

    Wiederhold, Joseph Brett (Digital Commons @ SPU, 2022-01-01)
    The mainline church, present with youth, could begin to recognize the presence of youth in our worship services, prayer teams and leadership teams as adding value and depth to the community of believers. Youth outside of the church are hurting and desperate for belonging. Youth need relationships; youth need Jesus! Despite the church’s history of marginalizing youth, declining numbers and seeming irrelevance amongst the current Generation Z youth, the church can fulfill a vital role in seeing youth as people created in the image of God, allowing God’s church to reach our hurting world by way of the young people in our midst. It will take a repentant church that trusts God to lead us on this journey alongside youth, knowing that our hope is in Jesus and not in the systems and power structures of humans.
  • Women Bishops of the United Methodist Church Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit

    Crain, Margaret Ann.; Rader, Sharon Zimmerman.
    A collection of true stories about the first women in the Church elected to the office of the episcopacy.
  • My heart remembers

    Internet Archive; Ganoe, William Addleman, b. 1881 (New York, Crowell, 1950-01-01)
    245 p. 21 cm
  • The reconciliatory role of Holy Communion in the Methodist tradition

    Bentley, Wessel (Verbum et Ecclesia, 2012-02-09)
    Violence is an instrument of segregation, whether it manifests physically, emotionally, verbally 
 or by any other means. Can the church be an instrument of reconciliation where people have 
 been divided through violence? This article explores the reconciliatory role of the Sacrament 
 of Holy Communion in the Methodist tradition, which has as a Christian denomination, 
 experienced many threats of division in its history. Holy Communion, it is argued, is the one 
 place where people, who may find every reason not to be together, are invited to share in an 
 event which unites them.

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