The Globethics Library is a free, open online library aimed at providing quality resources on applied ethics, education and religious studies from all over the world. Content in the
library is available in multiple languages and is harvested from more than 3,000 open access repositories. There are thematic and institutional collections that have been developed with
experts and partners, and documents are uploaded by individual Globethics participants, making the library a unique resource for students, researchers and for all those interested in
deepening their knowledge.
The library has been conceived to share and promote research and reflection on ethics among scholars, especially with and from the Global South, which often faces barriers to participation
in the global dialogue on ethics because of a lack of access to knowledge resources.
The library currently holds more than 4 million documents, including articles, books, reference works, dissertations, conference proceedings, case studies, and educational resources,
accessible free of charge, in full text and via a multi-lingual portal.
The Globethics Library supports Globethics' ethics in higher education programmes with tailored content for higher education institutions, teachers, students and professions. It
offers these groups information and documentation services. Moreover, it incorporates the holdings of the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism, GlobeTheoLib for short. It was
launched in 2011 as a joint project with the World Council of Churches, to provide and enhance online access to theological knowledge and resources for ecumenical theological education and