How to submit a document in the Library

=>Watch this video tutorial []

0. Before you start, please kindly check, whether the document you want to submit, already exists in the Library!

1. Register on Library at: This allows you to have free access to all the library content, to submit documents, and to subscribe to new content, e.g. for a collection and/or a journal. For the time being, your current participant credentials are NOT VALID on this system, so you need to register/login seperately for the Library. 
2. Sign in with your username and password (=>Login on top right corner of the page). If you forgot your password, go to:

3. Follow the link =>New Submission under "The Library" main leftside navigation: and click: “Start a new submission”
4. Select a collection: By default, you are prompted to submit to the collection “Globethics Library Submissions” click on the button =>"Next".
5. Follow the steps indicated in green colour, starting from the left, with “Choose an import source” (PubMed or Crossref), if not, skip the “import” step and continue ….
6. Select the type of document and fill in the required fields, e.g. author(s), title, language … etc. The fields marked with * are mandatory. 
7. Go through all the 3 DESCRIBE steps. 
8. Provide either a link (URL) to your document if hosted externally, or go directly to the “upload” step in order to upload your document. In case you don’t chose a free (Creative Commons) license, make sure to indicate the appropriate copyright in the Copyright/License field.
9. Upload your document. =>Click on the Browse button, to select the file from your computer and click on “Upload file”  at the bottom. You may upload multiple files. The file name should be significant and contain no special characters, e.g. ‘ * , ; : ( ) @ “ !  … etc.
10. Click =>Next. You are on the Review page where you need to check all data entered so far. You may correct them if needed using the “Correct one of these” button. Please make sure that all your data is correct and proceed with =>Next.
11. Select a license type. You may chose between various CC (Creative Commons) licenses, or to select a non CC license in case your document is copyrighted. CC0 means, there is no restriction on the use or re-use of the content at all, i.e. your document is dedicated to the “Public domain”.
Please make sure, that you are the copyright holder or you have the permission of the  license/copyright holder to publish your document for free (open access).
Click on =>Next.
12. The Distribution License: In order for Library to reproduce, translate and distribute your submission worldwide, you need to grant a non-exclusive Distribution License by clicking the checkbox “I grant the License” before completing the submission. retains the right to revoke the content to comply with Repository Policy (see, and ultimately court orders, infringements and applicable laws.
13. At any step you can "save & exit" the submission process and come back later to complete it. You will find the draft and/or completed submissions in “My Account’s Submissions” folder. 
14. The Library team ensures the quality control of the submissions through regular reviews of the submissions.
Geneva, 28.11.19