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  • Les langues étrangères : clé de réussite pour une meilleure employabilité

    Cristiana-Nicola TEODORESCU; Daniela DINCĂ (Junimea, 2020-12-01)
    The present article aims to present the project “Bâtir mon projet
 professionnel pour une meilleure employabilité (BPME - Building my Professional Project for Better Employability)”. The project has been designed as a means to reinforce the role of foreign languages in the initial training of Philology students in order to help them to get better insertion on the labour market. The article investigates the monitoring and piloting tools of the project, as well as the content of the lessons (identifying labour opportunity markets, compiling an application file, harnessing the benefits of volunteering, setting up an individual business, simulation of a job interview) intending to analyse three aspects: students’ evolution, the language effectiveness and the
 literature study programmes and trainers.
  • La enseñanza de la lengua oral en alumnos con dariya como lengua materna en educación infantil: expresión y comprensión (3 años)

    Guzmán-Domínguez, María (2020-07-23)
    This Master's Thesis is written in response to the linguistic inequalities that can be found in
 many of the classrooms of the autonomous city of Ceuta. It is believed that this is due to the
 lack of integration of Dariya, a dialect of Arabic, in educational centers. For this reason, we
 see the need to promote the use of the oral language, aiming to achieve a multilingual
 classroom, where having a different mother tongue would not be an obstacle. In the line of
 theoretical research, we delve into both legislative and child language aspects, as well as the
 influence of dariya within the context of the city of Ceuta. The proposed intervention is
 targeted to students in the second cycle of Early childhood Education (from three years).
 Consisting of four methodological activities, the purpose is the development of oral
 competence from an intercultural approach. There would also be two workshops involving
 family members, in order to assist the integration into the educational process, as well as
 providing great linguistic and cultural benifit.
  • La participación y la multiculturalidad como medio para el fortalecimiento de la dimensión ética en la Educación Infantil desde las actividades rectoras y el sistema didáctico rincones de trabajo

    Rojo Vivares, Jessica Andrea; Arroyave Upegui, Verónica; Benjumea Taborda, Manuela; Castrillón Vásquez, Sandra Milena; López Sepúlveda, Verónica; Montoya Martínez, Alejandra; Ruiz Valbuena, Katherine; Salazar Henao, Stefany; Taborda Rendón, Estefanía; Toro Posada, María Alejandra; et al. (Tecnológico de Antioquia Institución UniversitariaFacultad de EducaciónLicenciatura en Educacion PreescolarMedellín, 2020-10-30)
    ilustraciones, anexos
  • Analyse de la dimension interculturelle du manuel « Version Originale 1 »

    OTROSHI Mohamad-Hossei; ABDOLTAJEDINI Kamyar (ACEDLE, 2021-02-01)
    In order to promote the acquisition of intercultural communication skills, foreign language Textbooks have tried to focus on communication scenes based on intercultural interactions. Within this framework, the current study is an attempt to analyze the functions of the intercultural interactions presented in the textbook "Version Originale 1". This book targets adult and teenage learners of French as Foreign Language (FFL) at the beginner level (A1). For this level, the theoretical framework of the textbook is action-oriented approach. The inclusion of cultural realities of both the target language and learner’s first language may help learners understand the relativity of their cultural identity and therefore to question their view of otherness. The analysis shows that the manual has not been successful in introducing the necessary cultural and intercultural steps within a communicative approach or action-oriented approach.
  • Kinder – 1st grade: Spring Activity Packet #1

    Mitchell-McCollough, Jessica; Gray, Tricia; Yunes-Koch, Alexa (DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2020-01-01)
    These packets are self-contained. Everything a child will need to be successful with the activities is provided in the packet. Students will only need a writing utensil. Additional tools like crayons or scissors can be used, but do not have to be. My Plan for the Week Day 1 • Design and name your buddy • Seasons in Nebraska • Read and Write Spring Worksheet • Seasons vocabulary cards • Math: Count the caterpillars • Read Spring, Spring, What Do You See? Day 2 •Check the weather and dress your buddy • Draw a picture of Spring • Animal vocabulary cards • Math: Connect the dots and count • Read Spring, Spring, What Do You See? Day 3 • Check the weather and dress your buddy • Today it is_________. • Neighborhood Walk • Math: Count the caterpillars • Read Spring, Spring, What Do You See? Day 4 • Check the weather and dress your buddy • Play Go Fish with vocabulary cards • Math: Connect the dots and count • Read Spring, Spring, What Do You See? Day 5 • Check the weather and dress your buddy • Play Memory with vocabulary cards • Math: Connect the dots and count • Sort the Clothes • Read Spring, Spring, What Do You See?

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